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September 23, 2014

Dream Dictionary.org offers our dreamers a chance to get involved with their dreams with over 10,000 Dream Interpretations from A to Z and a live active dream forum.  Our interactive dream forum has Thousands of dream members analyzing there dreams on a daily basis to find what is hidden deep in their subconscious mind.  Our vast amount of symbols in our Dream Dictionary gives  dreamers a chance to become more aware of there inner self and insight on what needs to be attended to.  Analyzing dreams didn't just happened over night, dream symbols have been around as far back as 4000 B.C.E and keep changing as the world evolves. Recently two famous dream theorists Sigmund Freud and Carl Jung have changed the way we analyze and study our dreams and because of it has had such an impact on the human mind.  They both developed the concepts of the extroverted and the introverted personality, archetypes, and the collective unconscious.  Both had a different approach on dream analysis but in today's time Jung's theories are considered more relevant.

Recent Articles on Dreaming

Chase Dreams

Chase dreams usually come back to haunt us in recurring type dreams that can drag on until we find the issue. Running away from what ever is chasing you suggests you are running away from something you fear in you’re walking life. Finding out who is chasing you might be easy but what is it’s true form? Dreams have a tendency to come across as metaphors so understanding every detail and decoding it helps get to the core of the issue. We found a video online that gives us more insight on chase dreams and what to do when you get them. He mentioned that you should turn around and confront your attacker but I don’t think that is a good idea. If you don’t fix the issue in your walking life then it might manifest it to something else if you confront what ever is chasing you. How to you find out who is chasing you. You have to figure out if this is an internal or external problem. If you cant see the face of the attacker then it could be aspects of yourself you are not facing that’s killing you. If you recognize the attacker then it could have something to do with that person.

Our dream forum has Thousands of members that study and have there dreams analyzed. Below we listed some chase dreams from our forum members that give you an idea that it is more common that you think. Join us and sign up at our forum above and let us know your chase dream. We will show you a consistent pattern in most of the chase dreams below that is the key symbol to analyze.

Dream Dictionary.org Members:

Dream 1:

I had a disturbing dream last night, which I’ve had several times before. In it, I was being chased by a person that I had imprisoned, it was sort of weird – like I had imprisoned him and then forgot all about him (for got to feed him/ let him out – just forgot!), then he obviously managed to escape and was hunting me down. I was running away and feeling more guilty than scared (but still very scared). I felt like I should stop and apologize, or try to explain that it was all mistake. The chase went on for ages, through dark forests and villages, I’d even wake up from the dream and go to the bathroom, when I got back to bed the dream would take up where it left off. ===== What does this mean?


Admin Analysis:

If you notice the key dream symbols in her dream.  We have imprisoned twice, feeling more guilty, stop and apologize and bathroom.  Just by judging from the symbols her problem seems to be with her guilt that is weighing her down. The bathroom would imply some form or needing  release from the stress.


Dream 2:

Ive had a dream reoccurring every once in a while the past year+ or so. It is where I’m at my grandmothers old house on the lake and im stuck inside the house I cant get out. My grandmother and a very large, scary dog are behind a see through door and im putting all my strength to keep them from coming out because i know theyll hurt me. I let go of the door and run as fast as i can down to the lake to get into an inflatable boat and go home to my mother, the only one whom i can trust. My best friend jumps in the boat with me and were off to get somewhere safe but all of a sudden my younger cousins get in the water and try to drown us by tipping the boat over. Somewhere along the lines my cousins and best friend disappears and Im left alone, and really scared. My last obstacle is through a simple tunnel, where small monsters jump out and try to pull me back from getting out, i finally reach the end of the tunnel, a bright open lake that sparkles. But i know something is still wrong, however that is where my dream ends. I hate having this dream, what does it mean and how can I prevent it from happening again?

Dream Analysis:

The time of the recurring dream you can trace back that problem too,  in this dreamers case it was one year.  This dream shouts out external problems most likely with her family.  Water would represent emotions and the cousin is pulling her down.  She feels stuck, trying hard to not get hurt and then gets pulled down.



