Psychic Dreams

What Is Precognition:

Precognition is the ability or the direct knowledge to foresee events before they happen through ESP.  This phenomena can be experienced 60 to 70% in dreams, and the rest in day dreams or walking visions.  In your walking life precognition will channel through auditory hallucinations, rapid random thoughts or instinct.

Studies have stated that everybody has a certain degree of psychic ability but some are more en heightened than others.  Psychic dreams can come in a symbolic form, or actual events taken place before they happen in your dream.  Close to 90% of our precognition dreams involve people that we are emotionally attached to or somebody we have close ties to. Most of your psychic dreams will consist of family members or spouses. The rest would pick up on tragic events that happen around the world or  strangers you meet in your daily life.

Abraham Lincoln was said to have had this ability. Before his assassination he told his wife and friends about a dream he had.  In the dream he was at a funeral inside the white house. He walked over to a soldier on guard and asked who was in the casket?  The soldier replied “the president of the United States of America”.  One week after the dream he was shot and killed at point blank range.

Why People Have Precognition:

Still today studies still cant prove on why we get precognitive dreams. There are many theories on this subject but no substantial evidence.…  Stated below are some theories for the reasoning behind them.

  • One theory states that the precognitive experience itself discharges some type of strong psychokinetic PK force, that brings the envisioned future to pass.
  • The past, present and future is all the same.
  • Possibly be a glance at future events that is based upon present circumstances and information.
  • Your mind is able to go outside an unknown force field



Learn To Have a Psychic Dream:

Everybody dreams through-out their life but only a handful of people remember them. Some people for some reason have the ability to pick up on future events in dreams than others.  If you are one that forgets his or her dreams you may want to learn how to remember them to see if you have this ability.

There are many different ways to test your psychic ability through dreams by keeping a dream journal handy.…  If you have trouble remembering your dreams you can enhance your power by learning how to do it properly. Unfortunately we loose close to 90% of our dreams the first minute we wake up, so this is why many people not know if they had a psychic dream or not.  Below we have listed the best ways you can enhance your psychic ability though your dreams.

Step 1  Learn how to Lucid Dream. Being able to manipulate your dream surrounding can help you control the direction of information within the dream.

Step 2  Keep a Dream Journal. Write down every single detail about your dream including events and characters. This will help you see if the events came true.

Step 3  Keep an open mind. Studies have shown that the people who experience Precognition dreams are willing to embrace the phenomena. You have to believe in it for it to exist.

Step 4  Decode your dreams. Try putting the missing pieces of the puzzle together. Dream symbols come as metaphors so its never what you think it is.

Step 5  Dream Dictionary – It might help to use a dream dictionary to help find what the unconscious mind is hinting at.

Step 6  Meditate – Meditation is key for clearing your mind and increasing your psychic abilities.

Premonition vs. Precognition:

Many people confuse premonition and precognition for being the same thing.  There is a slight difference between the two; though similar in nature they have the same end result.  Premonitions are mixtures of sounds, random images or feelings that flash involuntary in your mind at any given time.  Precognition on the other hand presents itself in dreams by using types of symbols, events or odd feelings.

Precognition Dream Facts:

– At least one third of the general population experiences precognition in there dreams
– There is no explanation on why we get psychic dreams
– 60 to 70% of precognition happens in our dreams
– You will know the difference between a normal dream to a psychic dream.

Our Thoughts:

As you can tell by some of the psychic dreams below that their has to be proof. Though it is very hard to prove that it actually happened and most of the time people would have a hard time believe you. As for most people including myself psychic dreams happen all the time and I am sure with most people but they do not have any proper dream recall. Once you can remember your dreams then you have a higher chance of piecing it all together.  Dreams do happen in metaphors and to understand the symbols makes it easier to decode what future events might happen.

Dream Forum Members Psychic Dreams:

Liz Forum Member:

I’ve had a handful of dream similar to this but never embraced the purpose or excepted them for more than just odd until it involved someone very close to me. My deceased grandmother whom I’ve only met when I was a small child because she passed when I was young, she came to me in dream after my mother and I survived a violent tornado (in dream). My mother was hurt and unresponsive but I couldn’t find any physical injury. She just laid quietly on a bed. My grandmother appeared to me in a blurry image with no face but I somehow knew it was her telling me that my mother was going to really need me now and that I was the only one that could help her. Four months later I found my mother on the floor somewhat unresponsive after a massive stroke and for the next year I lived and breathed to take care of her. The dream was one that you seem to have all your five senses.

Danny Forum Member:

I have precognition dreams. They started about 12 years ago. I have learned to better identify which dreams are precognition and which are not. I have used and placed faith in these dreams to make a serious overseas move. It was a huge risk but I listened. Last year was a bit quiet. This year, actually it is likely starting last December, I have had a sequence of these dreams. They were a bit unsettling because they were a bit shocking warning me about something or someone. A had a positive one in April and 2 of the 3 came true and the 3rd appears to be linked to those unsettling dreams earlier in the year and another one that I had last week. These dreams are a blessing and a curse and this last series scares me. No one will die or be hurt. These dreams always relate to me and I have to work out the imagery and discover who the people are as the future events unfold. Bit this last round is quite unsettling and this is the first time that I have encountered this because it is of a very personal nature.

Mindy C Forum Member:

I remember dreaming of my boyfriends Grand pa coming to me in my dream. He had just died about 7 months ago and he told me in the dream he was waiting from something in a living room watching TV.  He was rubbing my shoulder an odd way ( he does this for his grand kids) then said he is really happy. The next couple of days later my boyfriend brother died. He was not well in life but it was crazy timing.

Steve Forum Member:

I constantly have precognitive dreams, psychic impressions, deja vu etc. Some have been terrifying and traumatic (the kind that leave me depressed for the next three days but those are few and far between)- a few dreams/psychic impressions about local crime cases, “hearing” the last thoughts of a suicide victim (a complete stranger) as his spirit left his body and realized what senseless thing he had done (he actually referred to the act as “stupid” and was shocked that he took his own life), spirit visitations to pass on messages (like, “my favorite shirt is in a bag in the closet”). But mostly, I just have rather mundane glimpses of what will happen the next day. I dream of a photo of my grandmother lying on a table and my mother tells me that she had taken out pictures of her mom that very night. I dream my fridge is full of blueberries; the next day my roommate brings home a flat of blueberries. I dream about a friend covered in dirt and dust, in a dusty dirty room; the next day someone on the phone starts complaining about being covered in dust with no time to change their clothing. Or I dream a bathroom is filling with water and my mother calls from work, annoyed that the restroom on her floor is closed because of a busted pipe and there is horrible flooding. This is a regular part of my life, but…. I just feel as if it isn’t accomplishing anything. I don’t really know what to “do” with any of it. I guess, I would like them to be more useful. Somehow.