Dreams That Start With T


Dreaming of a table could have a number of different meanings. Usually a table in your dream represents your relationships and how you are viewed in society. So it is important that you pay attention to the condition of the table. If it is a broken table it implies some conflict with a relationship or people in your life. If the table in your dream is round then it indicates that you are able to share yourself with others and it will be returned to you.

Then setting a table means that you are planning things and applying the foundation for your future. However, lying on a table suggests that you need to relax, you are a bit anxious about your goals, some relationship is causing you worry.

On the other hand, if the table is moving on its own it symbolizes that some movement with a group will create change in your life.


Where are the tacks in your dream coming from? If you are seeing tacks and trying to avoid them, then it represents things in your life that are bothering you. On the other hand, if you are the one holding the tack then it signifies something that you need to get done in your life.


When you dream of growing a tail, it indicates that there is something or someone from your past that you are still hanging on to. It could also mean that someone is following you, you are being “tailed.”

On the other hand, if you see the tail of an animal in your dream it refers to emotions attached to a situation or person. If the tail is wagging then it denotes joy, while it it is between legs then it signifies fright or shame.

Talent Show

Are you in the talent show or watching it? If you are watching a talent show, it means that you are looking on even thought you are able to do a better job. You are not developing and making the most with your abilities.

On the other hand, if you are in a talent show, it suggests that you are becoming more aware of yourself and your talents. Now that you are recognizing your potential, you are ready to move on to new endeavors in life. Don’t forget your audience in the dream! Consider their reaction to your performance. This represents how the people, who you are close, in your life, will react or how you think they will, whether they will support you or not in this new stage in your life.


Is someone looking up to you or are you looking down on other people? If you dream that you are taller than someone else it suggests that you feel you are superior to them.

If other people are taller than you, it represents your feelings of other people having power over your actions. You probably feel insecure about something. On the other hand, it could mean that you are bringing yourself down and letting things be so that you do not have to deal with them.


When you dream of a tapestry it indicates your history and experiences in life. It symbolizes your ability to find pleasure in a lavish lifestyle.

However, if the tapestry is torn or damages in any manner, it signifies your inability to please yourself. For some reason you cannot make yourself happy and you are unable to attain your desires in life.


Seeing tar in your dream suggests that you are dependent on others or on something in order for you to reach your goals in life. The dream is trying to wake you up in order for you to realise that you need to be more self-reliant. On the other hand, tar could also represent your unconscious or the negative aspect of the self.


When you dream that you are shooting at a target, it symbolizes that you know what your target or goal is in life and you are set on attaining it. If you hit the target, it indicates that you are on the right path in life in order to reach your goals. However, if you missed the target, it means that you are missing opportunities.

Tarot Cards

Dreaming of tarot cards symbolizes you are inclined to reach a higher understanding of your mystical self. You are ready to venture into your unconscious mind. On the other hand, you may have already been to a tarot reading and your mind is using these symbols to indicate a message to you. Pay attention to what the tarot cards reveal. Some symbols include: The Wands, which signify the Psyche, The suit of the Swords symbolizes conquering something or the strength to do so, The Cups which represent your emotions and your approach toward life and The Pentacles stand for your connection with society and the environment.


Having tattoos in your dream denotes your ability to be unique in your own way and stand out amongst the rest. You do not follow the crowd. Pay close attention to the tattoo and what it signifies in your life. On the other hand, some experience in your waking life might have left an impression on you. It will last with your forever.

If you are a tattoo artist it represents your unique tastes and experiences. However, if you are a real life tattooist, it is a reflection of who you are in life.


Any teacher in your dream will come across as your guide or your inner knowledge.…  These dreams are usual powerful that sends a message to you consciously that you cant over look.… …  You have to figure out why the teacher is there and why is he/she sending you a message.
The context of a teacher dreams is very important and needs to be decoded only by you and nobody else.…  Take down as much information as possible and see if you can come up with a lesson the teacher was hinting at.


Crying in our dreams is a relief when we cant seem to cry in our walking life.…  Dreaming of crying or tears can be a positive symbol where you are releasing emotions you cant to others.…  If you see other people crying it might suggest that your actions are affecting others.

Teeth (See Teeth Dreams)


Telekinesis…  is the ability to move things or otherwise affect the property of things with the power of the mind.…  Does this relate to you in your life right now?…  It is also possible that you might be harboring psychic abilities that you are unaware of right now.