Lucid Dreaming Video

If you are interested in Lucid Dreaming then we recommend you check out this new video that shows you all the possibilities on it. Remember the Hollywood blockbuster Inception? Well this movie was all about controlling you’re dreams and its more attainable then you think. If you experience flying in your dream like superman then that would count as a lucid dream and the feeling cant be explained.  Watch the new video only at dream dictionary.org the #1 dream website online.

Benefits of Lucid Dreaming:

* Strengthening your problem solving skills

* Able to confront your fears first hand

* Becoming more creative

* Great way to improve your confidence level

* Become more in tuned with yourself and others around you

* Experience a different way to dream

* Understanding more about our unconscious mind

Interested in finding out more on Lucid Dreams?  Click Lucid Dreaming at Dream Dictionary. 

Epic Dreams

Share your Epic Dream stories right here at Dream Dictionary Forum and see what some of our members dream about for you to analyze.   So what classifys as an Epic Dream?  Well these dreams are so unique and so profound that once you have had one you would remember it like it happened yesterday years down the road.  Everybody would experience an epic dream once in their lives but very view people talk about it.

What an Epic Dream Feels Like:

1.   You wake up feeling charged like you can rule the world.
2.   The dream gives you a new level of awareness
3.   The dream feels like you are in a Lucid State
4.   You will never forget this dream.  This is a dream that stays with you forever and it was like it happened yesterday
5.   The moment you wake up you feel almost paralyzed joyful state
6.   Pretty much for the whole day you would just be thinking about this dream.
7.   You will always remember the dream characters in it as well.
8.   When you wake up  you have a new way of looking at your life and the life of people around you
9.    Epic Dreams have the ability to pull emotions you never had before.
10.  You will do some research on the subject wanted to know more.


I had an epic dream a few nights ago. It was just so vivid I don’t even know if its a lucid dream, or just a really realistic one. There was a volcano eruption that was about to occur. I didn’t know when, though, I saw a volcano from a top of a building in my dream, surrounded by boiling sea water. I looked around and saw people running. And so did I start to run too. While running, I could feel the stretching of the muscles, in my dreams! It was scary, yet fascinating. Needless to say when I woke up, my legs began to ache, as if I had really been in the dream! Then, we ran into a tunnel, where it was decorated with marble columns and beautiful carvings. Everyone still ran straight ahead, and the next thing I knew, I dropped something in my dream. As I turned around to retrieve it, I saw that there were way too many people to get past, and I continued running.
Then, I found myself standing in front of this mall-like building. As I walked in, I was told by a strange person to turn to the right, and did I do it. I traveled up an escalator and ran down a slope on a second level, and I found myself in a convention hall. A lot of people that i had seen before, real or not, were all sitting around in tables. Then, the scene shifted and I found myself sitting in a forest, in front of an old wooden house with my friends in a circle. A statue was placed at the end of the forest. Suddenly, the statue moved! It reached out a hand for my friend. In fear, I turned around, and saw an old hag approaching me. I woke up after that. It was just.. So real!


I had an epic dream i would never forget, i felt so liberated when i woke up and i wish it would have lasted longer, well it started off like this, i was in some medieval village with town houses and stone floors, and 4 little orphans wanted me to help rob a house lol, i don’t know what but i agreed too, so i dressed up as a guy with a beige cloak and glasses and we were looking for a house to rob

so we found one with a door slightly open and we snuck in, we were being very cautious to make sure that no one was in the house and when the signal was clear we were trying to rob everything we could lol, than someone came out of the shower and before he could see us we left quickly.

When we outside the orphans ran and there was a cop who saw us and wanted to cuff me, but i said to him you can’t catch me if am going to fly away so that’s what i did, so i levitated myself and wow there was this amazing beautiful sunset i was flying towards, the closer i got far away i spotted ancient greek ruins in some field, but the sight was so beautiful i really good feeling in my chest.

