Dreams About Flying: Flying In Dreams Meaning

Having a chance to Superman for the night can be quite an exhilarating feeling. You have complete freedom as you glide through the sky with ease like a bird looking down and the magical world below. Flying is considered highly symbolic dream that contains a hidden message for you to uncover.

Flying dreams are often metaphoric relating to your own personal freedom, control and unconscious abilities that you possess. These hidden talents are now becoming known to you, flying gives you a glimpse of what potential the future holds for you.

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This powerful symbol not only implies the chains coming off that has been restraining you for sometime now, but an encouraging to trust the way of the universe and let go.

You are being offered a clue suggesting you are close to conquering your fears as you are one step closer to freedom. Alternatively the fears you endured in the past no longer have power over you – finding the key that will open the door of opportunity. Keep in mind flying independently in the air would translated differently than being on a Plane.

Flying Dream Symbolism

  • New opportunities
  • Spiritual ascension or growth
  • Confronting fears
  • Future potential
  • Expressing hidden talents
  • Creative burst
  • New relationships

Flying Dreams: Lucid 

Popularized by the Hollywood blockbuster Inception, a lucid dreams is defined as the ability to take control over your settings, narrative and even your environment. Flying dreams and lucid dreaming seems to go hand and hand, but there is a fine line between the ability to “control your dreams” and randomly flying in your dream.

It is not uncommon for people to practice the art of lucid dreaming just to experience the amazing rush of flying. The feeling can be as euphoric as being induced by a drug.

Alternatively, this is not actually necessary for a dream to be described as lucid. It has long intrigued scientists as it incorporates self-awareness and control, which are elements of wakefulness into dreaming. In order to properly decode the meaning of your dream you will have to distinguish if your dream was in fact lucid.

Benefits Of Lucid Dreaming:

  • Overcoming fears,
  • Help solving problems,
  • Stop nightmares,
  • Connecting with your inner self.

Analyzing Flying Dreams

Did you know that our dreams speak to us in a language often in images and metaphors relating to our personal lives. Thus becoming a personal guide hinting at your weakness, strengths and future possibilities. While flying could be classified under a “lucid type” dream it actually contains very positive symbolism.

People who often experience flying dreams notice a connection to a new transitional phase in their lives. In fact this can be mimicked as being able to take off randomly at any given moment. In life we all experience exciting times that make us happy we are living on this earth.

These powerful symbols reflect during specific times in your life where change is imminent. However you will need to figure out if flying is relating to an internal or external happening.

Not to be discouraged if you only flew for a short period of time, or maybe you jumped high up but landed – these dreams are hinting at not giving up and keep trying.

Spiritual Connection

There seems to be a connection between flying and possible spiritual ascension –  is the process of spiritual awakening that moves you into a higher frequency. Similar accounts have shown that astral projection and outer body experiences tend to occur during times of spiritual awakenings, or increased psychic abilities.

In most cases flying can be comparable or related to an O.B.E or astral projection. If flying or floating in dreams tend to mimic the experience felt during an outer body experience then its possible the dreamer may have an increased vibrations.

For the most part once you have a dream flying without any difficulty it is a good omen that will bring future luck and self guidance.

  • ESP
  • Clairvoyance
  • Increased intuition
  • Living in the moment
  • Inner peace


Trouble Staying In The Air?

Struggling to fly can be a frustrating experience as you might only get a couple seconds in the air. In some cases dreamers often experience lifting off the ground but coming right back down. These dreams are very symbolic that suggests something might be holding you back from advancing to the next stage in life.

Your dream might provide you with clues to show you where you might be lacking confidence or advancement. You can reflect on the people around you, location and the context.

Try and think what was stopping you from taking off in your dream whether it was a you, a friend or a building that was in your way. These objects  help us determine what is stopping us from moving up in the world.

  • Stuck in life
  • Trying to get to the next level or advance
  • Wanting to experience a thrill but fears are holding you back
  • Close to achieving your goals
  • Risk taking

Scared of Flying Dreams

Since these dreams tend to be extremely vivid and the single thought of falling can bring you to the ground. Heights can either be an exhilarating or nightmarish experience.

Being afraid to fly usually donates to the dreamers fears that have manifested in their heads. The ego is responsible for stopping you from enjoying the fruits of life, to much negative thinking stops you from having fun.

You might want to examine if you have control issues or trouble of letting go of the past. Maybe it’s connected to trouble setting goals too high you cannot reach.

  • Resistance,
  • Afraid to take a chance,
  • Need for excitement,
  • Connected to your anxiety and fears,
  • Letting your fears control you.


Flying Dreams

It is important to know what direction where you where going when you were flying high up in the clouds. Flying upwards in your dream suggest you are now on a new level spiritually. If you were flying downwards we are trying to get more attuned to our unconscious.

If you are flying low to the ground it represents strength and determination in your life. If you are flying backwards suggests you want to relive the past and the good memories you experienced.

Hovering or flying over water bring your awareness to concurring your emotions. It will be metaphoric for being on top your feelings. Flying over mountains connects you with the spiritual side. These are both positive dream symbols.

Gliding over cities, buildings and houses are common lucid type dreams having the dreamer feel as they are superman. These dreams could suggest control over your mind, body and soul.

Dreams of flying life like a bird brings your focus on your own personal freedom as well being free spirited.

Flying A Plane In Dream Meaning

You have a chance to become a pilot for the night. Flying a plane is a very positive dream symbol that brings your attention to control over you next destination.  Planes take us from one destination to another. This would be metaphoric as to what is currently going on during your daily life. Experiencing turbulence or crashing suggest issues reaching the next stage.

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1 month ago

I’ve only had a few flying dreams in my life. But I loved the feeling once I got over the fear I might fall. Every dream started the same soaring straight up to such heights it felt like I could see the entire earth below. This last dream I kept telling myself not to fear because I knew I was dreaming and I wouldn’t get hurt. When I returned to earth I was flying over people helping them from a man who was lying to them and using them. As I started to wake I lost more and more ability… Read more »

1 month ago

I have been really enjoying my flying dreams, and sometimes I can get there during meditation. I find that I want more and more of them because of the freedom I feel. Even when I come back into my body, I still have that expanded feeling for awhile. Last night though, I ended up somewhere other than where I intended and it confused me as to whether it was a good thing or not. I recognize the situation in my life this is referring to, and I’m still not sure if it’s a good thing to head in this direction… Read more »

Esther Zamora
1 month ago

I had a dream I was a spirit hovering over tall trees and mountains it was quiet foggy and I kept going in circles as I stared down at the depth of the space between the mountains my heart raced and everything started coming in and out. Like zooming in. And then I woke up.

3 months ago

Flying in a dream is proof of my Lucid dreaming. That is ,if I suspect I am dreaming, I’ll find a place to see if I can Fly without anyone watching , otherwise they may see me fall on my face. If I can fly, then I am dreaming , and I can take some control.

But most times it is very short lived, as I wake up soon after.

4 months ago

I’ve had dreams where I am able to fly and dance in the air. The dancing is fluid and feels amazing; it’s graceful. It seems I can control my movements, I can push my arms together and forward to direct where I want to go. Sometimes I am above trees and it’s always nighttime and sometimes I get a little anxious about how far up I’ve gone and that I may need to come back. I remember when I was little, in first grade and we were outside going from the lunch room to class and it was very windy… Read more »

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