The definition of telepathy is a communication between people of thoughts, feelings, desires, etc., involving mechanisms that cannot be understood in terms of known scientific laws also called thought transference.…  Any dreams like this could suggest that you have a strong ability to move you way up the ladder in life by using your communication skills.…  You might even be a psychic in training.


Who is calling you?…  That might be the key in order to find out who might need you right now.…  Dreams of this nature has everything to do with communication or the lack of it.… …  It is important to figure out who might be on the receiving end and what is the issue.…  If you are trying to call somebody and you have trouble suggest you might have hidden issues with that person that you might what to settle.


To see a telescope in your dream might suggest that you need to look at something in closer detail.…  Things…  you should be aware of in the dream are the people around you or what ever you are looking at.


Termites are annoying little insects that destroy any object any where they go.…  You might what to think what does a termite and your life have in common?…  Do you know someone who has these qualities in your life at this moment?…  Or if not maybe something is eating you up inside that you need to fix.


With all the scary stuff we see on the news about Terrorist killing and blowing stuff up might have us a bit worried.…  Though if you are a terrorist you might be ready to blow up!


See Exam/Test Dreams

Text Message

Who is sending you the tex and what are they saying?…  Dreams like this suggest you might need to communicate with this person a bit better.…  If you are the one receiving a tex then figure out what the message means.


A temple in your dream signifies spirituality and your longing to find your higher self.…  What was the mood of the dream?…  This would help you get a better understanding of it.


Dreaming of testicles all depends on the context of your dream.…  For men dreaming of their testicles symbolizes about strength and power.…  It might be a play on words for being “tested” on something.


What show is going on in the theater and who at there?…  Are you the one that is on stage or you are watching a performance?…  What goes on stage could have some significance of what is going on in your life right now.…  You might be taking on a new role in life and you are transforming into somebody else.…  If you are the one who is watching the show it might suggest how you view others in life.


Usually therapists appear in our dreams when our unconscious mind is trying to tell us something. This can be a good or bad message that you really need to pay attention too. How did you feel when you woke up?…  Did they give you any advice?…  Sometimes it can just me we might need to talk to somebody.


Are you being robbed?…  What are they taking from you?…  Sometimes when we get robbed or mugged in a dream means we are just afraid of loosing what we have.…  This can mean anything from our emotions to our personal belongings.…  If you are a thief in your dream what are you stealing?…  Does this item have importance to you in your life right now?


When we are thirsty in dreams sometime we wake up dehydrated.…  If not it suggest that you need to replenish something internally that you are desperately needing.


Ouch!…  Did you just get pricked by a thorn. Well if that was the case then something will stick to you soon that would annoy you.…  Find out who was in your dream when this was going on and it might help you find out who’s the thorn in your life.


Dreams of throats have everything to do with speech.…  If you where unable to talk…  or was painful to talk in your dream it suggest you have trouble or difficulty expressing how you feel in your daily life.…  Depending the context of your dream a throat dream can mean many things.…  Try and think how the dream can relate to your daily life.


Thumbs up!…  If someone gives you the thumbs up your dream implies that things will start looking up soon. If you see thumbs it suggests that you might need to get a grip on your life.…  We need our thumbs to pick and operate things in life so if your thumbs are damaged it means you might need to fix a current problem.


Anytime we dream of thunder it signifies built up anger that is ready to pop.…  This can be from you or somebody close to you.…  Who was in…  your dream when the thunder was taking place. You might need to thread carefully around them for the next couple of weeks.…  Thunder is a wake up call so you may need to adjust some of your ways before it builds up and explodes.

Tidal Wave

They say water represents our emotions then a tidal wave is something that you should really pay attention too.…  A tidal wave might be a build up of emotions that is ready to take you down and everybody with you.…  On the flip side a tidal wave destroy the old and now it might be time to start fresh and build the new.


The tiger is a symbol for power and energy all over the world. It is featured prominently in Chinese mythology and is the second best behind the lion in the badge of military ranking. What was your dream about?…  If you where being attacked by a tiger what was the outcome.…  If you killed it suggests that you are now in control on your life and you will over come the bad. If the tiger was in a cage that might imply that the tiger could be your hidden strength that is being repressed right now.

Time Travel

Finding out where you went might help you understand what your dream means.…  Did you go to the past or the future and if so what events where going on in that time?


When we dream of tires we are usually in or around a car.…  A flat tire might suggest that something will slow you down in your life.…  This might be a little inconvenience for you for the week ahead.


