Top 5 Bizarre Pandemic Dreams

Have you been experiencing disruptions to your sleep cycles or had an increase of vivid dreams lately?

With hundreds of millions of people on lock down seeking asylum at home due to the outbreak of the coronavirus, it turns out that this dastardly pandemic has disrupted not only livelihood and businesses but our sleep.

Researched based on data from sleep scientists, social media, dream researchers, electricity meters are emerging just how the coronavirus has altered people’s dreams.

You might be shocked to find out that the main culprit behind your bizarre and unusual dreams is all thanks to the coronavirus. The truth be told that during the wee hours of the night we our subconscious mind is sending us messages in a metaphoric manner.

Find out the top 5 most common dreams during this pandemic and find out what could be the meaning behind it.

Top 5 Pandemic Unusual Dreams

#5. Teeth Dreams

One of the most common dream symbols that are usually known to fall, break, rot, or feeling mortified when you might notice one missing.

Teeth dreams are known to be so vivid and realistic they often known to rattle the dreamer out of bed out of fear or just sheer disgust.

Negative associations with teeth are steadily increasing ever since the coronavirus reared it’s ugly head on our planet. But why?

Well it turns out that this ancient enigmatic dream symbol has been plaguing the minds of dreamers going as far back to ancient Egyptian times. Many people report teeth have a strange connection with the grim reaper. Yes, losing teeth might suggest death!

So far the coronavirus has claimed over  800,000 deaths as the number keeps rising. Another possibility why we might experience teeth in our dreams relates to our image and health. Perhaps being confined all day might be taking a hefty toll on your scale and your mirror. Get the point?

#4. Falling Dreams

Falling dreams are the most frequent among all the common dreams we experience in our lifetime. Falling in dreams usually happens right before we fall asleep or in during rapid eye movement (REM) – during this stage, the activity of the brain’s neurons is quite similar to that during waking hours.

Dreams about falling might be attributed from Hypnopompic Hallucinations (say that 4 times fast). This Vivid dreamlike experiences—can seem real and is known to wake dreamers up right before they hit the bottom.

According to researchers this horrible experience might be cause of too much stress and anxiety. According to dream experts falling in dream usually translates to a lack of grounding and instability in your life. Maybe the ground is the economy as you are unsure of whats to come?

#3. Water Dreams

Over the past couple of months we have noticed a strange trend revolving around bodies of water -oceans, drowning, pools, waves, flooding just to name a few.

Water is a  powerful dream symbol that seems to be mirror the dreamers current emotional state of mind. 

Repressed fears or anxieties in our walking life tend to creep its way in our dreams by drowning, noticing dark murky water, tsunamis or floods in your house.

Depending the context of your dream you might be able to tell where the underlying issue might be stemming from (analyze your dream).

#2. I See Dead People

Just when you thought the last time you saw granny and grandpa was at the funeral you might be in for a surprise. We have some good news for you, maybe this is your chance to ask Nana for that long lost recipe the next time you make contact….

Did you know over the past 6 months there has been a bizarre phenomena rise our dead loved making appearances in our dreams. Could this be a figment of your imagination or something much more symbolic?

Many people are reporting interacting with their past loved ones more and more each month. These dreams are extremely vivid usually leaving the dreamer feeling if they actually made contact. Why could this be?

Psychics say that the dead are known to communicate with us in the dream realm, its sort of like the middle way between heaven and earth. Do we have proof? Nope… Though it makes you wonder why our dead loved ones are making contact during these strange times.

Dream experts suggest that during difficult times we tend to see our dead loved ones – possibly they showing us love and support from the other side. To make matters even more creepy people the dead are known to bring the dreamer specific gifts. (receiving gifts from the dead).

#1. Natural Disasters

The number one pick for the most common coronavirus bizarre dreams are natural disasters. Metaphorically speaking what better image reflecting the wrath of the coronavirus better than disaster.

Dreams are known to use metaphoric symbols relating to what might presently going on in our walking life. No better theme dictates the power and distructive force of the coronavirus better than a tornado.

Tornadoes have the ability to wreck havoc in a town by destroying houses, businesses and sometimes equating to death. The damage is so severe that people end up losing their homes and livelihood.

A tornado is something that comes in unexpected leaving us not much time to prepare. It unpredictable nature leaves us wondering it’s next move praying we are not next.

Bonus: Mask Dreams

Common mask dreams include “forgetting your mask at home”, “unable to find it” or worse yet “unable to breath”. Masks are appearing in our dreams more and more as the pandemic continues. But why?

For some masks connect the person with feelings and emotions such as anxiety and frustration that is often repressed. These feelings that remain unconscious enter the minds during our sleep.  Tips on how to stop your mask from bothering you in your dreams.

Other Dreams Related To Covid 19 Fears:

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