Beach Dream Meaning

You might have woken up from being on a beach in your dreams and wondered what was all this about.

Well the answer to the meaning of your beach dream could be a simple answer as a need to relax in your life or something more complex.

What Do Beaches Symbolize In Dreams

You see dreams like to use specific symbols for you to connect the dots and once you break down the depths of the Ocean, Sand and Sun you have a very symbolic dream on your hands.

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Beach Dream Symbolism

  • connection of two opposing energies
  • warmth and relaxation
  • emerges when you are overworked
  • fun, peace and pleasure
  • bridge between the conscious and emotional unconsciousness

Is it good to see water in dreams?

Water is one of the most common dream symbols yet not many people understand it’s true meaning. Essentially, water connects to your emotional life, however because of the oceans depths it wants you to examine what lies beneath what you cannot see.

The symbolic nature of WATER will morph depending on your current emotional state towards a particular area in your life. For example, people who dream of large waves or tsunamis suggests that there is an unconscous emotional disturbance (mind/psyche) that is posing a threat in your life. Depending on how the beach water appears in your dream tells you about your current emotional state; calm, rough, peaceful, relaxing or perhaps you want to dive in and swim.

Swimming and the beach dreams

Dreaming of swimming in the water at the beach represents fun, enjoyment and contentment in your life.  Beaches are generally very positive symbols that allude that you will benefit the rewards from your handwork, but swimming tells you about your emotional comfort level.

Symbolic nature of the sun

Any other overlooked symbol in our dreams is when the bright SUN is shining as you appear on the beach. The sun contains more spiritual elements than anything else, a powerful symbol representing masculine energy, higher consciousness, growth, energy and the connection with the God’s. The mere fact that the sun encompasses the CIRCLE it is telling you about some sort of inner completion that is taking place in your life.

Once you mix the masculine warmth or the sun and the feminine attributes of the water it directs your attention over towards these opposite energies that are present in your everyday life.

The ancient Chinese referred to these opposite energies as the Yin & Yang –  The balance of yin and yang were seen to influence health and order within an individual, society, and the entire universe.

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What is the meaning behind the beach sand?

Sand in dreams can be considered a negative symbol if the location is in the desert due to the lack of growth that is present there. However, beach sand in our dreams acts as the border or middle way between the unconscious part of your (depths of the water), and the conscious (being on the shore). When you are on the beach you are in the cross worlds between your field of perception and the unknown.