Owl Dream Symbolism

Dreaming of owls can be considered one of the most powerful omens that contains a hidden mystery only to be unlocked by the dreamer.

Due to it nocturnal nature, the owl gravitates you towards the MOON, or in dream terminology, the unconscious feminine energy within us all. Owls emerge in our dreams as guides that directs us towards opening up your creative power, psychic abilities, and hidden wisdom that you cannot see.

This mysterious bird quietly navigates you though the darkness of the night (unconsciousness) hoping you are using these gifts to your advantage. Unfortunately, when the dreamer ignores their own intuition the owl in their dreams might appear to be injured, or worse yet attack them.

This wise owl has been watching you long before you have noticed its presence. In fact the owl in your dream becomes your protector when you dare to explore the unknown; a symbol that needs to be valued and respected as it will you where you need to be.

  1. Third Eye – Psychic Abilities
  2. Moon -Feminine
  3. Shadow – Unconsciousness
  4. Water – Emotions

Owl Dreams Ancient Symbolism

These intriguing birds that have caught the attention of many different cultures over thousands of years. The Sumerians are one of the first civilizations to depict the owl as a protector for Inanna in underworld 4,500 BCE.  Inanna who is considered the Sumerian Mother Goddess Queen of Heaven and Earth is depicted with two owls beside her.

The Native Americans feared the owl, as they considered its presence a bad omen. According to Native American legends and myths of some tribes the owl is a symbol that death is near. Dreams can view owls as symbol of death, however this is then followed by a rebirth.

In Greek mythology, Athena the goddess of the wisdom and war was represented as an owl. The Romans believed that someone would reveal all their secrets during their sleep if an owl feather was placed near their pillow. The owl is mentioned in the Bible as a symbol of intelligence and wisdom as well.

Owl Dreams: Psychic Abilities

Owls have a tendency to emerge in your dreams during times of uncertainty in your life. A sign to trust your intuition and let it guide you though the darkness. A symbol of being protected against forces you are unable to see with your eyes – rotating neck behind their heads.

The ability to see and navigate in the darkness can be connected to the third eye. Not only to mention they have a third eye lid that sweeps from side to side. An image encouraging you to explore the inner realms and spaces of higher consciousness.

Owl Dream Meaning in Metaphors:

  • Psychic ESP
  • Ending
  • Guides
  • Wisdom
  • Mystery
  • Transformation
  • Messages
  • Intelligence
  • Mysticism
  • Protection

Owl Dream Attacking

This common dream will provide you with clues such as locations, people, and how and why it attacked you. When the owl turns its attention away from your enemy (rats & mice) and sees you as a threat you must wonder why.

Considering its close association with the moon, feminine, and night, you can explore some of your repressed or hidden emotions. The owl may reflect feelings of uncertainty, unworthiness, guilt, shame, moodiness, or negative thought patterns. What is stopping you from transforming?

These emotions hide deep within but are projected on others or used as a defense mechanism. Alternatively the owl may appear when you are not trusting your intuition. Could you be someone who keeps making bad choices in relationships and friendships?

The owl’s objective in dreams is to bring light in the dark places in your life. Finding this issue balances your inner core thus creating a sense of wholeness. Practicing yoga, Qigong, or mindfulness meditation in waking life will help “befriend the owl” and bring you to your center.

Baby Owl Dream Meaning

Noticing a baby owls is a positive omen that suggests beginning stages or new development relating soul, psychic abilities, and rebirth of creativity. They are often a symbol that you need time and experience to develop in to what you will become.

Dead Or Injured Owl Dream Meaning

A common dream that encourages you to explore the neglected side of the feminine and fertility. Since the psyche in androgynous this can apply to both males and females. Something may have died in your inner world possibly relating to wisdom, spiritual and intellectual.

An injured owl suggest minor setbacks or perhaps attached to your intuition – a need to examine what has been blocked or not in use.

White Owl Dream Meaning

The white owl is known for intelligence, pure, guide, intuition and foresight. White is synonymous with purity in dreams relating to wisdom and knowledge

Owls: Spiritual Development

Owls swift ability to hunt prey such as mice and other insects that can be linked to pestering thoughts or annoyances in one’s life. This is a flawless predator that you never see coming as it waits patiently to kill. Death in dreams are translated as endings or new beginnings.

As Lao Tzu said “new beginnings are often disguised as painful endings”. Our dreams send us messages via unconscious to guide us and help us along the way.

When one decides to go inwards to find peace one must face death of the ego. This can be a very powerful transition in ones life that imply an ending or death of your persona. The owl and psychic awareness (third eye) come together as inner sight that can only be seen by few.

Owl Interesting Facts

What makes the owl symbolic in your dreams is not just based off of its appearance alone but its unique ability to hunt. When it comes to interpreting your dreams, we must find out first what makes this bird such a powerful omen.

  1. They have the ability to blink like humans do. They possess a “third eyelid” that sweeps from side to side to help clean and lubricate their eyes.
  2. Are active at night (nocturnal). They are rarely seen in the day.
  3. A group of owls is called a parliament.
  4. Most owls hunt insects, small mammals and other birds.
  5. Some owl species hunt fish. This can be related to spirituality for the dreamer.
  6. Has powerful talons (claws) which help them catch and kill prey.
  7. Large eyes and a flat face.
  8. Ability turn their heads as much as 270 degrees.
  9. Owls are farsighted, meaning they can’t see things close to their eyes clearly.
  10. You never seen them coming.