Dreams About Smiling

Dreams about smiling are very positive omens that represents an elevation in mood, peace of mind,  love, and new found happiness in your life.

The language in our dreams speaks to us in metaphors and symbols that wants you to know that something is going to make you feel happy.

Dream of someone smiling

Studies have shown that smiling not only released natural endorphins, but a simple smile, genuine or even forced, prompts the brain to produce serotonin, causing positive emotions.

Noticing someone smiling at you in your dream might seem like an overlooked gesture, but this is a powerful symbol that is implying a feeling of bliss is just around the corner.

Remember smiling in a dream is a powerful emotion, and in order to figure out what area of your life that will be stimulated will all depend on who or what is smiling at you.

Common dreams about smiling

  • dreaming of my crush smiling at me
  • dream of someone smiling at me
  • babies smiling
  • little girl smiling
  • smiling man
  • cat, dog and fish smiling dreams
  • husband
  • dead relatives smiling

Spiritual Meaning Of Smiling

Did you know that Smiling is the secret to health and serenity, according to many ancient spiritual traditions. It is known that smiling to others and ourselves is a gift of love. The universal language of a smile speaks straight to the heart, bypassing the intellect and ego. I guess this is why so many people report seeing their dead loved ones smiling at them in their dreams

Why is your crush smiling at you in dreams?

Our crushes tend to smile at us in our dreams for several different reasons. Usually when a crush smiles at you in your dreams it becomes a positive omen that reflects happiness, love, friendliness, appreciation and kindness that will soon unfold.

Depending if you are close or not it might be an indication that a new connection is now merging. Sometimes they may even show up to reflect something else in your life that you are attracted to that would spring new joy.

Someone smiling at you in dream

Noticing a stranger smiling at you in your dream is a positive sign suggesting someone or something is going to make you feel happy. This can be anything in your life from new ventures, relationships, spiritual, or increased inner happiness.

Women who dream of a random man smiling at them could even reflect a new found connection with the masculine energy that resides within them. According to Carl Jung he claimed that the psyche was comprised of both masculine and feminine traits (animus); by making these traits conscious suggests new found balance and happiness in life.

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Babies smiling in dreams

Consider yourself lucky if a baby is smiling at you in your dreams. Babies only emerge when we are going through a particular rebirth, new transitions, inner transformations – a smiling baby in your dream represents delight and excitement related to this new change.

The baby in your dream is communicating with you by showing you new feelings of satisfaction that will emits positive vibrations throughout the body. If you notice a little girl smiling at you it might be linked to a new found connection with your inner child that has now been acknowledged.

Smiling Cat, dog and fish Dreams

If you notice a fish smiling at you in your dream it becomes a positive omen of a new found connection with the spirit or unconscious side of you. You have communicated with one of the most symbolic images known to man; fish in dreams hint towards fertility, growth and spiritual growth that is now positive.

Dreaming of a smiling cat points the dreamer towards the unconscious feminine energy; linked to curiosity, creative, independence, self-confidence, hidden knowledge that has just been found. The cat is communicating positively with you by smiling, it wants to let you know that you have connected or activated this hidden element that was once dormant within.

Dogs that smile at us in our dreams represents the hidden masculine energy; something you have been in search for has now been found. Dog dreams often have to do with the basic instinct towards friendship, loyalty, and protection.