Dreaming of Jewelry

Humans have been enjoyed decorating themselves through the ages. Shark teeth, bones, feathers, flowers and reeds embellished the bodies of our ancestors, all the way to the royal and aristocratic jewels kept under guard in museums today. Wearing pieces of jewelry changes the way we feel and how we see ourselves, thus being a powerful symbol in dreams.

Jewelry contains a wide variety of purposes ranging from wealth and status, sentimental values; as well a representation their faith in God. Jewelry contains a hidden message in dreams often coded metaphorically using emblems, design, and colors that alters the meaning.

This highly symbolic item only appears during specific times in your life. Just as their are many different uses for jewelry, this can apply to dream interpretation as well.  This is not just an expression of ourselves, but your inner richness is being see from the outside.

Jewelry Dream Symbolism:

  • Protection
  • Success and happiness
  • Self expression and vanity
  • Honor, wealth and security
  • Rights of passage
  • Communication

Fun Fact:

The oldest known jewelry ever found is 100,000 year old beads made from Nassarius shells.

Discovering The Inner Treasure

Dreams have a tendency to infuse symbols to bring certain truths to our attention, and in your case charm and attraction. This is a symbol of honor for men, and yet elegance for women, a clue to what might be showing on the surface.

Jewelry in dreams encourages you to explore you inner richness that might be unconscious to the dreamer. We have to think in terms of symmetry, attraction, allurement and artistry.

Remember these expensive items are metaphoric to what has been locked up away from people to see. It only comes out during certain times in our lives. This is a representation of what is now going to be discovered and seen by others.

Law Of Attraction

Over the years of analyzing dreams I noticed jewelry can appear when new events are unfolding. Almost as a precognitive dream that is hinting at new wealth and prosperity to come in the future.

A symbol of attracting something towards you, however this might be unknown for the time being. If you think when you wear jewelry the shine and beauty stands out, this will get people to notice you or possibly your achievements.  Normal is boring, you are standing out to be different than the others around you.

In essence these are clues that  you are doing the right steps in order to bring the right things towards you. If you notice an abundance of jewelry or so happen to be in a jewelry  store it seems to be a positive omen.

Fun Fact:

Did you know that only Americans call it jewelry, while everyone else calls it jewellery.

The Tables Have Turned

Unfortunately jewelry cannot be always such a positive symbol, but often implying vanity. People of higher social status or wealth often own and wear jewelry that is more valuable, a possible projection of what you want to become.

You may even remind yourself how you feel when you wear jewelry, possibly the kinds you cannot afford. You might express importance that shows who you are in this world. Though deep down inside you are not what your jewelry says you are.

Dreams often portray symbols that pick away at your self image and esteem – a need to be noticed and admired. The dream might want you to explore areas in your life that you need to be accepted by others. Do you need to be validated by others?

Dream: Finding Jewelry

If you find jewelry in your dream consider yourself lucky. This can be a consider a very powerful omen that suggests obtaining something of value along your journey called life.

What exactly you found would be metaphoric to what lucky you will receive possibly in the near future. How you found it and the location are clues provided letting you know if this is an internal or external find.

Your dream encourages you to explore the parts of your life that randomly became very valuable. This has come along on your path that might be around for a long time.

Fun Fact:

Did you know in many cultures jewelry is supposed to ward off evil, like the Egyptian ankh or Hamsa.

Gold Jewelry Dream Meaning

The color gold strong resemblance to the sun makes you aware this is not just any random color. Gold is further associated with the wisdom of aging letting you know that your piece of jewelry has value that will last forever.

A symbol that connects to your inner being ‘the self’ representing it richness. Possibly a sign that you will be receiving some luck in the near future. If you are receiving gold in your dream it suggests that someone along you path will obtain wisdom and prosperity.

On the flip side this color can be attributed for magnifying insecurity and vanity. In today’s society we often see gold as the greatest value that someone can possess. Once obtained you might feel a sign of financial wealth but are empty inside.

Gold jewelry might appear in your dream to imply your unconscious needs to show off to other what you possess, or want to. That gold and money make you feel needed and powerful.

You Have Reached Your Limit

Alternately your dream might be implying you have reached your hierarchy limit. According to American psychologist Abraham Maslow came up with the ‘Hierarchy of Needs’ suggesting once you have obtained everything, jewelry is an symbol of your potential.  Your dream might be suggesting that you are at your financial peak and no need to go further.