Nose Dream Meaning

Since the nose is one of the 5 basic senses of the body it is considered very symbolic in your dream. But what exactly does it mean?

Dreaming of the nose connects the dreamer to intuition, trusting to your gut instincts, or the ability to gauge a situation.  A powerful metaphor informing the dreamer of the things in their life they cannot see but feel. A nose might even be a play on words for “knows” something or being nosey.

Nose Dream Meaning

Did you know that the majority of nose dreams are extremely vivid that feel almost like a nightmare. It’s grotesque imagery is a warning for the dreamer to pay attention to something that might be closed off. Remember the  symbolic nature of the breathing passage bridges the dreamer with their spirit and heart.

#1.Dreaming Of A Disfigured Nose?

What might be felt on this inside might be portrayed on the outside. Usually when anything becomes disfigured in our dreams it most likely relates to aspects of the personality (image) that remains hidden -or – relating to external conflicts that need straighten out. This can be a tricky symbol that can relate to both internal and external factors that need to be fixed.

Looking at your disfigured nose in the mirror may also imply self examination about ones appearance, or a lack of confidence about their image in public.

#2. Pulling Stuff From Your Nose Dream

Dreaming of pulling stuff from your nose represents a metaphoric internal back up that needs to come out within. Something is blocking your senses/energy “intuition” or “blocked life force” that is disrupting your mind, body and soul.  What the dreamer pulls out can also relate to the root of the problem.

#3. Blowing, Stuffy & Runny Nose Dream

Anytime when the dreamer notices a block or discharge in their nose implies stagnant energy, removal of negative energy blocks and blocked intuition. Considered a positive dream symbol if anything is removed or blown out, however being unable to get it out suggests the problem still exists within.

#4. Bleeding From Nose Dream Meaning

Blood is a very symbolic image of the dreamers life force or vital energy that is being released – the element of divine life that functions within the mind, body and soul. A random event that will drain your energy.  Alternative, dreaming of a bloody nose may also suggest embarrassing situations,


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