So when i arrived at the ruins, i saw my friend from high school, she said she is trying to hide from her dad because he is mad at her and he might hit her or something lol. So i said to her i will help her talk to her dad so i flew away to him and i helped solve the problem so he wasn’t mad anymore, than i woke up lol.



I really wish I had more epic dreams… they’re awesome. I’ve only had two so far, and only one of them was organized to the point of actually being a sensible story, but the other one was awesome in it’s spontaneity and kept me guessing all the way through. It’s definitely interesting how you say that you’ll remember them all your life, because I definitely do, and looking back I actually remember them better than actual events that happened in real life! Strange… but awesome. I usually dream a ton every night and usually about every day things, so it’s these two dreams really made my day. In the sensible epic dream that I had I actually died in the end, and I have to say that when I woke up I thought it was the coolest thing ever!


The only dream I can truly classify as epic happened to me over a year ago. Remembering every detail, standing in my friend’s field, I saw colors you and I as humans could not possibly perceive. A great meteor storm came hurling from a great sea of black. Once the meteors hit our atmosphere, lightning would light the sky and I would see these colors. Colors of the prettiest, most vibrant reds, greens, and purples flooded the sky. The meteors started making impact, still glowing from their journey. I look to my right and I notice a ship. A ship so massive it would not have fit inside our planet. This “ship” appeared to be sinking, or falling for that matter, below our horizon. I remember seeing it getting progressively closer. The feeling I had upon awakening was that I will never experience again. I felt like I had just seen the last minutes of earth’s existence and was about to be carried away. Saved from my personal extinction.


Iv had more then one of these dreams but my very 1st dream and memory is the most amazing one ever i was for n can remember it as if i just woke up from it. I dreamt i was in a dark place a light shined down on me like a tube i was sitting indain style on the floor with a very book old style book it was open to a page written in only black and red a deep strong manly voice spoke n told me to read the book of life i looked at it thinking i cant read i then woke up
n didn’t kno who i was or who was around me it was litarly my 1st memory and i dont understand how a four year old would know of the book of life



Sleep Walking Stories

Sleepwalking is a sleep disorder that causes people to get up and walk while sleeping. Episodes of sleepwalking typically occur when a person is in the deep stages of sleep. The sleepwalker is unable to respond during the event and does not remember sleepwalking. In some cases, sleepwalking is associated with incoherent talking. Our forum members share us their sleeping walking stories below and click at the tab on the right if you want more information on sleep walking.


Personal Sleep Walking Stories:


“I’m 12 years and Ive sleepwalked 3 times i think. I came out of my room and went straight to the patio door window.(in the kitchen) My parents were in the living right next door and my mom said she didn’t even hear me come out of my room. They said i just stood at the window and stared out to something. My mom said it was kinda freaky because my eyes were wide open but really interesting to watch. My dad slowly walked up behind me calling my name and telling me that i had to go to bed and lightly pointing me in the right direction. I went to my room and i stopped right when i got in my room. My dad helped me in bed and then i was fine. The next morning i was so freaked out when they told me”.  (Dream Dictionary Forum)


“I am 19 now , I think I am sleep walking , I am not sure, but every morning I wake up some things are out of place. like items inside my room and not in the position they were the night before…
I remember a couple of nights ago where I remember going to bed, as I did so… I looked at my phone for a second which is on the desk across my room.
Next morning I woke up and found my phone underneath me in my bed.
I was confused and now pretty sure either someones pranking me consecutively or I am in fact sleep walking…”  (Dream Dictionary Forum)


“When i was a kid i would sleep walk all the time i would wake my grandma up and give her pizza and i would run out the front door i would clean out my sisters closet and i never remembered any of it the next morning i was just always tired. my sisters used to laugh at me every morning saying all the things i done the night before.” (Dream Dictionary Forum)


“I’m 16 years old girl and I have been sleepwalking for months. But it’s not how u describe it in the paper up above, I remember the morning after that I slept walked I don’t always know the reason but I know what I did while I was sleepwalking. One night I pulled all my electronics out of the electrical sockets, and lately for the passed two weeks I have been turning my light on and off throughout the night but I have no idea why!!?”(Dream Dictionary Forum)


