Flying Dreams

Flying Dreams:

If you have ever experienced a flying dream you will most likely wake up feeling like a million bucks.  Flying in your dream is not like the other mundane dreams you encounter on a day to day basis.   These supernatural dreams feels somewhat mystic that offers you quick taste to be Superman for the night.  Up to 90% of all flying dreams are “lucid”, this  means that you are fully aware that you are in a dream and are able to control the dream settings.  Manipulating your dream environment in a lucid state makes flying the best common dream you can ever experience.

What Does My Flying Mean:

Depending on the context of your dream flying they can all be interpreted in many ways. Flying free as a bird with not a care in the world will interpret differently than, being afraid to fly, or even have trouble taking off from the ground.  All of the flying dream types will be properly explained below.  Keeping a dream journal is a great tool to help you remember your dreams in more detail and helps lucid dreaming.

Trouble Flying:

Dreams where you have trouble taking off can be quite frustrating.  The funny thing is you know you possess the ability to fly in your dream but have trouble getting your feet off the ground.  Having a tough time flying in your dreams suggest that someone or something is stopping you from moving to the next step in life. In order to know what is holding you back from flying, try and remember who was with you in your dream.  If you where by alone and struggled to fly implies that you are lacking confidence within yourself.  Remembering the symbols in your dream helps you find the root of the problem a lot easier.  Lets say if you had trouble taking off from your house.  It’s possible that you need to move out of your house!  Also many would dream having trouble taking off from work.  If this is the case it represents a lack of motivation to take it to another level.

Try and think what was stopping you from taking off in your dream whether it was a you, a friend or a building that was in  your way.  These objects or “dream symbols”  help us determine what is stopping us from moving up in the world.

Scared of Flying:

Flying in a dream can either be exhilarating or a nightmare depending the dream.  Not being able to control your flight in your dream is rare but it does happen from time to time.  Scared of flying has everything to do with lack of control in your life.  Dreams of this nature suggest you have trouble controlling the path in your life.  No matter what you do there is some interference.  You have to ask yourself what is causing me to be afraid to take control of my life, and how to get back on track.  Another possibility is with being afraid to fly is that you might be having trouble keeping up with the high goals you set.  You may feel that you can crash at anytime.

Direction of Flight:

It is important to know what direction where you where going when you where flying high up in the clouds.  Where you flying upwards, downwards or backwards? If you are flying upwards in your dream suggest you are now on a new level spiritually. If you where flying downwards we are trying to get more intuned to our unconscious. If you are flying low to the ground it represents strength and determination in your life.  If you are flying an airplane it means your not fully free to have fun but your almost there.  If you are flying backwards suggests you want to relive the past and the good memories you experienced.

Lucid Dreams Flying: (Click Here)

How To Analyze Your Flying Dream:

Here are some questions you should ask yourself when you are trying to figure out what your dream ment.  Your unconscious will not spell it out for you, this is a job for your conscious to figure out.  Dream symbols are presented  in a metaphoric fashion for you to decode.  A dream dictionary will help you figure out what your dream symbols represents and the hidden meaning behind them.  Here are some questions below that might help you figure out what your flying dream ment.

Was I flying alone
Did Anything stopped me
Was I in control of my flight
What was the weather like
Where you scared
Was I going up or down
Easy flight or turbulent fight
How was the mood in your dream. Where you happy or sad.
What where you using in order to fly (Wings or rocket)

For the most part flying dreams are positive dreams that we would all like to have before we wake up. These are common dreams that have very power meaning behind it and its entirely up to you to figure out.  People who experience flying dreams are strongmind that want the most out of the world.