Island Dream Meaning

Are You Dreaming Of An Island?

An island is defined as a piece of land surrounded by water that is isolated, detached, or surrounded in some way.

In our dreams water is one of the most symbolic images that directs the dreamer towards their emotional state of mind. Due to the geographic location the island in our dream belongs to the hidden or unconscous part of the dreamer.

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Symbolic Meaning Of Island Dreams

The Island In Your Dream represents a part of what is hidden part of yourself that is emotional detached and still remains isolated. Depending on the type of island, for example, if this was a tropical island it would represents the safe place you go to when you are feeling overwhelmed in this world. Though the island in your dream becomes a powerful omen that bridges the conscious part of the dreamer to the unconscous part.

According to Swiss psychiatrist and psychoanalyst Carl Jung suggested that the island might be related to your individual being or awareness ,while the vast depths of the ocean belongs to the “collective consciousness” shared by humanity. If this is the case than the island in your dream encourages the dreamer to explore the hidden depths of what is unknown from them.

In our Dreams The Island wants you to connect to its source so you are not so disconnected or trying to escape reality. Keep in mind when people are overworked and need a vacation, islands in dreams tends to make its appearance.

Symbolic Meaning Of An Island In Dreams 

  • a longing for warmth
  • self awareness
  • fortress or protection
  • loneliness or trapped
  • emotional isolation
  • a hidden private oasis contained within
  • sand – time wasted or not much growth

Island Dream Meaning

Dreaming of a Desert Island represents the uninhabited parts of your mind that needs to be explored. This would be reflected on the lack of growth or life on this small space. Though its direct contact with the SUN tells the dreamer about the connection between the masculine (sun) and the unconscous feminine (water) – the yin & yang balance for harmony and balance.

If you dream of a Tropical Island it is a positive omen that suggests warmth, relaxation and protection from a turbulent mind/society. The island becomes a private zone you have gained access to for peace of mind.

Swimming to an Island in your dream represents safety and relaxation from an emotional struggle.  Alternatively, this dream could be hinting at your need to escape or keep afloat of your emotions. If you dream about islands and you go to them it becomes a positive symbol of achieving our goals.

If you are dreaming of an island with a river flowing it becomes a very symbolic image of balance of your emotional energies, free flowing, and grounding with earth elements.

If you dream of being on an island with someone it suggests that you have a friend or guide that will work along your side.

Island Dreams: Being Stranded

Depending how the island appears in your dream the meaning has a tendency to alter. The dreamer would have to decide based off of the feelings and emotions expressed on the island if this would be a positive omen. Sometimes island dreams appear in a negative way to the dreamer such as being stranded that represents repressed feelings of being alone or left to fend for yourself.

Being stranded in your dream suggests you are crying out for help but are unable to find anybody who can assist you.

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1 year ago

I keep having recurring dreams of being on the beach but they always change slightly. Sometimes i’m going to a bigger version of my school on the island or i’m on the sand with other people I sometimes recognize. My most recent dream I was getting chased on the island. One part I remember that stood out to me was I was on a big cliff in front of the ocean. I remember being tired from being chased so I think i slept/fell asleep. I remember “waking up” to hear water threading and I knew in my head it was… Read more »