Jellyfish Dreams

What does it mean if you see a jellyfish in your dream?

Since Jellyfish are the oldest multi-organ animal it tells you how symbolic they are in our dreams.

Because their body is 95% water, they are perfectly camouflaged they become connected to our emotional state, however this is often hidden from the dreamer. If you were stung by a jellyfish in your dream it represents past pain and discomfort.

Though, for the most part dreaming of jellyfish are positive omens as they are messengers from the depths of your unconscious. They encourage the dreamer to explore to deeper layers of their emotions as it would lead them to happiness.

Spiritual meaning of jellyfish dreams

Jellyfish in dreams represents your natural flow and movement in your life. Spiritually speaking the jellyfish hints at immorality or eternal life since some are technically immortal.

Alternatively, The jellyfish might be reflecting painful memories that are emerging from your unconscious. Because they lack brains it tells you to use logic to get to your feelings of inadequacy and low self worth.

Jellyfish Symbolism In Dreams

  • symbolic of flow
  • survival
  • instinct
  • messages from the underworld
  • movement
  • simplicity
  • emotions coming to the surface

Dream of flying jellyfish

Once the jellyfish are flying in the air in your dream it becomes an important message that has risen from the depths of your unconsciousness into your field of awareness. They encourage the dreamer to explore what is hidden underneath the layer of emotions the present to others in society.

Biblical meaning of jellyfish

In the bible jellyfish are not really mentioned, however it was known to have stung Solomon. Jellyfish are symbolic in the bible for faith, devotion and favor, experiencing a breakthrough.