Buying A Car In Your Dreams

Did you know that cars are one of the most common dream symbols people tend to experience. Google average monthly searches on ‘car dreams’ range close to millions, and this is not including people who forgot their dreams.

Cars can be considered highly symbolic mirroring your own personal drive, movement, control, and often predicts the future. Keep in mind your mood and type of car in the dream.

Is the car in your dream really your own personal car? This is not the case as the language of dreams speak to us in symbols and metaphors. In essence the car is the whole embodiment of your ‘self’ or ‘ego’ that relates to the world around you.

Becoming Reality:

  • happy
  • excited
  • new or used
  • materialistic possession
  • fast
  • new opportunities

Dreaming Of Buying A Car

How happy does it make you when you buy a new car? Dreaming of buying a new car is a very positive dream symbol that reflects something new and exciting unfolding in your life.

If we think in metaphors you are handed a key to start this new beauty so you can look and feel good around others. Keys in dreams are known to be symbols of opening new doors and closing others; gaining access to material or spiritual nature that might be unconscious to the dreamer.

You may not have noticed in your previous dreams you might have been working hard to obtain something new. When you think about buying a car it is often a well thought out decision, this would reflect studying your options. You may want to explore the areas in your life were you are doing research to obtain something.

How To Interpret Your Car Dream

When the unconscious sends us messages it is often though minor details you would normally overlook. You can examine the purpose of the car, color, type of car and the name. Let’s say for example the car was a red Ferrari Testarossa.  Red in this context can be a color of passion, life force and aggressively fast.

Next you would want to explore the type of vehicle and how it reflects your current drive at the moment. A sports car will bring your attention to a fast or speedy driving unfolding. Alternatively, the road would be considered what is to come in the future.

The name of the car would be a clue that needs to be broken down. In this case the name Ferrari Testarossa can be broken down to see if their is a clue hidden. We know that the word ‘test’ appears, in this case you might pass the test that will get you to the next stage.

Buying A Used Car

Buying a used car can be just as symbolic as a new car, sometimes better. A used car would be a symbol of going into a new drive that has been previously owned; or what you may have done in the past.

The condition of the car and how you feel when you get it will be clues that will help you decode the dream. Regardless this new drive in your life might need some work or adjustment but its going to take you were you need to go.