Ouija Board Dreams

The ouija or commonly known as the spirit board or talking board, is a flat board marked with the letters of the alphabet, the numbers 0–9 and words. This is not just a new age board game but was created in the 1890’s. It’s main goal was the player to summon spirits and communicate with them.

Ouija boards are making their appearance more and more in dreams due to Hollywood’s rendition of this spooky game that communicates with either good or spirits. So what does a ouija board mean in our dreams?

Well unlike the movies these boards emerge in your sleep to represent a negative force that is unseen in your walking life. Does this mean you are actually possessed?

Ouija Board Dream Meaning

Our dreams have a tendency to say one thing but mean another. More than likely the so called “ouija board” has nothing to do with contacting the dead but a metaphor for things that haunt you internally.

Depending on how the board appeared in your dream determines if this is considered a good or bad omen. You may use the symbols that where seen and apply relate them to what might be occurring in your life. Sometimes you might be provided with a message such as “yes” or “no” from your higher self.

Other clues that are provided is your location, who you were playing with and the mood of the dream… These dreams are usually connected with haunted houses, possession or the devil.

  • Repressed memories, thoughts or urges
  • Other people controlling you
  • Dabbling into the unknown or occult
  • Inner demons.

Fun Fact:

The ideomotor phenomenon applies to the ouija board herein a subject makes motions not willingly or unconsciously. The ideomotor response, often abbreviated to IMR, is a concept in hypnosis and psychological research.