Zebra Dreams

What does a zebra mean in your dream?

The first question in mind when it comes to dreaming of animals is whether it is wild or not.

When it comes to the Zebra we know that it dwells in the vast African landscapes and when it appears in your dreams it becomes unconscious to you.

But what is hidden from us belongs to our thinking and feelings towards things in general. Zebras in our dreams appear metaphorically representing seeing situations in black and white, but as well as judging complex issues with limited thinking.

Zebras may also come in our dreams to show us  community, freedom, balance, and individualism that is taking place in your life at the moment. There will be key elements that will determine if this is either a positive or negative symbol.

Spiritual meaning of the zebra

Zebras in a way are known to protect the dreamer against powerful threats they might be unable to defend themselves from. From a spiritual standpoint the zebra in your dream acts as spiritual protection or camouflage against negative elements in your life.

Because they live in the wild might suggest that this protection is unknown to you but has emerged only to protect you.

Alternatively, due to the fact that as many as 30% are killed either by lions and hyenas becomes a warning not to be prey around certain people. Zebras might also emerge to let you know that you or someone might not be able to adapt to particular situations.

You see Horses and Donkeys were domesticated because of their adaptable nature and friendly demeanor but Zebras would not settle for anything less than wild.

Did the zebra chase you in your dream?

If the zebra chases you in your dream it becomes a negative symbol of your unconscious views that have got you into trouble. If someone judges or shows a complex issue or situation in black and white, they judge or show it as if it is obvious what is morally right and wrong. Thinking in this manner will often have the wild zebra chase you; being from the wild tells you that you are not aware of this habit.

Dream Tip: Did you know that zebras have black skin under their fur?

Were you attacked by the Zebra?

Anything that attacks us in our dreams is a negative symbol, but when a zebra attacks us it represents you inability to see things clearly. You might have been too judgemental for too long and someone may have taken it personally.

Positive dreams about the zebra

Dreams about a flying zebra represents your own personal freedom away from being vulnerable, rigid thought patterns and

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8 months ago

I had a dream where a zebra was flying. But it snatched up my sin and was carrying him away. The zebra seemed to turn into a horse and lose control of itself. Then dropping my son very high above the trees. I couldn’t find him. And felt No one was really helping me look.

1 year ago

I had a dream where I had zebra teeth, and the just kept falling out . I was happy because the teeth where ugly and smelly. I might get some of the details wrong because I was only 8.