Recurring and Repetitive Dreams

A recurring dream is a type of dream that we have on a regular basis when we sleep.  The majority of our recurring dreams usually appears as a nightmare or a very unpleasant dream. An example of a common Recurring dream is the test or exam dream.  Our dreams are said to be manifestation of thoughts and images in the brain that organizes them in a database.  Many people who have explored their dreams would tell you that our dreams contain messages from our unconscious mind to our conscious mind using dream symbols.

Everybody on earth will remember a recurring dream they have had or still get from time to time.  A recurring dream can be with somebody up to days, months or even their whole life span.  The reason why we get recurring dreams is due to the fact that we haven’t solved or dealt with an on going issue that has created stress on your life.  It could be as simple as being lazy or leaving your wife or husband.  As long as you hid your problems under a rug your unconscious mind brings them back out in different forms in our dreams.

Recurring dreams appear during tough or emotional time in our lives.  Believe it our not anybody who has experienced a recurring dream has  had the same dream play over and over for many nights unaware.  The dream atmosphere would transform into a nightmare setting to get your attention.  There is a purpose behind a recurring dream and its up to you to figure it out.  Many people can go their whole entire lives having the same dream.  The only way to figure out why you are having this dream is to do a bit of inner work on yourself.  Your dream is specific only to you,  and the symbols in them will be the key for you to open the door to your deep rooted issues.  Below we teach you the right methods for you to stop having your recurring dream to continue.

How To Stop Recurring Dreams:

Recurring dreams can appear in two different forms.  You either have the non threatening recurring dream, or you have the dreadful recurring nightmare.  If you keep experiencing recurring nightmares and want them to stop,  you first have to understand why your having them.  Stopping a recurring dream from happening is difficult because you have to tackle you inner demons head on. Figuring out what your nightmare means is just the tip of the iceberg.  From not letting the recurring dream happen again is the hard part.  You have to get to the root of your problem and fix it.  If your nightmares become too overwhelming and is affecting your sleep you may want to seek professional guidance.
A recurring dream is a reflection of ourselves and the stress that surround us in our lives. Listed below are easy steps for you to tackle the problem and finding out what your dream is hinting at.

Step 1:

The first step is finding the root of your problem weather its the stresses from work, unhealthy relationship, insecurity or depression . You have to find out you major stress causes or past issues that you haven’t seem to have dealt with them properly.  Write down on a piece of paper 3 of your biggest issues.  This is the very first step and the most important.  You want to have a clear mind and be totally honest with yourself.  Once you have targeted  your 3 biggest problems or fears now its on to the next step.

Step 2:

The second step is to record every single detail of your recurring dream.  You must put the names, places, time,symbols and who you are with.  All of these details will help you break down what needs to be fixed.  Remember you dream is not going to spell it out for you that easy, you have to be willing to take the time to decode it.  Remember you recurring dream will camouflages itself through disturbing images and random settings. The reason is you unconscious sends messages subliminally to your conscious.  If you have trouble don’t feel shy to submit your dream to and we will take a stab at it for you.

Step 3:

The third step is to connect the dots.  Once you have all the information written down you must put all the pieces of the puzzle on the table.  Now apply your recurring dream symbols to our Dream Dictionary and you will come up with the meaning.   You will notice that the problems you have in your life will be hinted in different forms in your dream.

Step 4:

Stopping your recurring dreams from happening can be a little bit challenging but once figured out can be quite rewarding.  Once you have found the needle in the haystack you have to remove it from the barn.  Once you recognize the problem and work on it your long lasting recurring dream would end.  It is possible it will come back in a different from again if you experience a new issue you have trouble resolving. Undergoing this new transformation will open up doors in the mind that will take you to the next step.

Remembering Your Dream:

Many people find it difficult to remember their dreams even though they may have had it 100 times.  They would just be able to tell you “I was having a test and I wasn’t prepared”.  The main problem with trying to fix your Recurring dream is trying to remember it.  Learning how to remember your dreams take a bit of practice but can be done very easily.  You would need to keep a dream journal handy or anything that would record them.  Remember we loose 90% of our dreams the first 1 min we wake up.  If you have trouble with remembering your dreams click here Dream Dictionary.

Try keeping a dream journal with you the next time you get a recurring dream so you can sort out detail by detail. Make sure you write down every single detail in your dream even though you don’t think its that important.  These are all dream symbols, you may over look.  Knife, trains, feeling lonely, naked, chased and lost.  Reflecting on your dream symbols gets you one step closer to solve the problem.  Another tip is is tying to be more involved in your daily surroundings.   You might be able to see some type of sequence or pattern with your dreams and your walking life.  Remember it is not an easy task to reflect on what aspects we don’t like about ourselves in our walking life.  Try your best and feel free to ask Dream Dictionary for a helping hand!

Recurring Dream Facts:

Below are some interesting facts that you should know about recurring dreams:

  1. Recurring dreams usually happen in REM sleep
  2. Recurring dreams are our unconscious mind telling us to “Wake Up” and address the problem
  3. They deliver a very important message
  4. Often form in a nightmare dream
  5. Very common everybody gets one
  6. Triggered by stressful times in life
  7. Some are positive and some are negative
  8. Once you find out the issue the dream will disappear

We loose close to 90% of our dream the first minute we wake up so that why its important to keep a dream journal to write down all the symbols.

Types of Recurring Dreams:

All recurring dreams have there own spin on it depending on the dreamer and what is happening to them in there walking life. Most of the recurring dreams that we experience involve some of the same “type of dreams” most people get. Take a look below and see if your recurring dream involves some of these symbols:

Teeth Dreams
Chase Dreams
Late for a Test or Exam Dreams
Naked Dreams
Falling Dreams
Water Dreams