8 Dream Symbols You Should Never Ignore

Every night we arrive unwillingly at the door of the dream realm as we are forced to become the main character of a movie we never choose. Your unconscious mind has full access of what you are going to watch, or who you will encounter in this bizarre dream realm as you are a puppet on its strings.

Some might say dreams are just our imagination running wild but this is not the case for everybody. In fact some of the most disturbing dream symbols have been recorded as far back to ancient Egyptian times.

Warnings Of Bad Dream Omens

#1 Teeth Dreams

Yes, you guessed it. One of the most common, yet disturbing dreams that usually revolve around having your teeth either pulled, missing, broken or even falling out. Did you know that teeth dreams where considered a bad omen in the ancient Egyptian dream book.

The unseal thing about teeth dreams is the fact it is known to be the oldest but nobody still has a clue what it means. Some experts say that teeth dreams connect the dreamer to personal loss, anxiety, death of a loved one, image or a major life change.

Many people even report losing there teeth and someone close to them dying. Now this might not be the case for every single person, but there is a strange correlation between the two.

#2 Crashes

Does this mean you are going to experience a car crash? Hardly likely. But dreams about driving usually contains psychic elements attached to it that seem to appear in the distant future.

Article: How Driving In Your Dreams Predict The Future

In short, driving brings your attention to your own personal drive or path ahead of you where you will encounter problems. Clearly you have lost control in some aspect in your life that will throw you off track for a while. Airplane crashes however are similar to cars but this relates misfortunes during major transition or shifts in your life. It may be a result to ideas, plans or relationships that come to a crashing haul.

Car Crash Dream Warnings

  • setbacks
  • failed attempts or goals
  • relationships
  • personal movements

#3 Snake Bites

Not all snakes that appear in your dream are considered a bad omen, in fact sometimes they appear as symbols of inner healing or rebirth…However this is not the case when the snake bites or attacks you in your dream.

Once this cold blooded reptiles show up in your dreams it becomes a “forewarning” implying you might be around something very dangerous. Unfortunately, these dreams often come as a warning dream that tends to predict coming in contact with an enemy in the near future.

Article: How To Understand A True Warning Dream

Due to its enigmatic deceptive nature the snake that bites may also relate to events in the future or health that will take a blow. Did the venom enter the bloodstream? The unknown strike has the ability to attack your central nervous system – metaphoric for a venomous attack on your mental well being. See snake dreams.

#4 Rats

Rats are considered one of the worst dream symbols you can ever experience. They love to show up when there is a very serious issue in your life that you have either neglected or someone in your life is the rat. The only good dreams about rats is when they are killed by the dreamer or scurry out of the home.

Since they are highly intelligent rodents it becomes a clue that this problem will be extremely hard to spot and get rid of. The moment a rat appears in your dream you have been warned to find out what this threat could be.

Rats commonly appear in our dreams, they love to find their way inside our houses usually leaving excrement or noticing a rat infestation. Since the house is symbolic for the dreamers mind/psyche your unconscious is calling for you to examine what this could be.

These nasty rodents have a tendency to gnaw away at your mind everyday hiding in the dark corners. The only way to understand who or what the rat represents you need to do some inner work. Your dream will provide you with the right amount of clues where to look.

#5 Cockroaches

Have you met anyone who said they actually like cockroaches before?  Once these gross insects crawl in your dream be prepared for a fight. This is a message from your unconscious to investigate your personal shadow; the dark side of your personality related to your impulses, urges and behaviors that are running a mock in your mind.

Article: How To Find Your Shadow Self?

They may also appear to be troubling negative thoughts that eat away at your positive energy. The best cockroach is a dead one. They bring your attention to what might be bugging you. Do you know what that is?

#6. The Child In Danger

Who should really care about the child that is in danger in your dream? Well it turns out that the little boy or girl is actually you crying out for your attention. It begs for you to notice it…

Known as your inner child they commonly make their appearances in your dream for you to recuse them. Why? Because growing up isn’t easy! Our past childhood trauma still resonates within us as adults that hinders or stunts our development to becoming a fully integrated adult. See inner child in dreams.

  1. Create active dialogue.
  2. Go back to the time when it was hurt.
  3. Say nurturing things and offer reassurance.
  4. Meditate back to a time when you were a kid.
  5. Go into that time and reassure that everything will be just fine.
  6. Engage in meditation and creative visualization.

#7. Natural Disasters

Depending the type of disaster just prepare yourself for something unexpected. Since the rise of Covid 19 dreams of tornadoes have been on the rise. The reason is its metaphoric ability to destroy a city, it came unexpected, pumping fear, as you take cover in your house.

When mother nature appears with a vengeance its a warning of either an unconscious or outside threat that will cause havoc in your life. See natural disaster dreams.

#8 The Unknown Feminine Threat

Women tend to experience bears in their dream than men. Well this is unless the man has a very toxic relationship with his mother — once you provoke or challenge this powerful feminine energy it is known to attack you in the woods. The bear in your dream is often disguised as your mother that has the ability to attack once her cubs go astray.

Alternatively, women who pose a threat or danger in your life will metaphorically morph into these particular feminine symbols. Your main goal is to develop the strength to attack or kill this unconscious beast that is causing a threat in your life.

Article: Signs of a toxic mother in dreams.

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1 month ago

uh so my dream was basically me and my family in our white camry driving up you know those circle ramps that you turn in a circle to go up it felt never ending, my stepmom wasnt paying attention and we broke the barrier on the side of the rode so we were flying off the ramp then we landed and i died/woke up

3 months ago

Well. My dream was that I was at a store and it was like a store that had little homes inside of it for from $250 to $400. And I was like a friend of the owner, I think? And I got the 400 dollar one for 10 dollars, minutes later me and my friend, Aparna were going downstairs (of the whole store, not the room) and that was for.. Something. We had a 5 minute time limit to come out. And while I was talking to the person of who set the time limit for how long we have… Read more »

3 months ago

What does it mean when u have the same dream more than once?

Reply to  EIleen
1 month ago

These dreams may be a way to work through unmet needs or process trauma.

5 months ago

In my dream I was in a combination of my house and my grandma’s old house. I remember seeing a telephone pole and it was generating red electricity and the sky was a dark red. I remember the electricity running down the wire past the house. While it passed, I could feel a burning sensation in my stomach. I don’t know what it means.

Reply to  Nate
1 month ago

I think it means you’re running from some kind of trauma, or difficulty you are going to have, or did have in the past.

6 months ago

dreams. My sister had a horrible dream she said it started off she went to the bathroom and a big piece of crap was floating huge like a paper towel, then some rat was coming out the toilet and she jumped up and down on the floor so it would sink back in the toilet but suddenly her son was in the toilet drowning and she pulled him out then she woke up. She asked what it meant. I couldn’t tell her because it was a horrible dream and i was seriously disgusted and told her that is a disgusting… Read more »

1 year ago

In my dream, i visit my ex husband and when I get to his place, the sheets are covered with blood. Im with my adult daughter and he is outside the room

1 year ago

I have had a recurring nightmare twice that I know of. It was worse the second time. One of my sons almost dies in my nightmare. He’s caught by a fireman type net in the air by men in what reminds me of a hot air balloon. When he’s caught though, it seems like he’s drowning. His lungs are full of fluid. They get him to breathe again, but by then I’m already waking up in full panic mode. I wake up crying, shaking, and with horrible images stuck in my mind. How do I find out what this means?… Read more »

1 year ago

I just had an ongoing dream the other night about cockroaches. I was in a motel room and all of a sudden they came out of the heat vents. Hundreds. So weird. I woke up and then went back to sleep, and the same dream continued