Did Your Dream Come True The Next Day?

Did your dream come true the next day after you had it? Maybe it took longer like a week or a year.

When it seems like your dream predicted the future or somehow viewed it, we understand you want answers.

Did Your Dreams Come True The Next Day?

The big question here is do our dreams really predict the future?

Did you know that hundreds of thousands of dreamers  search the web every month to find answers why they are dreaming about something that happened the next day. One of the most famous reports was Abraham Lincoln was dreaming of his assignation 10 days before he was shot and killed.

Can we just chalk this down to some sort of our minds having a so called “glitch in the matrix” – or – is it possible humans have the capability to tap into this grid that determines what will unfold in the future. If the second one is true why haven’t we explored the possibility of this paranormal phenomena?

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Well it turns out we have to wait on hand and foot for science to catch up we might be missing out on one of the greatest human discoveries of our life time. Just image if we can actually prove that dreams predict the future. Perhaps you have a untapped gift that is waiting to be explored. But how is this possible?

Psychic Dreams: Science Vs You

If this was in the court of law you would be found guilty every single time. I mean who is really going to believe you had a dream that predicted the future? Where is your proof?

Future dreams or what is known to be called “precognition” or “prophetic” dreams which is the ability or future sight, is a claimed psychic ability to see events in the future. However science dismisses every single claim calling it a pseudoscience – a system of theories, assumptions, and methods erroneously regarded as scientific.

Many scientists stand firmly on the position that dreaming probably has no function, or if it did it actually connects to our emotions. Maybe they are right in some cases but what does that say about the dream you just predicted occurring the next day?

Analytical psychologist Carl Jung Jung saw dreams as the psyche’s attempt to communicate important things to the individual via symbols though the unconscious – perhaps most dream are psychic in nature that is being dictated by your own unconscious.  He valued dreams as something we should use to know what is really going on behind the scenes.

Did You Have A Dream That Happened The Next Day?

Generally psychic dreams tend to be on some sort of a spectrum, a mix between insignificant daily occurrence or a powerful vision or warning picking up on natural disasters or worse yet death. This range can vary from dreaming of meeting someone in your dream then seeing them in your waking life, or maybe your dead mother is giving you a warning.

Fun Fact: Did you know boxer Sugar Ray begged not to fight his opponent as he dreamt of killing him the day before. He never listen to his gut and ended up killing him in the ring.

People who dream of events that might be occurring in the near future might be tapping into a source others cannot, cough cough! “Scientists”. Maybe your antenna or receiver seems to be more attuned then the average person. Is this more than just your imagination or something else much deeper is taking place as you rest your head on the pillow.

Dreamers who actively engage with a dream journal commonly attest that their dream are more than dreams, though this isn’t something that is always 100% correct but a jumble of images you would need to sort though.

It seems that the unconscious communicates with us by using metaphors, idioms, symbols and archetypical images to give us a head up on what’s to come. This forgotten unused language is not fully understood until on actively engages in it, the only way to understand its blueprint would be for you to remember your dreams.

Vivid Dreams That Are Coming True The Next Day

Psychic dreams tend to be more vivid than other dreams, in fact you might be able to recall every single detail as if happened yesterday. The contents of your dream seem to be sharper as the symbols that appear have meaning and significance. We are not talking about your average dream, you might even wake up feeling drained as if you worked out in the middle of the night.

These dreams tend to happen in the early morning or during the rapid eye movement cycle REM during certain hours of the night.

Do Dreams Come True If You Remember Them?

In short yes. But this doesn’t apply to just everyone. Once you understand the pattern you will notice it is specifically designed for you and only you. The symbols that appear will emerge time and time again offering you the same warning or green light how to approach what is to come and how to deal with it. Like most languages it has to be learned and applied to your life.

How To Remember Your Dreams?

The benefits of remembering your dreams increases your chances of receiving messages for events to unfold in the future.

How To Stop Dreams That Come True

Many people don’t want to know when bad things happen in the future but love when they dream of something positive that manifests in the near future. If you naturally want to stop dreams that come true just don’t try and remember it in the morning, do you very best to think of something else as you only have 1 minute to recall your dreams.

We suggest that you let things naturally unfold by itself and let go. Trust in what is to come as it was already set in stone anyway.

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4 months ago

I dreamed that someone was crushed underneath a tree. I woke up the next morning turned on the news and someone indeed had been crushed underneath a tree

Abigail B
Abigail B
5 months ago

I keep having dreams that will come true the next day. Sometimes, it amazes me what my dreams are. It’s like a lot for me to take in. It started happening a couple of months ago. Then a few days after, it hits me.

6 months ago

I’ve had many circumstances of this happening, whether it be dreaming like a deja vu, or something brief that will happen. I once had a dream about exactly what happened in real life and happened the next day. My teacher was holding a green cup and pouring water into a beaker. I told her about how I had already seen her do this, and she thought I was just a kid being a kid. I recently had a dream I was at a party and my boyfriend (now my ex) came up to me and said that he couldn’t do… Read more »

7 months ago

I had a dream recently that I was in the kitchen and saw a false black widow spider crawling towards me on the counter. A few days later I saw the same spider in real life in the same place and it dashed under the countertop. I’d not looked at a false widow spider to know that’s what it was, in the dream I just knew that’s what it was. So, I looked it up and it had the same markings as in my dream. Today, I was sitting in the living room and the spider was crawling on my… Read more »

1 year ago

My family and I were on our way back home from a 2 hour drive but our dog jumped out somewhere along the way and we couldnt find him. We searched all day until it got dark and we had to go to sleep and we would continue the search the next day. That night I had a dream that I got up and left to go find him, and I found him under a tree on a little hill with a big cut on his front left leg, so then I took him home after and we wrapped up… Read more »

2 years ago

I dreamed of my sons death before it happened. It was the MOST VIVID dream (nightmare) I have ever had. I dreamed I got a phone call at work and was told Noah was in a bad car crash, he only had a few minutes left if I wanted to say my good byes. I was panicking in my dream trying to leave work, but my boss would not let me due to how upset I was. I woke up in a full blown panic howling in tears and could not catch my breathe. It was a good 15 mins… Read more »

2 years ago

I’m not sure if it came true. My dream was very brief. It was my father (or a shadow of who I thought was my father) and all he did was tell me that [my children’s father] was dead. In my waking state, about an hour later I saw his girlfriend who told me that someone told her he was dead. (The reason why we don’t know was because he got deported and lost communication with us. It may seem dumb to still think he may be alive, but without a definite answer, it’s hard not to hold on to… Read more »

Reply to  The Dreamer
2 years ago

If I’m being honest with myself, it could give meaning of all three. The first is of course the hardest to accept because it is hard to believe.