The Symbolic Meaning Of Yelling In Dreams

Analytical psychologist and dream expert Sigmund Freud said “Unfortunately, repressed emotions do not die. They are silenced. But they do continue to affect the person”.

The reason why yelling occurs in our dreams is mainly due to our own inability to express our emotions in our walking life. Could you that person who never expresses how annoyed or frustrated you are at someone?

Perhaps yelling in your dream is a symbol hinting at your own repressed anger that is yearning to come out. Usually these feelings or emotions are often directed at the person you are yelling at in your dreams.

Your dream will provide you with hints such as the people who you where yelling at, or if you are the person who was being scolded. These dreams are extremely important as it will open up locked doors that are shouting out to be examined.

Yelling In Dreams Meaning

Unlike crying in our dreams that releases these feelings, yelling however lets the dreamer know these pent up emotions are causing internal distresses. But where exactly?

Yelling is a form of aggressive communication often used to either dominate or control a situation you feel you have no control over. Basically your dream is encouraging you examine what you might be so angry at.

Whether you are yelling at your family, friends or a complete stranger in your dreams they become clues that will direct you towards what is repressed within.

If you are yelling at someone you know in your dream such as your mother, father, brother and sister for example it shows that you have an underlying issue that is not being properly expressed -communication problems that still remain hidden within.

Yelling at a stranger in your dreams is quite common that often might be a reflection of the dreamers shadow that is unknown to them.

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