“I’m not quite sure if this has subsided now but here’s my story: when I was 11 I got the “swine flu” or H1N1 as it is scientifically known. I then took the Tamiflu tablets which warned a side effect of hallucinations. My mother let me sleep in her bed with her that night but when I woke up in the morning she told me I had been shouting and swearing, kicking out my arms and legs. It was a totally random situation that I don’t remember dreaming, saying or doing but I’m certain it’s true because I had some more situations like this only remembering one of which I sort of woke up during then realized what was going on. The similarity for all of my situations was that they only happened when I was sleeping in the same room as someone else”.  (Dream Dictionary Forum)





Do you suffer with Insomnia?  Insomnia, or sleeplessness, is a sleep disorder in which there is an inability to fall asleep or to stay asleep as long as desired.  This can be quite agonizing and causes distress through out the days.  Below are some tips to help for you to have a sound sleep.


1. Concentrate on breathing

2. If you cant sleep then get out of bed and do something else

3.  Avoid drinking caffeine before bed or high sugar drinks

4.  Drink camomile tea before bed

5.  Go for an exercise or work out hours before bed.

6.  Learn how to meditate or do yoga before bed

7.  Relaxing music to put you to bed and ease your mind.

8. Don’t force yourself to sleep.  Don’t focus on trying to sleep and remember its natural to miss a day of sleep.

Interesting Facts About Dreams

* Did you know blind people dream.
* We forget 90% of our dreams.
* Everybody dreams.
* Dreams prevent psychosis.
* We only dream of what we know and what we see in life.
* Not everyone dreams in colour; some dream in black and white
* Babies do not dream about themselves until around the age of 3.
* Can dreams predict the future?

What Are Dreams?

Our dreams are made up of  a combination of thoughts, images, and emotions.  The majority of our dreams are thought out during our REM (Rapid Eye Movement) stage.  The period of REM usually takes up close to a quarter of our sleep, or roughly around 120 minutes a night.  Most of the time when we get a full night's sleep we will participate in or around 3 to 5 laps of REM sleep, each getting gradually longer as the night progresses.  Most people over the age of 10 start having up to 4 to 6 dreams per night and that we lose up to 90% of our dream in the first minute of waking up. Remembering your dreams can be very easy once you know the right steps, and at Dream Dictionary we will teach you to improve dream recall.

Interpreting Dreams

The best person to analyze the true meaning to your dream would be the dreamer.  Our dream dictionary and forum will give you insight and help you dig up whats hidden behind the symbols you dream of and the rest is up to you.  Interpreting dreams is not rocket science but takes time and practice like every other skill in life.  Being open minded helps as well as keeping a dream journal to record all the symbol that appear in your dream.  If most dream symbols come across as metaphors then we must take the time and decode what it could possible mean to me.  Not all symbols can apply to all dreamers the same, lets use a snake for example might represent danger to one but good luck to another.  This will all depend on your current lifes situation and mood of the dreamer. Types of dreams and symbols analyzed below at our very active dream forum with Thousands of active members and will give you insight on how to analyze a dream properly.  Below we will give you some insight on what to look out for when analyzing your dream.

House Dream Meaning

Giving Birth Interpretation

Nightmare Dream

Why We Dream Video

Why We Should Remember Our Dreams

Understanding your dreams can gives you a different perspective on how to tackle lifes obstacles.  These obstacles can be from deep within or external factors that you may have overlooked.  Dreams have the ability to cut right to the chase by using metaphors within the symbols you chose to dream.  Could a recurring dream hold any significance?  It's very possible that your recurring dream is happening due to an ongoing problem that you keep ignoring in your walking life.  You can access to vital information that is not readily available to you when you are awake and sometimes you will  be able to predict the future.  You you gain increased knowledge, self-awareness and self-healing the more and more you practice dream recall.