Dreaming of Your Enemy

Life wouldn’t be complete if we didn’t have people who we are actively opposed or hostile towards. Enemies are people that we have interacted with in the past, or even had a relationship with them until some unfortunate event happened.

Enemies can be relatives, coworker, employee, boss, partner, acquaintance, old friends or schoolmates. These people may have embarrassed, betrayed, let down, cheated, used, or disrespected you.

Your worst enemy could be your best friend and your best friend your worst enemy.” – Bob Marley

They enter our dreams for one specifically reason. To make us happy. Your dream uses your ‘enemy‘ as a manifestation of unconscious feelings that hold you back becoming a better person. In essence by holding on to what they did to you in the past waters the weeds in the dark parts of your mind.

Your dream can determine if you still harbor these feelings, or you have accepted and moved on.

Enemy Dream Interpretation:

  • wanting you to let go of your past
  • accept and forgive
  • not to be angry
  • learn to love them
  • release pent up emotions
  • show love and compassion
  • display similar qualities

Enemy Dream Meaning

Enemies can be considered our teachers as opposed to a hostile force in our lives. In essence your dream wants you to focus on the real enemy: Your Ego. You might not be able to fix the past but you can fix the present by changing how you think. By loving our enemies we can heal our past hurt and live a healthier life. The Buddha and Jesus heavily emphasized the importance of forgiveness.

Dreams often communicate with us using metaphors or symbols to show us what is really behind the curtain. It is often our fears, projections, limited beliefs or agreeableness that is masked as your enemy in your dream. The main objective is recognizing these unconscious traits that are inherit within.

Your enemy will lose it’s power in your life once you show compassion towards yourself. Alternatively once you do this you will become more empowered, energized and strong.

Dreaming The Enemy Inside My House

Noticing an enemy in your house is quite common because a house represents our mind. The mirror the uninvited thoughts and feelings you may have towards this person. These dreams suggest you haven’t resolved the inner conflict or still trying to process the negative emotions of the past.

Positive Interactions With The Enemy

When your enemy and you see eye to eye these are very positive dream symbol that show progress. Does this mean you will be best friends again? Not necessarily  rather you have accepted the past for what it is and have moved on. Your dream is giving you a hint you have matured and let go.

They might even offer you money in your dream. Money is often a symbol of power, self worth, richness and gain. Metaphorically speaking your dream is indicating you will benefit from this past interaction. They offer you something other people don’t. What could that be?

Noticing your enemy pregnant is a positive dream omen that suggest a rebirth and growth in your life. It might be possible that you are picking up on changes in their personality for the better.

If you notice your enemy crying it implies a release of emotions, vulnerability and grief. Maybe you see this person for who they really are and they are unable to help it.