Dreaming Of A Jaguar

If you stumbled upon a Jaguar in your dreams consider yourself lucky.

Traditionally, the Jaguar in our dreams represents power, ferocity and wisdom as well as protection from evil. But there is many other hidden aspects of the Jaguar that other websites seem to overlook.

It seems the ancient Mayans understood the true meaning behind Jaguar; a compelling symbol that is connected to the king of the Underworld, and to represent both light and darkness forces. But how does this have anything to do with the Jaguar in your dreams?

Well it turns out that when the Mayans spoke about light and darkness it has a similar connection between your inner and outer worlds, or what we would consider the unconscious conscious awareness. The Jaguar In Your Dream becomes a messenger or guide that will lead you towards something so rare it is hardly even noticed within you. Something unknown yet dynamitic has now entered your field of awareness.

Jaguar Dream Meaning

Do not be alarmed if the Jaguar in your dream if you fight it, attacks or even chases you since they are known to behave in this manner; a symbol that manifests when the dreamer either resists its true nature. Due to its raw feminine energy it would still be a good idea to reflect on any feminine force that has power over you. In fact, this could even be your own unconscous feminine or YIN energy that is out of balance.

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Though, the ones who are in accordance with this new found power or unconscous energy will notice the Jaguar presence or behaviour in your dream. Even though the Jaguar still might intimate the dreamer they come as a messenger. I guess this why it’s less aggressive and less powerful family member, the LEOPARD seems to appear more playful than the Jaguar.

Jaguar Spiritual Symbolism

  • known to camouflage or hide from the dreamer until found
  • new found traits relating to mental power, ferocity, and valor
  • connection with the unconscious or feminine energy
  • its aggressive tendency links towards SHADOW side of the dreamer
  • spiritual awakening, vision related to the THIRD EYE
  • heightened instincts and intuition

Jaguar Dreams: The Power Within

This fierce animal is a force not to be reckoned with, jaguar is the Native American word for “He who kills with one blow“.  To properly interpret what the jaguar means in your dream we will need to explore the mythological texts, characteristics and the context of your dream.

Since the Jaguar has the most powerful bites in all of the feline family it tells the dreamer about the new found strength one has now activated within.

Seeing how the Jaguar is known to be a nocturnal hunter it will links towards your feminine energy, mother EARTH, or the dynamic force of YIN energy. A symbol that tells you that this new found power must be taking with responsibility and not to abuse it.

Dreaming Of The Jaguar Meaning

If you noticed a gold and blacked spotted Jaguar in your dreams you are in for a surprise. Gold in dreams is known to be connected to the GODS or the masculine YANG energy – the Jaguar is the feminine that balances these inner forces for you to become complete.

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People who dream of a Black Jaguar suggests this is a powerful omen of hidden talents, traits or the shadow side that has now been found. The black color of the Jaguar in your dreams lets you know that this is a rare find that is often impossible to see with your normal senses. A symbols that pulls more towards psychic awareness and intuition.

Dreaming about a baby Jaguar or Cub symbolize new found wisdom, power and awareness that will soon develop within you. All you need to do is feed it by pay attention to this inner gift.

Fighting The Jaguar In Dreams

In most cases, unless you have a strong overpowering and dominating feminine force in your life, the Jaguar appears more related to overcoming our fears in life.

If you are running away or chased by a Jaguar in your dreams it represents your inability to face your own fears and overcoming these forces in your life. The Jaguar is trying to help you become more aggressive and stand up against these people, urges, behaviors or instincts that are not balanced.

Though fighting a Jaguar in your dream contains both positive and negative elements to to it. First, you can observe fighting the Jaguar as related to your own shadow, feminine forces, urges, emotions that you are battling. Alternatively, by fighting the Jaguar might suggest you are resisting these feminine traits that belong to you.

The jaguar known for their powerful bite encourages you to develop ‘teeth’, or become less agreeable. You might be showing signs of weakness and need to develop tougher skills to navigate in life.

  • needs to be noticed (spotted)
  • catty behaviors
  • emotionally troubled (if aggressive or attacks)
  • protective nature
  • energies blocked or not balanced

Jaguar Biblical Meaning In Dreams

Many people search online for the Biblical meaning of the Jaguar but there isn’t any account of them being mentioned. However, what is mentioned is the LEOPARD; being in the same family they are known to be symbols relating to an inability to change ones being.

In Jeremiah 13:23Can the Ethiopian change his skin or the leopard his spots? Then also you can do good who are accustomed to do evil.” If this was the case one might even look at the Biblical meaning of the Jaguar in your dream would represent good overcoming evil.

Understanding The Jaguar

Jaguar are mainly found in South and Central America, from Mexico to northern Argentina. It dwells in the dark mysterious dense rain FOREST reflecting the unknown or unconscious parts of the dreamer. Like the wild masculine or WOLF, the Jaguar becomes the powerful feminine opposite that encourages the dreamer to integrate these unknown parts about them.

They are often seen in close proximity to bodies of water such as swampland’s and wetlands, alternatively bridging the dreamer to their emotions that are not understood. These skillful hunters emerge in your dream during specific times in your life – it’s behavior determines if there is distortion or hidden problems with the feminine.

Jaguar Dreams & The Shadow

The jaguar wants you to explore what might be hidden within; unknown characteristics that you possess that has potential to attack – or – containing skills that help you navigate in your life.

The dark color of the ‘black panther’ also connects you to the shadow archetype wanting to be noticed. If this ferocious animal poses a threat you may want to explore your feminine behaviors or urges that are often unconscious – or threats that surround your environment. Aggressive in nature with the ability to pounce on unsuspecting prey before they have any idea what is going on.

  • attacking
  • fearful
  • aggressive

Fearless animals that have the ability to take on animals five times their size. A representation to embody the aggressive attributes that it possess and integrate it in your life as it will serve a purpose.

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8 hours ago

I had a dream that I went home and our house was in a normal neighborhood in the suburbs/city. Our house was at a higher elevation and through the window, we can see neighborhoods that were at a lower elevation and they were very flooded. I began to pack my things because my grandma told me to while my grandma was looking out the window. She told me to come take a look at something and as she said that, dirt began to flood our house through the window then it stopped. Then I remember very turquoise, clear blue water… Read more »

4 days ago

I had a dream last night of a spotted jaguar,/leopard. It was by a dogwood tree that is in the front yard of my old home, a home I miss so much. But this jaguar was injured,, I wanted to help it,, but feared it might attack me.. After I woke up I realized I have dreamt of that jaguar before and it was injured in that dream too.. I wonder what this means.

Reply to  The Dreamer
3 days ago

Interesting analysis.

1 month ago

 keep having these reoccurring dreams about a black panther. At first it would just lurk around my house and i would admire it’s beauty but also be scared cause like what a panther outside my house! The black panther wouldn’t do anything just explore the woods behind my house but i could always see where it was. But then tonight I just woke up the panther became aggressive came to my fenced back porch ( where the woods are) and attacked my pet cat. I tried to save her but the panther swallowed her whole and it was terrifying and… Read more »

Reply to  The Dreamer
4 days ago

I think the panther symbolizes something you desire in life, it is something you can get but you fear it for some reason, you really want it but you also fear getting it. And your cat being taken and killed by the panther is you fearing if you get the thing you desire you will lose something very important to you in the process, or that whatever you get will take away a part of you. People do have a fear of success