Crying In Dreams

Did you know that the latest research into crying suggests it becomes highly effective at personal healing and improving moods.

Crying in dreams is a positive symbol that becomes an unconscious release of pent up feelings and emotions that have been held deep within. Usually when these feelings reach a boiling point it is often displayed in your dream with a burst of tears flowing from your eyes. Crying in dreams are positive dream symbols that represents a cleansing, forgiveness and old feelings being washed away.

Why Death Is A Good Symbol In Our Dreams

These vivid dreams are commonly known to make the dreamer feel relived upon waking as they have just released something held within. However based on your location and who you might be crying around may alter the meaning of your dream.

Crying In Dreams

Dreams has a tendency to pull out feelings that might be hard to express on the surface. Enduring large amounts of prolonged pressure from your relationship, physical or emotional issues, a death, or unresolved past pain. Everyone has their breaking point as crying in your dream makes room for healing and moving on.

  • Stress or anxiety
  • Anger and frustration
  • Depression 
  • Trying to cope 
  • A cry for help 
  • Pain 
  • Ending of a relationship

Benefits Of Crying Dreams

During difficult times in our lives we tend to put on a brave face; mask feelings for other not too see at it shows weakness. However deep down we represses these unexpressed feelings and they hide deep in our unconscious. Crying is an unconscious release as you might not be able to do so in your daily life.

These dreams are very beneficial as they help relieve unconscious pain i addition to being self soothing and releasing endorphins. You will feel almost rejuvenated when you wake up from sleep

  • Enhances Mood
  • Promotes well being 
  • Crying toxins release stress
  • Self soothing
  • Rejuvenates 

Types Of Crying Dreams

Dreams of crying and screaming brings your focus on not being able to get your emotions heard. Yelling and screaming is a cry or a call for help as you are frustrated within.

Dreams of death and crying could be related to a recent death to someone known to you. These dreams bring comfort in dark times; they are self soothing dreams.  Death sometimes appears as a metaphor, a rebirth as the old is no longer there. You may be expressing feelings of how things used to be.

When you notice a baby crying in your dream it could be a call to rescue the inner child. When a baby cries it actually helps them sleep better, this is a cry for help, a need for integration. This dream might also be a metaphor for stop being a cry baby.

Dreaming of crying at a funeral suggests sadness and grief if you are mourning the death of a loved one. However if the person is still alive it brings your attention to acceptance of new beginnings and change. There might be a resistance that is stopping you from moving forward.

Dreams of hugging and crying are positive dreams that show you that help will be assisting you during this time. Dreams of begging and crying is a need or a cry for help. You are needing something from others to survive.

Heart Broken:

Crying is part of the territory when it comes to letting out these sad feelings. You may have broken up recently and these feelings are still very sensitive and this is your grieving process. These are positive dreams expressing feelings that might be hard to get out in your daily life. Breaking down in tears helps you move on and accept what is lost.

Death and Crying:

Crying in your dreams after a death is very common. This is your way of expressing the pain and hurt that you are feeling at the moment. Death is a part of life, however it may effect us on many different levels. Crying will act as a coping mechanism to help heal you as time goes on.

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3 years ago

My mother had passed around 1yr ago I growing up like most kids was to busy to spend time outside with friends ect after she passed I never dealt with it I didn’t want to believe it I wanted the time I don’t get to say by I love u well I went to sleep and early morning my husband is shacking me saying my name to wake me because I was crying he woke up to hearing me crying and when I came to and woke up I was crying still tears were falling n I was really crying… Read more »

Amy Ragobar
Amy Ragobar
4 years ago

I cry in my dream when it has to do with my ex boyfriend. We dated for years and we ended up falling apart from on another. I am still not over him and every time I see him in my dreams I cry and cry telling him how much I miss being with him. He would hold me in his arms and rub my head (like he used to do) and tell me everything will be just fine.