Dreaming About Celebrities

Did you know that dreaming of a celebrity is one of the most common dreams people tend to experience. In fact hundreds of thousands of people a month search google to find out the meaning behind celebrity dreams.

Evidently enough these types of dreams are often quite vivid, the feeling when you wake up feels as if you were just hanging out with someone famous. You might even have felt your own connection or personal bond together. So what do these dreams actually mean?

Celebrity’s that appear in our dreams represent own desires to be noticed, or relating to your own unacknowledged potential that needs to be explored within. The specific celebrity that appears in your dream contains hidden elements that alternatively are found within the dreamer.

Celebrity Dreams

In order to understand the meaning behind your dream you will need to break down the specific characteristics of the celebrity and what they mean to you. If two people dream of Will Smith for example, both of their interpretations would be entirely different.

8 Dream Symbols You Should Never Ignore

This is because nobody shares the same experiences, feelings towards particular actors, and dreams. One might view Will Smith as the funny kid from Fresh Prince, while another might see him as his character smooth, sexy, rich guy played in Bad Boys.

Questioning what are they known for and what they mean to you? Check out some of their personal attributes that might apply to what is missing in your life.

  • comedian
  • intelligent
  • singer
  • sexy
  • tough
  • mysterious
  • romantic
  • artistic
  • powerful/status

Celebrity Dreams: Your Hidden Qualities

According to analytical psychologist Sigmund Freud he suggests that these types of dreams could be a projection. These are not just celebrities but images of what you truly want to become as it lacks within.

In essence you will be projecting your thoughts, motivations, desires and feelings that are not accepted within, thus being placed in the outside world. If we use Uma Thurman for example from box office hit Kill Bill, she represents a strong independent women that take no sh*t. When she wakes up, she sets out to seek revenge on Bill and his associates.

If you lack the qualities that the celebrities possesses then the dream might be a projection. Uma Thurman’s example can be a reflection of someone who is agreeable and a need to stand up against the bad forces.

Kissing A Celebrity Dream Meaning

Interestingly enough most celebrity dream encounters revolve around sexual romances, hugging and kissing. In fact these specific types of dreams seem to connect to some underlying connection you have with this celebrity. But what could this be exactly?

Sure kissing a celebrity could be a wishful fantasy or desire but that might not be the case for all dreamers. In dreams kissing usually has nothing to do with an expression of admiration but an unconscious connection, a unification of hidden energies that reside within. We can view the kiss metaphorically as the merging of the opposite side of you – the masculine trait’s within the feminine or vice versa.

Find out why kissing is symbolic in dreams.

These are positive dream symbols that suggest a bridge or unity between the masculine and feminine energy within. The type of celebrity disposition would suggest what unconscious qualities you have integrated within. Experiencing a same sex kiss will be a reflection of merging with your own self image.

Friends With A Celebrity Dream

Another common dream hanging out or being friends with a celebrity. However this dream might not be so easy to translate as it has multiple translations.

You will have to decipher if this dream is a wishful fantasy, a craving for attention and notification of others; or reflecting advancement in your life. Starting new jobs or possibly advancing quickly to become noticed might be reflected on this famous person.

Taking Photos With A Celebrity Dream

This is an interesting dream symbol that is very common these days. If you are taking photos with a celebrity suggests you are trying to capture something that is important to you.

These dreams are often metaphoric for memories and images that will never be forgotten. The famous person might be metaphoric to a particular time or situation in your life you never want to forget.

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3 months ago

i use to see elvis when i was younger it turned out to be that perhap in some way the message was a connection with him in that i was facinng similar issues as he had faced .At the time i did not see the problem its only after a few year later it dawned on me Elvis had a solution if you examine his life for a better or more acceptable and honorable way live. Then again you could say no one is good eccept for GOD .

Steve Smith
Steve Smith
4 months ago

Great article. I used to dream of Demi Moore I used to have a crush on her ever since I saw her in the movie Ghost. My wife today looks like her and has similar qualities. After I married her the dreams stopped.