Teeth Dreams

Majority of teeth dreams are usually revolved around themes of teeth missing, pulling, breaking or rotting.  These types of dreams are usually very vivid almost like you just experienced a nightmare.  According to many dream experts teeth are more common with adults then children because there might be some relation between teeth and age.  Not all teeth dreams symbolize age and getting old, depending the symbols, location, people and mood can have a different analysis .  At dream dictionary.org we have an active Forum where you can submit your teeth dream so it can be analyzed by our professional dream analysts.

Types of Teeth Dreams:

Pulling Teeth:

This type of dream can be interpreted differently depending the context of the events that surround it.  The key word here in the dream is “pulled”, so that might be an indication that something needs to come out.  Teeth are in the mouth so its possible that it could be related to speaking. It could also be related to pulling yourself too hard in some situation or event in your life.   If somebody else is pulling at your teeth it could suggest they want to get something out of you.  Some have experience teeth dreams if they fear the dentist and have a tooth ache.

Rotting Teeth:

Rotting teeth dreams are said to be the most common that we experience once in our life time.  It is said that these type of dreams symbolizes our anxieties and fears that we may be building up inside us for too long and could be more visible.   It is possible that this type of dream could be revolved with your image and how you may think others perceive you.  The definition of rotting says anything that becomes damaged, weakened, or useless because of decay.  Can you relate this to anything in your life right now?  Could this be an indication of how you speak to others?  Can it suggest that you need to see a dentist?  Writing down as much information as you can remember about your teeth dream will help because these symbols usually come across as metaphors.

Broken /Chipped Teeth:

Can this dream imply aspects of yourself that needs to be corrected?  Broken teeth are visible, so could this be a metaphor on this problem being noticeable to others and yourself?  You might need to do some digging trying to figure out what might be broken internally that has an effect externally.  Is it possible that some aspects in you’re life needs repairing right now? The people in you’re teeth dream could imply that it could be directed at them.  If someone is breaking your teeth that could imply an outside force that could be trying to break you down.  It could also be possible that your mouth may be getting you into some trouble.  Some say that when they experience broken teeth dream could relate to how they feel about there image. Depending on the context of the dream it varies so that’s why it might be helpful to join our forum and write down your broken/teeth dream so it can be interpreted by are dream specialists.

Falling Teeth:

As bizarre as this dream may be don’t be alarmed because it’s quite common.  Falling teeth points to all of our worries and anxieties that surround us in life and not being in control.  If you are under a lot of pressure and is worried about the outcome its possible this dream may appear.  To better understand you’re dream trying to remember as much information might help you decode it properly.     You need to figure out who was with you, the mood of the dream and how you felt.  Below are some suggestions of what you’re dream could imply based on peoples own experience.

* Stressed about your job situation.
* Fear of being impotent
* Afraid looking stupid in front of people
* Stress about looking older/trying to stay young
* Have you lied to somebody
* Lacking power at work or relationship.

Crumbling Teeth:

Crumbling teeth dreams could suggest your fear of getting old.   Our dream symbols act as metaphors so when you see your teeth suddenly crumbling it hits at your age and how you perceive yourself.  Nobody wants to get old that why dreams of this nature have such a profound effect on us at a later age.    It could be possible that this is how you feel about your life right now.  Do you feel in any way in you’re life where you are falling or crumbling apart?

Losing Your Teeth:

Losing your teeth could be an indication that your stress and anxiety levels could be to high in your life right now and needs to be fixed.  These types of dreams can be somewhat tricky to translate because you might have to face aspect of yourself you could be ignoring.

*Attachment Issues (trying to hold on to something)
*Fear of letting go to something that was part of your life for a long time.
*Afraid of failing
*You dread the feeling of embarrassment
*You may feel a lack of control in your relationship
* Is it possible you set your goals to high and they are crashing down
*What are you afraid to loose
*Are you trying to cover up something
*Afraid of losing your money or the feeling of being abandoned

False Teeth:

Experiencing  false teeth in you’re dream might suggest breaking rules or lying. Can you recall saying or doing something that ended up hurting somebody lately? Did you tell a secret where you were told not to tell? Did you say something that was inappropriate? Are you telling the truth?  Is something you said now coming back to haunt you?  Do you feel like you are living a false image and lying to others?

Spitting Out Teeth:

Dreams of this nature are common and vivid usually among older people because it might revolve around losing our looks and image.  In today’s society we fear getting old and grey and there is a lot of emphasis on staying young.  Another dream translation for spitting out teeth might imply, admitting to something you may have held back in life that is causing you stress. Some people have experienced illness in the family when they have dreams about there teeth falling out.

Analyzing Your Teeth Dreams:

Even though teeth dreams can be somewhat scary there is a message to be taught in everyone.  Dreams of this nature implies that we are not paying attention to what need to be fixed in our daily life’s and it is coming out in this form.  The dreams might continue if you sweep the issue under the rug.  Keeping a dream journal over time help you remember your dreams in more detail and will help you pin point where the problem is coming from.  The more you remember the easier it is to find the answer. Come to our new active dream forum where you and thousands of dream members write down their dreams to be analyzed by our professionals.

Teeth Dreams & Death:

There seems to be a strange coalition between teeth dreams and death.  Many have reported that when they lose there teeth in a dream somebody close to them dies.  There has been some cases reported in our dream forum and in books.

Different Perspectives On Teeth Dreams:

Did you know that teeth dream have been recorded thousands of years ago.  Teeth are one of the most common dream symbols out there and the most searched. People have been getting these dreams for thousand of years and can be dated back for as long as we are able to remember our dreams. In the Greek culture  dreaming about teeth or loosing your teeth suggests somebody in your family will be sick or somebody close to you. The Chinese say that when your teeth fall out means your telling lies and being deceitful. Long ago it has been said that teeth falling out represents money and financial loss. The question is what do you think?