Dreams about Buying

Think about the feeling anytime you make a new purchase in your life. We feel good right?

Well it turns out anytime we buy items in our dreams it can be considered a rewarding omen suggesting your hard work will now paid off.  Now, it really depends what you buy in your dream in order to fully understand what will benefit you in the future.

Meaning behind buying dreams

Remember you must metaphorically approach what you purchase in your dream as something you have been seeking for a long time. Your dream has now let you know that you will be rewarded soon.

Things we buy in our dreams

  • new clothes or clothes for someone
  • house or car
  • fish
  • medicine
  • new shoes
  • food, chocolate or groceries
  • food stuff in the market

Spiritual meaning of buying in our dreams

Whatever we buy in our dreams will contain spiritual nourishes an new found idea, behaviour, or situation in our lives. By taking in something of value always benefits the dreamer later on down the road. Though in most case you wouldn’t really understand the true significance until weeks or months down the road.

Buying a fish in your dream contains more of a symbolic meaning above any other symbols due to its close connection the spirit. In Christian symbology, the FISH is related to Christ; a symbol that suggests nourishing the sacred part of you. Buying a fish in your dream from a Christian standpoint will show your new connection with God or the Self.  In psychology, water symbolizes the depths of the unconscious, and the fish become a messenger that points towards new growth and fertility.

Buying clothes in your dream

Clothes are symbolic images that attach to a part of our identity, protection and what we metaphorically display in front of others. In your dream you have been in search for something, a symbol that can be displayed in a mall or store, suggesting you will obtain something new.

Due to the fact that clothes are often connected to how we are perceived in this world, buying new clothes in our dream represents a change of character for the better. To dream of buying old clothes suggests going back to your old ways; a symbol that can benefit or go against depending the past. If you are buying clothes for someone in your dream it represents helping close friends or family change their image or identity for the better.

If you are buying shoes in your dream it implies being more grounded, protected and more stable in your life

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Why we buy cars in our dreams?

Buying a new car in your dream is a positive omen that suggests you will metaphorically achieve a new powerful drive that will help you along your life’s path. Cars that appear in our dreams actually helps the dreamer figure out what the future might hold. Depending the type of car, color and location become very significant clues. Buying a used car in your dream tells you about smart choices in your life that will benefit you in the near future.

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Dreaming of buying a house?

Houses in dreams often connect the person to the psyche/mind or inner architecture, so buying a house in our dream suggests a complete transformation or shift in your life. These are positive dream symbols that suggests you will undergo a major change for the better.

Are you buying food in your dream?

In most all cases whenever we notice food in our dreams it points towards nourishing something that was once unknown to us. Buying food in our dream is a positive dream symbol that represents new found energy, mind, body and soul nourishement and vitality.

To dream of buying chocolate suggests you will reward yourself of the simple pleasures you deserve. Alternatively, chocolate brings us back to our childhood that might represent nourishing our own inner child.

If you are buying medicine in your dream it suggests that you are in search for inner healing. The type of medicine will direct you to the organ that would be responsible for you emotional state.