Dreams About Jumping

Jumping in your dreams is a very stimulating experience that often leaves the dreamer feeling rejuvenated in the morning.

Other dream interpretation sites explain jumping in dreams as merely as a symbol of overcoming obstacles in your life.  I am sure this is true to a certain extent, but they have actually missed the true symbolic meaning on why we jump in our dreams.

Jumping In Our Dreams mainly consist of leaping over buildings, water, reptiles, walls, and sometimes if we get high enough we may even float in the air. Due to its close association with flying, jumping in our dreams often leads to new advancements, breakthroughs, spiritual ascension and overcoming major challenges that once hindered us in the past.

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The true meaning behind jumping in our dreams

Since our dreams often communicate with us in metaphors we must approach the symbol of “jumping ” relating to the things that we are overcoming in our lives.

Because you are not technically flying and being pulled down by gravity it becomes an indication not to give up on your goals, and with a little more patience you will soon achieve it.

If or when you obtain this goal in your life your dream will tell you this by allowing you to fly like superman for a night. These lucid dreams appear only when the dreamer has reached this new found freedom and is now ready to transition.

Dream of jumping high and floating

Did you know that floating in our dreams is closely associated with the outer body experience O.B.E and astral projection. Floating is sort of like the middle way between this major transition; Floating In Dreams is often linked to spiritual ascension or an increased of psychic abilities.

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The mere fact that you ran and leaped in the air only to float tells you something that can’t really be defined as a dream symbol but something relating to a transitional shift, confidence, success, and happiness for the dreamer.

Dream of jumping high meaning

Some dreamers experience vivid dreams of jumping high in the air as if gravity doesn’t exist. Jumping high in your dream represents new realizations, accomplishment and spiritual awareness. Depending if you are scared or find this dream exhilarating implies how you will feel when this shift occurs.

Running and jumping dream meaning

Running can be related to your movements or speed of achieving your goals. By running and jumping in your dream it becomes a positive symbol that represents new found confidence, going with the flow and letting go of the past. If you are running and trying to jump high in your dream suggests you will get there soon.

Jumping off a building dream meaning

Buildings in our dream are symbolic in the sense they appear to be related to things we metaphorically build in our lives; a sub construct (mind/psyche) relating to principles, relationships, beliefs. Jumping from a building in your dream represents leaving this aspect of your life.  This dream can be both good or bad depending what you are leaving.

Jumping Dreams

If you are jumping into water or the sea suggests that you will take a chance and submerge yourself with the emotional unconscious part of you.

Jumping off of a cliff and surviving in your dream is a positive symbol that suggests the challenge you were facing will no longer be an issue.

If you dream of jumping a fence it tells you about decisions in your life that once you were on the fence about. By jumping over the fence is a symbolic image that tells you that progression is just around the corner.

Dreaming of jumping over a snake suggests you will avoid a dangerous situation or person that is venomous. Depending the type of snake will alter the meaning; see snake dreams in the search bar for more information.

Dreaming of jumping out of a plane represents aborted plans and changes in your path. Alternatively, jumping out of a plane might in fact be related to taking risks and enjoying big chances in your life.

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2 months ago

I just woke out of a scary dream. I was laying on a platform in a bathing suit comfortable. There were people around me. I remember feeling good. It was a dark place, a lot of browns, metal.like, almost like a train station without train or tracks. I then jumped from a narrow platform. There were 3 of them lined up parallel and in between each there was a dark pit. I jumped to one side and made it safe. When I got to the other side my cat came toward me and I knew he wouldn’t make the next… Read more »

1 year ago

Hi , can you help me please. I dream that I am jumping high and higher. Then i suddenly understand that oh shit this was tooo higher than normal. Then I loose my control and feel like falling and think about what Will happen … . I don’t remember exactly what happened next but I think i fall and wake up or sometimes i got rejumped higher again or sometimes got hurt. Sorry for my non-English English. I’m not native.

Adam C Savage
Adam C Savage
Reply to  Mohamad
6 months ago

I have this same dream all the time, I’m rooting so I can see the replies.

Reply to  Mohamad
2 months ago

I feel that way sometimes. That I’ve gone too high. But I usually find myself landing on a tree or building. And if I do go back to the ground I seem to slow down before I land on my feet.

1 year ago

Nice! That really helps!