Zoo Dream Meaning

What Does It Mean To Dream Of A Zoo?

Whenever we dream of a zoo it becomes a representation of the wild things in our lives that are metaphorically caged up. So what do we mean by wild things? Basically our dreams like to use specific images or animals in your case to direct you over to your drives, urges, animalistic behaviors and instincts that are controlled.

Now this can be both a good or bad symbol depending animal that is caged in your dream. Sometimes we need to let the lion out of the cage to let others know of your power.

We are often confronted in our dreams by wild animals such as lions, wolfs, alligators, snakes, apes and bears; powerful symbols that once contained in a specific area tells you about your control.

Zoo Dream Meaning 

  • talents that go unnoticed
  • spiritual confinement
  • aspects about you that need to be freed or caged
  • personal freedom
  • dangerous or destructive urges

Dreams About Loose Zoo Animals Escaping

The majority of Zoo Dreams often revolved around these animals breaking loose and escaping in the streets. Animals escaping the zoo in your dreams is often a warning for the dreamer to pay attention to their instinctual drives (sexual), unexpressed emotions or behaviors and aggressive tendencies that are not controlled.

In our dreams what is out of our field of awareness often becomes unconscious to us. Basically these so called “wild animals” that you see in your dream belong to these hidden qualities about yourself that you don’t want others to see. The moment these zoo animals have escaped in your dream it warns you to pay attention to what you may have metaphorically released in your waking life.

The type of animals that you noticed escaping in your dream are symbolic clues that will direct you towards a particular drive.

Dreams About Zoo Animals In Your House

As bizarre as it sounds it is very common to notice wild zoo animals inside your house. Why? Because HOUSES in dreams often connect the person to the psyche/mind or inner architecture, so all these animals belong to you. Depending the type of zoo animal you noticed and the floor they are on will alter the meaning of your dream.

For example, if you noticed a Lion in your dream in or around your bed it would connect the lions raw masculine power with the bed –  intimacy, relationships, sexual and the unconscious part of you.

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Dreams Of Caged Animals Meaning

Caged animals in your dream may symbolize both a negative and a positive meaning. This would depending on how the look and how the dreamer feels towards the animals caged up. If the dreamer feels sorry for them it suggest that they may have neglected or repressed these inner drives in live making them boring or dull.

Alternatively, sometimes we need to cage these so called traits or urges to not only make our lives easier but to protect others from them. These caged behaviors could be aggression, sexual urges, cravings, desires.

Zoo Dream Meaning

Dreaming about visiting a zoo represents your general understanding and confinement of your wild behaviors. Depending on the type of animals you encounter inside the zoo it will help you understand what type of traits or urges that you have chosen to lock up.

If you are buying a zoo in your dream it symbolizes some level of choices being made, or decisions faced that will need for you to incorporate your animalistic instincts. If you dream of owning your own zoo it is a positive symbol that suggests you have complete control over your unconscious traits and behaviors.

If you dream of a small zoo it suggests that these traits, behaviors, or urges are under control and not much of a potential threat to you.

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