Octopus Dream Meaning

Octopuses are considered one of the most intelligent ocean creatures that are most famous for having eight arms and bulbous heads. Their unique behavior and ability to solve problems has been fascinating marine biologists for decades. We might be just scraping the surface on how intelligent these sea creatures are.

Dreaming of an octopus is considered an abstract symbol that contains both a negative and positive connotation attached to it. This highly evolved sophisticated cephalopod has specifically emerged from the perpetual darkness to provide you with a message.

The octopus mystifying camouflage ability lets you know that it still remains unconscious to you. Though you are now given the opportunity to dive below the depths of your mind and investigate it’s purpose despite its warning. Alternatively, the octopus has the ability to pull out some of your hidden talents, or to devour the dreamer whole.

Octopus Dream Symbolism: 

  • Tapping into your creative side,
  • You will get what you want intelligently and efficiently,
  • A new found ability to adapt,
  • An ability to navigate in unseen areas,
  • Creative, flexible and movement.

Octopus Dreams: The Good

Due to its aquatic nature we would tend to focus on the emotional side of the dreamer. Water connects the dreamer to the feminine energy (yin), the unconscious feelings, or talents that are hidden below the surface.

The octopus can be viewed in a positive manner as a representation of these new talents being awakened. Could it suggest that below the surface hidden from you and others resides a highly intelligent energy that is waiting to be found. Its ability to produce ink might be reflecting your creative side, to take into that source that puts your thoughts to paper.

Octopuses are seen as positive symbols across South America to the Pacific Northwest, to the Polynesian Islands, octopuses were traditionally revered as divine protectors and spiritual guides. Maybe that is why they have three hearts.

Since their arms have a mind of their own could it relate to your ability to multitask or solve abstract problems? If you are unable to detect any parallels between the octopus and your hidden talents we must move on to it venomous traits.

They have eight arms that can be a symbol of transformation, parallel as the snake eats his tale (8) – ouroboros . The ouroboros is an ancient symbol depicting a serpent or dragon eating its own tail.

Interestingly enough a strange comparison to the 8 armed Indian Goddess Durga symbolizes the divine forces (positive energy) known as divine shakti (feminine energy/ power) that is used against the negative forces of evil and wickedness. This may intern be a result with a positive relationship with the feminine energy.

Octopus Dreams: The Bad

In Scandinavian folklore the iconic image of the gigantic octopus that engulfs a pirate ship from below the ocean was a superstition that put fear into sailors who sailed close to those waters. The tentacles even reach far across Asia with Japanese folklore called Akkorokamui, the gigantic octopus-like, or giant squid monster that killed people.

Just like our dreams the octopus can manifest the same way as depicted in ancient folklore, it has the ability to emerge from the unknown depths to drag you down to hell. So what exactly can this be?

If the octopus appears to be unconscious to you does that mean it could relate to parts of you that you are unaware of? They are known to be tricksters the ability to move without you seeing them – an emotional escape artist.

This sea creature multiple venomous arms is not to far removed from the snake, but this can be displayed as an emotional threat. Often time when the octopus appears in your dreams it attacks the dreamer making them aware of possible threats or enemies camouflaged in their lives.

The octopus can be related to any unconscious fear that can engulf you into its realm of irrational terror – residing in the emotional state of mind.

Fun Fact:

Australia’s tiny blue-ringed octopus has long had a venomous reputation—one bite can kill an adult human in minutes.

Octopus Dreams: The Ugly…

Sorry to talk about your mom in this manner but the octopus might be related to her possessive disposition. The negative side of the squid can mirror repressed feelings of being trapped, desires to cling, resulting with the relationship with the mother. (Spider dreams)

Often depicted in mythology as Gorgon or Medusa she is the one with snakes coming out of her head, closely related to the image of the octopus. In a nutshell she is the mother that consumes her children psychologically and emotionally and often instills in them feelings of guilt at leaving her or becoming independent.

A negative relationship with the mother effects males differently than females. Males often tend to be mamma’s boy, narcissistic, immature and moody; where as females distorts the her instincts and confidence. Remember that octopus arms have a mind of their own suggesting that the tight grip from your mother has a purpose, often for her not to be left alone.

Another strange yet bizarre mating process is when the female is ready to mate. After brief affairs when the male wonders to die off. This odd occurrence might reflect the sons relationship with another female in his life. His reality becomes distorted continues to fall victim to a women he falls in love with but turns out to be a disaster.  It would be his fate to continue to die and not being reborn (transformation) until he examines his relationship with his mother.

Octopus Attack, Chase or Catching

If the octopus is chasing you in your dreams it brings your attention to what you are not facing. This can be related to unconscious fears that resonate within your feelings and emotions,  or possibly relating to the mother.

Dreaming of an octopus attack implies your struggle battling with this unknown fear in your life. You are trying your best not to be pulled down to the depths of the abyss – the dark parts of you.

Catching the squid seems to be a very positive symbol that might result in some sort of transformation. If this is seen as a threat you have caught something that has been hiding in the darkness for years.

Fun Facts:

  1. Greek philosopher Aristotle thought octopuses were dumb.
  2. Octopus ink doesn’t just hide the animal, it also physically harms their enemies.
  3. The plural of octopus is octopuses. The world “octopus” comes from the Greek, októpus, meaning “eight foot.”
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1 year ago

I dreamt I was catching fish with one of my cats. After catching a tuna fish, a blue ring octopus emerged from the depths of the water and chased me trying to attack me.

2 years ago

I have had multiple dreams in the past of an octopus or more than one octopuses clinging to my body. It feels awful and it’s impossible to get them off. Other than that, I realized I don’t actually know if the octopus’s intention is malicious because I don’t end up harmed or injured; I simply feel total distress because the suction cups feel weird and because I can’t shake the creatures off. To me, this means something unknown or perhaps something known but purposefully ignored is creeping its way into my everyday life and causing me distress or strife.