Dreaming Of Uncle

Are you dreaming of your uncle?

In dreams your uncle may appear to represent a masculine role model that has played a vital role in your life. Uncles provide a unique type of love and create memories for all to enjoy for a lifetime. The dreamer may seem them as a second dad in their lives.

However this is not necessarily the case with every dreamer, in fact the meaning seems to alter depending on your relationship with your uncle, and if you are female.

Unlike dreaming of our aunt, uncles tend to manifest differently, and oddly enough they like to appear in the most bizarre like marrying him or seeing him dead. Your uncle will bring you a message that is often coded metaphorically for you to find the true meaning.

Types of uncle dreams

  • dreaming of an uncle that is dead
  • dying or death of an uncle
  • getting married to an uncle
  • dead uncle smiling or kissing
  • uncle and aunt together in a dream
  • uncle running

Spiritual meaning of uncle dreams

A good uncle should instill the right values in what you should see in a man. Spiritual speaking dreaming of your uncle is sort of a manifestation of yourself in society; from their failures or success, you learn from their life experiences and use it to your advantage in your life.

In a way your uncle can be seen as sort of like your guide in your dream that will tell you from what is right from wrong. They are a part of your life and he is a part of yours forever. So what did your uncle mean to you in your life and how has he impacted you?

Why is your dead uncle appearing in your dreams?

Dreaming of your dead uncle is often seen as a visitation dream that represents a sign of love, hidden message and protection.

Just by skimming through the hundreds of comments through the article “receiving gifts from the dead” you will notice something oddly peculiar when uncles randomly show up. Dead uncles are commonly known to bring us big smiles, hugs and sometimes gifts from beyond the grave.

No matter what religion or culture you come from there seems to be symbolic code when the dead pay us a visit. In this so called middle way your dead uncle appears in your dream to tell you something, usually to bring you love, wisdom, good luck and protection. Do they have some hidden knowledge about you that we do not know about?

Our dead loved ones tend to show up during difficult times in our lives or when we are undergoing a major transformation. It is quite possible your uncle got wind of this and was telling you in the “middle way” and that is why he is smiling at you.

Your dead uncle smiling in your dreams is known to be a positive omen that suggests he is watching over you. Once they are happy it shows that something will soon benefit you.

Did you marry your uncle?

I know it sounds peculiar but marrying your uncle in your dream is a common theme that happens more than you think. As we mentioned above that the meaning of your uncle dream will change depending the gender of the dreamer – females who dream of marrying their uncle represents an unconscious unification of masculine energy within the psyche.

Your uncle can be seen sort of a reflection of yourself or yang energy. By marrying your uncle you are taking in all the influences from all the important man in your life beginning from your early childhood. According to Carl Jung this man might in fact be your animus – the masculine within the feminine that needs to be integrated.

Article: The Animus ~ Understanding The Masculine Energy Within The Feminine Mind

Dreaming of your aunt and uncle?

To dream of both your aunt and uncle together is a positive symbol that reinforces love, security and protection in your life. They show you what a marriage should be like or perhaps the wrongs as well.

Depending on the location and what they are doing in your dream will alter the meaning, however these dreams are known to be positive omens. Sometimes they emerge related to repressed memories or fun times in your life that seems to be mimicking something new.  The feeling when you think of your aunt and uncle will mirror this feeling in your waking life.

Kissing your uncle dream

Kissing your uncle in your dream is a positive omen despite how weird it may be. Kissing in dreams has more to do with happiness in your life since it releases chemicals like oxytocin, dopamine and serotonin. Your dream is hinting at some positive energy coming your way and your uncle is the first person to give you the news.

Is your uncle running?

To dream of your uncle running tells you about new found energy and success in his life. Depending the location and where he is running from or too will alter them meaning.