Are Dreaming About Your Crush?

Are you going crazy that you keep dreaming of your crush?

Did you know that thousands of people a month search the web anticipating answers why their crush keeps appearing in their dreams,  yet are still not satisfied with the answer they find.

Crushes can be viewed as more than just an infatuation but rather something bigger that is being projected in the dream – a deeper more profound meaning that brings the dreamer closer to his or her soul. More than likely you will wake up from this dream feeling euphoric wondering if this was just a wishful fantasy or something much more significant.

Why Do I Dream Of My Crush?

The mere fact that crushes are commonly known to manifest in different ways – usually connected with a deep conversation, Kissing each other, Hugging, and sometimes being Ignored by your crush in your dream.

Since crushes in our dreams emerge in specific ways we are going to pick apart why they appear what what your crush actually means when they appear in our dreams. Here are reasons why you keep dreaming of your crush.

#1. Crush Dreams: A Potential Soul mate?

Have you ever felt a close connection with somebody you just met? Something about your crush sends butterflies in your stomach as if you instantly clicked with this person. Maybe they are directly linked to your soul mate?

Many people like to associate these people as our “twin flame” or “soul mate” that magically spark a fire within us that was never been lit before. It is not uncommon that people end up marrying their crushes in the distant future.

Find out if you met your twin flame in your dreams? 

#2. Dreaming Of My Crush: Our Need To Get High!

The human brain is comprised off many different structures and one of these structures are notoriously known to get us addicted. Yes you heard right, you might be addicted to your crush the same way we are known to craving delicious ice cream, seek thrills, or worse yet dabble into drugs.

All the limbic part of the brain wants is just wants dopamine charge. This dopamine kick is directly linked to things that make us feel good and you know when your crush kisses you right? That instant high hits you like a ton of bricks only for you to crave it time and time again.

This is why we might be known to always kiss or do other naughty things with our crushes in our dreams – the natural high your brain really needs.

#3. Kissing Crush In My Dream Meaning

Only if your dream could have lasted for eternity. Did you know that kissing in your dream is way more symbolic than you think. Did you know that kissing causes a chemical reaction in your brain? Kissing your crush in your dream might me stirring up unconscious feelings of affection and attachment you have with this person – your love hormone is now kicking in.

In fact kissing your crush in your dreams might be related to a need or desire to communicate with this person. Dreams like to appear metaphoric in nature as lips are often known as verbal, communication and speech.

Being kissed on your lips may also be connected to what Sigmund Freud would considered a kiss is disguised as a fulfillment of a repressed wish. Now is this something you are longing for?

Find out why kissing is symbolic in your dreams. 

#4. Dream Of Crush Hugging Me

Dreaming of hugging your crush connects with the energies that are felt when you are close to them. The feeling of joy, happiness, support, and love that we get from hugging is manifested in your dream metaphorically implying a need for this connection.

If we think in metaphors we can view hugging as connecting the opposite unconscious energies within. Carl Jung might imply that the person you are hugging reflects your inner masculine or feminine (depending who is dreaming) that needs to be integrated. He called this both the anima for men, and the animus for women.

#5. Does Your Crush Ignore You In Your Dreams?

Anyone who ignores you in real like makes us feel lower than dirt. Worse yet when you dream about your crush ignoring you. What gives?

Well it turns out being ignored in your dream is quite common that either suggests one of two things. First, could it be possible that your crush actually ignores you in your life? Do you feel non existent or worthless? Maybe he or she is not interested in you. Maybe this is a fear that you have that is being projected in your dream.

Sometimes when we dream of being ignored it has to do with us more than them, feelings of insecurity or a need to be wanted might in the forefront here.

Find out why you are being ignored in your dreams.


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6 months ago

I dreamt that something happened and my crush had to be executed by being shrunk and out into a bucket of chemicals and would slowly go to sleep and die, and that i cried and cried for her but she was still barely alive so i managed to take her out and tell her that i loved her and kissed and hugged her then she had to be put back in and i just felt sad after that. What does this mean?

1 year ago

I dreamt that, I was moving school… But I didn’t want to leave that school, so someone in the dream told me just go to the old one (the same school but how it was in the past) in my waking life there isn’t an old school of my current school. Which means that going back to the old one, was going back to how it used to be or feel cause it no longer feels the same it did back then. I walked to my house in the dream but taking the way to my old house which is… Read more »

1 year ago

I wish

joe mike bail
joe mike bail
1 year ago

wow that was weird