Toads can mean transformation in your life.…  Think about how toads are born, from a tadpole! So a toad could mean a symbol of resurrection and rebirth.


Toes help us walk and get places. What was going on with your toes in our dream?…  If your toes are damaged or hurt suggest that you are going to be dealing with a set back in life lesson.…  Depending on the condition of your toes can hold a different meaning to your dream.


If you are on the toilet suggest that you are in desperate need to release something that has been building up in you for a while now.…  It’s is also possible that you are going to let go of something that you no longer need you your life right now.… …  What was the condition of the toilet?…  If it was plugged up it could mean that you have trouble getting rid of shit in your life.…  You need to rid yourself of negative energy.


A tomb can be a very interesting dream symbol that can unlock many hidden mysteries that you may not know about yourself.…  What was inside the tomb?…  You are going deep in your unconscious mind so keep exploring and good luck.


Can’t talk?…  Most tongue dreams we experience are usually the ones missing one or it being damaged.…  Dreams of this nature has everything to do with being able to express yourself properly in your walking life.…  If you have trouble speaking up and telling people how you feel and it is eating you up inside than this might be your problem.…  What was your tongue like?…  If it grossed you out then it means that you may have said something that you might want to take back. Maybe you have a nasty mouth that needs to tone down a bit.


Did you say something that you shouldn’t have?…  Why are you cleaning your teeth and what condition are they in? Teeth in dreams suggest a fearing getting old and loosing our looks. Does this concern you right now?


A tornado is a violent, dangerous, rotating column of air that is in contact with both the surface of the earth. … These dreams can be both positive or negative translations depending the context of the dream. Click for more in depth detail of what a tornado represents.…  … Understanding your emotions if your moods fluctuate causing destruction might be an indication, or if this is an outside force coming to wreck havoc on your house (psyche).


If you are being tortured in your dream suggests that you are feeling helpless in a situation in your life where you don’t think you can get out of.…  Sometimes if we are being tortured we might be feeling guilty about what you did and think you might need some punishment. If you are the one who is doing the torturing implies that you have a lot of anger built up.…  You might want to think about who you where punishing and for what reason.

Tow Truck

You being towed?…  This could mean that your current life’s path might be put on hold for a while and might inconvenience you.…  Why where you being towed? This might help you find out what your dream is hinting at.


Train dreams are very important to the dreamer that shouldn’t be overlooked whenever we get them.…  Everybody has their own interpretation on what a train dream can mean but depending what is going on…  in your life at this very moment might have a different meaning than the next.…  Here are some possibilities on what a train might mean in your dream.
Did you get off on the next stop?…  In that case you might be ready for the next stop in your life which can be a very positive sign.…  Was the train derailed?…  That might mean that you might be heading off track in your life.…  What was the mood like in your dream and where were you going?…  It also might be a sexual connotation to it as well, a train going through a tunnel.

Analyzed Train Dream Here


Dreams of this nature are amazing and ones that you should pay close attention too.…  Your unconscious mind is letting you know that you will be on a new level spiritually and you will experience new beginnings.…  What was transforming in your dream?…  Was the process good or bad?…  This would help you understand how you might deal with the new change of birth.


If you are worried about getting a transplant then you are entitled to having a dream of this nature. If you don’t then it suggests that you might need to replace something internally within you.…  What was being transplanted?


If you are trapped in your dream it means that something in your life is blocking you from moving forward.…  You have to figure this one out!


When we travel in life we get away from our daily routine and enjoy time away. Maybe this is your unconscious mind telling you that you might need a little break.

Treasure Chest

This is a great symbol that suggest that you have hidden talent deep inside you.…  Many people believe that money = energy in dreams so you might be getting a boost soon.


Trees are only a good symbol depending on how it looks.…  If the tree is blossoming and looks beautiful than its a sign of happiness and bliss.…  Good things will come in the future keep on the right path.… …  Though, if the tree looks old and frail it can have a sexual meaning attached behind it.…  It is also possible that it might mean that something in your life is not going well.…  This can be your relationships, a job or even you.


You might be pulling some heavy weight in your life that you need to dump off.…  What in your life right now that you are carrying?


Trunks in dreams are a manifestation of things in your life that you might be still holding on too. This can be anything from past experiences, dreams, memories.…  This is at the back of your mind that you have put aside but they are still traveling with you everyday.


A tunnel is always referred to as the females vagina and the train is the males sex organ.…  The context of you dream would help you understand what it means.