Dream of Clothes

Clothes are symbolic in dreams that represent the dreamers identity, confidence, and how they may relate to others in social situations.

The image becomes a metaphor for something that is not felt but seen by others. This powerful symbol connects with Persona, in psychology, the personality that an individual projects to others, as differentiated from the authentic self.

Clothes reflect the dreamers confidence or deep rooted insecurity that dwells under the mask they wear in public. You will be offered many metaphoric clues in your dream to see if you are suited for the roll or have trouble fitting in.

 Clothes Dream Meaning

If the sole purpose of clothes is to cover our bodies it implies what we use to protect or shield ourselves from being exposed. Opposite to being naked in our dream, clothes make sure we hide our weaknesses and fears, or what is really hidden underneath.

The specific type of clothes and colors reflects our current emotional or mental state of mind. They can be symbols of confidence, sexuality and self worth, or unconscious feelings of low self worth and awkwardness.

Clothes Symbolism In Dreams

  • Protection
  • Safety
  • Uniform
  • Decoration
  • Status
  • Modesty
  • Insignia
  • Identification

Color Of Clothing Dream

Red Clothes Dreams

Red clothes bring your attention to vibrancy, lust, desire, passion, love and romance. This is a color that stands out determining the feelings and emotions that are held inside.

Black Clothes Dreams

Dreaming of black clothes signifies the dark, mysterious side of the dreamer. These dreams can also imply strength, elegance, power and the shadow archetype. This is the unconscious side of the dreamer that could be repressed or ignored.

White Clothes Dream 

This symbol appears in dreams as feelings of purity and perfection. As one gets married they wear white to show their innocence and wholeness. Dreaming of wearing a white dress is very common that might signify unity, protection or marriage. Could it be a wishful desire to find completion or possible a husband? If there is a negative connotation with a white dress might imply unconscious fears or emotions relating to perfection.

Orange Clothes Dream 

The mixture of of both red and yellow will give you orange. This fun warm color in dreams connects you to the sun, healing, and enjoyment. Spiritually sense it would represent compassion, high energy, and emotional balance.

Yellow Clothes Dream 

The color yellow can be both a positive and negative symbol. For the most part it represents joy, happiness, sunshine, summer; also dishonesty, cowardice, jealousy and betrayal.

Blue Clothes Dream 

Noticing blue clothing focuses on peace, tranquility, calmness and harmony. The color of water that brings our attention to our emotions.

Green Clothes Dream 

This is a symbol of nature, peace, heart, emotions and tranquility. Though if seen in a negative context green can represent envy and resentment.

Articles Of Clothing In Dreams

Pants In Dream Meaning

Could this be a play on words suggesting you wear the pants in one’s family? Without them will disclose shame and embarrassment. You need them to cover up valuable parts, and not be caught with your pants down.

Dress Dream Meaning 

Are you dressed to kill? A dress symbolizes protection, attraction, love, passion, purity, unconscious hidden desires and urges. A feeling to be free, look attractive and  mirror the social status of the dreamer. Alternatively, these dreams might imply to address something that you are overlooking. If the dress is associated in a negative connotation it might suggest a lack of power, confidence and compliance. Black dresses might also signify endings and losses. If you are without a dress suggests exposing yourself to others and lack of confidence. Noticing a little girl in a white dress brings your focus to innocence and purity.

Shirt Dream Meaning 

These are dream symbols that are metaphoric to shielding or protection from the outside. The condition of it might represent how you like to be noticed, or your current financial or mental state. Are you the person to give the shirt off your back, or you like to keep you shirt on?

Jacket Dreams

Often time these dreams bring your attention to protection and safety. Often time its to protect us from colder weather (snow) so we are not effected inside. These forces are from the outside being protected.

Sweater Dreams 

A need for warmth and protection; You might be around colder emotions and need to comfort yourself. Underwear: Protection from something private.

Baby Clothes Dreams 

A positive symbol of new growth in your life. Alternatively, it might point to the dreamers childlike or immature side – wanting to be loved and cared for.

Symbolic Nature Of Clothes Cont.

New Clothes Dreams

Often times noticing new clothes represent new beginnings, image and identity.  These are positive dreams signifying a fresh start in the future.

