Top 10 Dream Symbols And What They Mean

Millions of dreamers search the web everyday to find out what is the meaning behind the symbols that appear in their dreams.

Due to the fact that most dream symbols remain unconscious to people sometimes it takes weeks, months, or years later to truly understand the meaning behind your dream.

As if the unconscious mind is this deep vast ocean that communicates with us as we stand on the shore waiting to see what it pulls in. It uses metaphoric symbols to communicate with us, a coded language specifically designed for you to decode, all it wants is  you to pay attention to it.

Once in a while it will send you a message that is so powerful it cannot be ignored.

Top 10 Most Powerful Dream Symbols

# 1 Elephants

In Buddhism, the elephant is often affiliated with the Buddha himself –  an earthly manifestation of strength, patience, loyalty and wisdom.

When the elephant emerges in your dreams this is a message pointing at something sacred within that needs to be investigated further. But what is that exactly? A symbol that wants you to focus on your inner world, to reach higher consciousness – perhaps by meditating. This is something that needs to be protected and takes great strength to preserve.

#2 The Snake

What? How can this cold blood creature reptile be good? Snakes contain both negative and positive elements in dreams, they are known to symbols of inner transformation, rebirth and healing.

The bad reputation stems from our own inability to comprehend our instincts, behaviors and emotions that strike when we are not looking. Sure sometimes it can be an enemy, but when it shows up its sometimes a symbol of a major shift in your life.

The snake symbol is seen in the medical field, a snake-entwined staff, known as the Rod of Asclepius for healing. Perhaps representing your own energy force rising; Kundalini is your life force energy that has awoken.

# 3 Ladders

Ladders are always known to be symbols relating to both internal and external advancement in your life. Ladders similar to a staircases, bridges two levels or steps in your life, a gradual process of gaining knowledge, virtue, or obtaining success.

Spiritual speaking ladders can be the metaphoric bridge between humans and higher consciousness, or an unconscious connection.

#4 Pregnancy

Pregnancy dreams usually have nothing to do with pregnancy rather suggesting some sort of new birth in your life. These positive dream symbols metaphorically suggest you are undergoing a new project, inner transformation, relationship or connecting to your inner child. See baby dreams.

#5 Death

Who would of thought death was actually a good dream symbol. In fact there isn’t a better way to say “transformation” than you dying in your dream. Basically the old you has died off like a snake shedding its skin.

Death can be symbolic to habits, behaviors, emotions, integration, and higher consciousness. Death dreams are known to be vivid or grim as you might see yourself in your coffin or worse yet watching your dead body.

#6 Butterflies

These majestic insects are known to be one of the best dream symbols to experience as it suggests an inner transformation or communication with the dead.

Due to the fact butterflies go though a metamorphosis – is a biological process that it physically develops after hatching, involving a conspicuous and fast change in the insects body structure through cell growth and differentiation. This will be a reflection of what is going to come from within.

# 7 Deities

Whether it Jesus, Buddha, Shiva, Mohammad or even the Virgin Mary the moment they emerge just make sure a major shift is undergoing. These divine figures might show up protruding a powerful white light or commute with you in other symbolic ways.

Could this be the mystical process of your inner awakening? As Carl Jung might suggest that the appears of these figures might be correlated with the Self, or God-image, integrating aspects of your consciousness, awaking or becoming whole.

# 8 Mother Nature

Nature communicates with us on a daily basis, however if you are blind to it then it will appear in your dreams.

Did you know the Native Americans believed the wind connects us with the spirit. In our dreams this is not to far removed. The wind is something you cannot see but feel, a powerful force that comes from away and has the ability to move you.

How about lightening, the powerful God like force that strikes down as a “eureka” moment in our lives.

#9 Dolphins and Whales

These lovely mammals are messengers and protective guides from our unconsciousness. They are known to explore the areas that you cannot see, a symbol for you to trust your intuition and explore the depths of the unknown part of you.

They are known to connect to psychic ability and mysterious forces of nature around us. (see dolphin and whale dream meaning)

#10 Flying

Anybody who has had the chance to be superman for the night will tell you the euphoric feeling of flying. Regardless of only flying for a couple of seconds or minutes nothing can compare to this amazing feeling.

Flying in dreams is symbolic to breaking free of barriers that you have see up in the past, the ability to be free with nothing stopping you. If your lucky you might astral project into another dimension.

Airplane dreams can also be symbolic implying that you will reach a new destination in your life soon!

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1 year ago

Myself and someone I felt safe with but could not see to my left and slightly behind me were crouched on a small but rocky shelf looking in front of us at dirty brown waves boiling along a shoreline as if from an occuring flash flood that didnt move inland nor receded but stretched into the distance boiling over itself constantly.
I gasp at the magnitude of the sound of the watrr was deafening and threw off a dense spray heavy in the air like a thick fog.
I turn to look at my companion and wake up.


Trudy 2
Trudy 2
2 years ago

Dreamt of getting out of my car and not being able to stay on the ground. This happened at home. Then next my husband hom we have an argued because I tell him he will think I’m lying and he looks at me confused then it starts to happen again. Next I have fallen to the ground and go to my new job with an injured leg I’m sat on a flight of stairs in pain 2 colleagues walk past no one comes I think the 2nd is but then wake up… can anyone interpret this I know its… Read more »

Emily Esping
Emily Esping
2 years ago

What about a recurring dream where my parents drop my sister and I off with a man who is apparently my uncle but who I’ve never seen before and we try telling our parents that he tries to kill us everytime we’re there and they don’t believe us until they come to pick us up after a day of our “uncle” (of course) trying to kill us and as we’re driving and telling them what he was doing, they keep saying things like “Oh the games you guys play” and refuse to believe us until our “uncle” pulls out a… Read more »

Janette Lucas
Janette Lucas
2 years ago

Dream of a black man in a wheelchair pointing a old gun at me!! Then we talked and my X was there to???

Gregory Smith
Gregory Smith
3 years ago

Awesome article. I had a dream about the virgin mary appearing in my dreams. The light was so bright, as if 10,000 suns hit my eyes. I had to cover behind a rock as it was very powerful and I might damaged my eyes. I saw her floating up in the sky.

Herma E. Prophete
Herma E. Prophete
Reply to  Gregory Smith
2 years ago

I also dream about Mary, many times actually. I also dream about Jesus, the apostle, even the white dove from heaven. Most of all, I dream about flying many many times. For Mary, I was talking to her in front of a house I used to live during my college year while after I was defending her from another religion. She told me to stay the way I am. Never change. I dream about Jesus many times also. My favorites one was, I was flying with 12 children to the sky. I was inviting to a party with all of… Read more »

Reply to  Gregory Smith
1 year ago

I’d say this was a religious experience and some sort of calling. Very few individuals dream or experience diety experiences. Even spiritualists and psychic mediums, though strongly believing in an afterlife, do not get direct messages from a God or God’s. Even angelic experiences are rare. This might be a calling to a church and as it is the Virgin Mary then that could be any Christian church. Possibly you are needed there for some reason.