Falling Dreams

About Falling Dreams:

Did you know that falling in your dream is the most frequent among all the common dreams we experience in our lifetime. Researchers say the average human will dream about falling to his death more than 5 times in their life.  Falling dreams can be extremely frightening vivid experience that usually last minutes before you hit the ground. Dreams of this nature can make you break out in a cold sweat and ruin most of your day.  Many question we ask are, what are falling dreams? Why do we get them? What does it mean to fall in my dream? Falling in your dream should not be over looked, this is a important dream symbol that needs your undivided attention in order to figure out the true meaning. When we fall in our dreams it really means we have lost control with some sort of situation in your life. Falling in your dream is a way your unconscious communicates with your conscious to let you know that something needs to be fixed right away. The more you ignore the issue in your life the higher chance you will plummet to your death in your dream. Below are possible suggestions on why you might be falling in your dreams and how to fix it.

Why Am I Having Falling Dreams?

One theory about falling in our dreams suggests that you may have lost control over a particular situation in your life. These situations can possibly be linked to work, school, home or even in your relationship. These issues can either be internal or external depending on the context of the dream.  Falling dreams are usually vivid ones that you can recall quite easily and able to remember most of the symbols. The more you can remember about your falling the dream the better for you to figure out what it means. You must gather and write down as much information as possible about your dream so you can apply it to what is happening in your life. Below are some suggestions that might help you figure out the meaning behind your dream.

Types Of Falling Dreams:

Losing Balance – Dreams of losing balance suggests that the problem lays within you. You are not stable at this moment and need grounding in your life. You need to find ways to become more confident with people and with yourself.

If somebody pushed you to your death implies that somebody might be pushing you overboard mentally. If you are working too hard at work and don’t think you can keep up you might experience a dream of this nature. It’s also quite possible that you might be pushing yourself to the point of exhaustion. Did you know who pushed you? If you know, then the answer is right in front of you.

Location – Remembering the location in your dream can be quite rewarding when it comes to finding the true meaning. If the location is familiar to you then its quite possible that this is the place that is causing you distress. For example, if you fell of the roof in your home suggest that you might be having some issue with your family at home. You may have lost control in your house and is on your mind.

Lost Grip – Losing grip and then falling to your death in your dream is a horrible feeling. This means that you are not confident with yourself in difficult situations. People who experience this type of dream usually has issues with there relationship. You may feel that your partner may have the upper hand on you and it eating away on your conscious. Try and recall what in your life that you may have lost control over a certain situation.

Holding On - Holding on for dear life in your dream suggests that you are trying your best to fix a situation you may have no control over. This can either be with your relationship, friends or your family. This dreams are usually very scary and unless you don’t fix the problem in your life it will occur time and time again.

People – Who was with you when you where falling? This helps break down the people in your life that may be causing your stress. If you fall with people you recognize then it suggest that they are in the same situation as them.

How Did You Fall – Remembering how you fell on the ground can suggest what needs to be fixed in your life. If you fell on your back implies that you need more support in your life. If you fell on your hands means that you need more of a hand with people that are close to you.  If you fell in water means that you are emotionally breaking down and need to address your problem asap.

Slipping - Slipping on a very high surface and plummeting to your death is a quite a scary experience.  Slipping to your death suggests that you will eventually “slip up” in a particular situation that will cause emotional distress. You need to get back on track with your life to how it once was!

Somebody Help – If you dream where you are ready to fall and somebody saves you suggest that somebody will help you out of a tough situation that you are in.

Understand Your Falling Dream:

If you have trouble figuring or remembering your dreams it is quite handy to keep a dream journal on hand. This will help you expand your dream vocabulary and help remember more detail your falling dream. A recurring dream of falling to your death means that you are ignoring your problems. Your unconscious will keep bringing it to your attention every so often to let you know you are neglecting a very serious issue.  Finding out what is bothering you weather it is the stresses from work, relationship, friends or even family is the first step. The second step is tackling the issue.

– Afraid of losing your job
– Not the leader with friends or business
– Afraid of your relationship
– Not having control in a situation
– Failure in love
– Lack of confidence
– Embarrassed that you wouldn’t make the cut
– Your not in control of your destiny
– Things aren’t working out the way i want it to work out
– How did you fall
– Fall out
– Spiraling out of control
– Hitting rock bottom
– Insecure

How To Stop Falling Dream:

Dreams of falling can be classified as a nightmare and will always resurface until you fix the problem. Find out what in your life is causing you such turmoil and fix it. Below are more suggestions on what you can do to stop falling dreams from happening again.

Become more confident in your life
Work on your trust issues
Meditate before bed
Find out what you falling dream represents and tackle the problem