Clothes On The Floor Dream 

Could this dream be a play on words to clean up your act or image. Could it suggest you or others are walking over your image or self? Was the location your house, work or public? Often times these dreams what you to pick up for security or comfort.

Man Wearing White Clothes

These dreams might be connected to the inner masculine in females (animus).

Buying New Clothes

These dreams indicate a start of something new in your life. Often times this is a positive conscious change that will reflect on the outside. You are getting rid of the old and in with the new.

Someone Wearing Your Clothes

These dreams bring your attention to the people who are copying or using you. These dreams could also suggest they are identifying with you.

Hanging Clothes

Trying to hang up the past? Something once protected you? Do you feel like a hang up? Depending the context of the dream it might suggest to cover up (metaphorically) or to put something to rest.

Seeing Clothes in Dreams


Often times you will notice you are doing someone dirty laundry. These are dreams that want you to focus on the people you do there dirty work for. You might be cleaning up after someone all the time.

Giving & Receiving

These are positive dream symbols that either show your protection and generosity; or that given to you by others. Shopping for clothes suggests you are wanting a new identity. Are you tired of your old self and want something new?

Drying: The term ‘hung out do dry’ might imply leaving something alone; or to abandon someone who needs help. These dreams might suggest a the waiting time after you have cleaned something out (metaphorically). This process takes some time as you might be waiting before change happens.

Packing Clothes: Often times this might suggest a need for change. Clothes represent your memories, self and identity that you are sorting out.  It could also suggest unconscious desires to pack up and leave a situation.

Clothes In Suitcase: Do you have a need to travel? Could it suggest you have too much or little baggage in your life.

Stained Clothes: Your past actions are being shown to others. You are now noticing what you need to clean up with yourslef so others don’t see. These dreams make you aware of your behaviors, time for change.

Old Clothes: You are going back to the past, memories and lifestyle. You might have a need to be young again or something in the future will reflect the time you wore these items.

Prophetic Meaning Of Clothes In Dreams

The Bible doesn’t directly address fashion, however the Bible always talks about clothing. Right after the Fall, Adam and Eve became aware of being “undressed. clothing metaphor symbolizing one’s standing with God or as a picture of one’s standing before God in the New Testament.

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2 years ago

I had a dream that I was squeezing water out of and organising some clean laundry, all black clothing, not very clear what the individual items were. They were on a marble counter/table in a kitchen. An old friend appeared (we haven’t spoken in 2 years, she’s extremely controlling and gossips about and criticises others very very often). She was annoyed with me having the wet clothes on the table/counter and kept moving them to the chair below. I got annoyed because she was interfering. I said I’m nearly finished and I asked if it was just annoying to her… Read more »

2 years ago

What about the clothes just hanging in the shop where I came to buy new pieces? Shop apparently belongs to my old friend, it’s mostly light coloured dresses that I saw and after that we made love (she’s also a female). In real life,the same day I said goodbye to a man I briefly dated. Thank you

3 years ago

I keep dreaming that my mother buys me new clothes that are always too small. They are clothes for adults (I’m 21) but they usually resemble children’s clothes from the mid to late 2000’s. In my dream I usually do my best to fit into these clothes because I want to be small enough to fit into them. What does that mean?

Reply to  The Dreamer
3 years ago

It was happening in the present, but the clothes resembled styles I remember from my childhood. In the dream I went to my closet wanting to wear one of the new things my mom picked out for me, which she didn’t show me but hung in my closet and I knew they were there. Then I would search my closet for ones that would fit me even though I knew they were all a few sizes too small. I really wanted to fit into them and didn’t want to wear my old clothes, but I had to because they didn’t… Read more »

3 years ago

But what if I dream about a ” house help” wearing my red dress as a headscarf.

Reply to  The Dreamer
3 years ago

I had a dream about my nanny entering into a room but she was wearing my dress as a headscarf. I have a certain red dress and this dress she had it on her head as a headscarf.

Reply to  The Dreamer
3 years ago

Yes. she is alive. Its me and husbands bedroom that she just entered and then I woke up. She is with us for only 3 or 4 weeks now.