5 Ways A Toxic Mother Appears In Dreams

“Aren’t you beautiful? Aren’t you beautiful? You’re going to be just as pretty as mommy!” 

Sound familiar? Maybe it’s time to talk ’bout yo mamma for a change!

I know parenting can be a rough and a demanding job, also the fact that there isn’t any specific guidebook when it comes to raising kids properly, good parents doesn’t necessarily mean good parenting.

Perhaps your mother wasn’t the supportive and nurturing parent you expected to have growing up. Maybe your relationship was absent of emotions, either cold or distant combined with all sorts of psychological trauma. Well if this was the case your mother might be a narcissist.

Narcissistic Traits:

  1. One tell tale sign is her selfish self absorbed nature – all conversations lead right back to her own needs.
  2. Her manipulative ability to play victim, unable to take any sort of criticism – finding fault in others but are unable to see it with themselves.
  3. Known to be obsessive and controlling and at time even violent in her need to assert her control.
  4. They love to play favorites and rewards you only when are strings attached. Immature habits and demanding behaviors.
  5. Your boundaries are never respected. Fights for attention and holds you close to her in fears you will leave her alone.

The psychological impact is endless. Sons of narcissistic mothers suffer damage to their autonomy, image, and future relationships with women. Their daughters are often left with a missing void, craving attention from others, and yearning warmth and understanding within.

Dream Symbols Of A Toxic Mother

Believe it or not the symbols that emerge in our dreams are helpful tools that point at something unknown to us, despite it’s recurring or nightmarish tendency. Our memories, feelings and emotions become trapped in the dark corners of our mind wanting to be noticed. By shining light on these dark places you become better version of you – a more complete individual.

#1 The Spider

Metaphorically speaking there isn’t a better way of depicting a “hover mother” or  the archetypal devouring mother other than the spider. These are the mothers that consumes their kids, particularly her sons, emotionally and psychologically.

Spiders are symbolically known to connect with the feminine attributes in your life. Not all spiders in dreams are bad omens unless you have a toxic mother. In your dreams you might notice an infestations of spiders in your house – a representation of your mind/psyche.

Negative associations with the mother may result in the spider chasing, biting or attack you once her presence is unconscious to you. Furthermore its ability to trap you in its web mirrors her control and your inability to escape her from consuming you.

#2 The Witch

When someone calls another “a witch,” we all know what they are referring too. The witch is by design the polar opposite to the loving mother, she is a vindictive to her core and feeds off harm and miser done to others.

Anyone who has been raised by a cruel or neglectful mother might notice a witch in your dreams. Ties with the moon (feminine) darkness of the night (unconscious) she has cast a spell over you. The witch rares her ugly head and attacks when you are not cognizant of her spell over you.

According to folklore, the Old Hag or witch that is known to sit on your chest during an episode of sleep paralysis is known to suffocate you. Fact or fiction?

#3 Snakes

Did you know that the snake is one of the oldest symbols of feminine power?  Distortion in your inner feminine might result in a vengeful snake appearing in your dreams.

The enigmatic nature of snakes in dreams makes it difficult to pinpoint if these are symbols of enemies – or – relating to unconscious urges, behaviors or traits within.  Feminine energy is associated with compassion, empathy, intuition, creativity, feelings, and senses.

The snake is known to bite or attack when there is a malfunction of your inner divine feminine energy – applies to both males and females as the psyche is androgynous. The venom poisons your insides and disrupts your central nervous system.

#4 Bears

Mother bears are known to be very protective of their young, once you come near your dead meat. Bears appear in our dreams as symbols of the devouring mother, she protects you from the dangers of the world in fears you will leave her alone.

Whatever belongs in the vast, unknown parts of the unseen landscape remain unconscious – something you cannot see but lurks in the wild. Once the bear has presented itself you must challenge and kill it or else you will remain in the grip of its power.

Her overpowering nature and raw strength becomes a metaphor relating to the feminine that has complete control over you. The bear is commonly known to attack with its claws once you provoke or confront her. Running away only shows you are unable to understand or confront this beast.

#5 Felines

We all know catty people. Maybe you are a little catty yourself. Dating as far back to ancient Egypt, to the Middle Ages, right to the present – there has been a close affiliation between felines and femininity.

Dreams of being attacked, bitten or chased by any sort of feline implies an internal feminine struggle. Cats and kittens tend appear more in dreams, however larger more aggressive cats are known to appear when your instincts or behaviors are in jeopardy.

Felines are known to be protective, temperamental, unpredictable, dangerous and attacks once provoked. Toxic mothers notoriously  known to damage the spirit of the feminine energy within.

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Kimberly Ingram
Kimberly Ingram
3 years ago

The 1st nightmare I remember happened when I was about 5. I took my pb&j sandwich out into the woods to eat it. I sat down on a log and suddenly a bear appeared, racing to attack me. I picked up my pb&j and ran. Never forgot that dream.

3 years ago

awesome article! I would’ve never known all these were symbols of such deep rooted issues that are caused by mothers. Hopefully it helps people see the signs.