Cloaked Figure Dreams

Dreaming of a black hooded figure with no face?

There seems to be a trend on the rise lately of a black hooded or cloaked figure chasing us in our dreams and we think we understand the meaning.

Unfortunately if you had the chance of encountering these entities in your dream you may have noticed they like to appear over our beds, or sometimes we are chased by a dark figure without a face — the ones who are lucky enough might come face to face with Slenderman himself.

These horrible nightmares tend to startle the dreamer to a point they may even jump out of bed in the middle of the night, or wake up and wonder if this is a bad omen that means death. But this is farthest from the truth actually.

The good news is that these cloaked hooded figures mean absolutely no harm to you, in fact they actually appeared in your dream only to help you face your fears. But what exactly are these fears of yours?

Hooded man dream interpretation

Dreams have a tendency to scare us but that really it’s objective. The main purpose of the dream would be for you to stand up and confront the hooded man, and if you are unable to than the dream will reoccur over and over again. Basically what is chasing you is actually what you have been avoiding in your life, though the tricky part is would be to figure out what this could be.

You dream likes to drop metaphorical clues such as locations, emotional states present in the dream, if this was either black or red cloaked figure; and tracks our progress if you stand up and fight this unknown force.

Why does the hooded figure not have a face?

Whenever we dream of anything without a face it wants to show you that whatever you are running away from is unknown to you in your walking life. This would be reinforced by the dark or black nature because your dream is letting you know that these hidden fears have become so hidden that you are unable to recognize it in your walking life.

The main objective for the dreamer would be to reveal its face and in order to do so you are going to have to sit down and reflect on your fears.

Understanding our hidden fears in life

You might be surprised but these hooded faceless men that chase us in our dreams are just a manifestation of our fears in our lives. Once you are able to understand what some of these fears are the contents of your dream changes. For example, if you are afraid of being judged by others, the dream will emerge by showing the hooded persons face.

Alternatively, once you are able to tackle this perceived threat in your life you will stand up and attack this entity.

  1. Change. We live in an ever-changing world, and it is happening more rapidly than ever before.
  2. Loneliness.
  3. Failure.
  4. Rejection.
  5. Uncertainty.
  6. You feel something bad will happen.
  7. Scared of getting Hurt.
  8. Being judged.
  9. Social phobias.
  10. Fear of getting a disease.

Could this cloaked man in your dreams be your shadow?

According to Swiss psychiatrist and psychoanalyst who founded analytical psychology spoke about the human shadow in our dreams. In fact, this so called hooded or faceless man in your dream could be connected to the the unknown dark side of the personality.

Basically, the dark figure in your dream attaches itself to your unconscious traits, behaviors, and urges; letting you know you need to make whatever is hurting you conscious. But how do you do this?

To find your shadow, you need to pay attention to your inner world and some sort of psychological mindfulness. That is, you need to be able to look inside yourself and pay attention to your motives and thoughts whether good or bad.

Article: How To Understand Your Own Shadow

Are you experiencing nightmares of Slenderman?

To dream about slenderman seems to be a bit different than your average faceless man that haunts you. In mythology slenderman is neither good or evil so it depends on your interaction with him in your dream.

Slenderman likes to appear in your dream to represent the things in your life that needs to be put to death. But this is not bad because death in dreams contains more benefits than negatives. Slenderman must kill you in order for a rebirth to take place, however if he keeps stalking you it suggests you are not facing your fears.

The shadow over your bed could be something else…

Have you ever heard of the dreaded sleep paralysis before? Sleep paralysis is described as a temporary inability to move that occurs right after falling asleep or waking up. Individuals remain aware during episodes, which frequently involve troubling hallucinations of shadows, witches and being choked… Just to name a few.

Essentially, the dark figure over your bed is not really a dream but more of a common hallucination that happens right before you wake up.

Article: Shadow In Your Room or Sleep Paralysis? 

Humanoid dream meaning

To dream of a humanoid alters depending the context of your dream, however the humanoid that emerges could display unconscious robotic aspects of yourself or that in which you recognize in others. A humanoid is a non-human creature or being, or a robot, with human form or characteristics. Who could this be in your life? Alternatively the humanoid in your dream could represent your unconscious thoughts about robots in the near future.

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4 months ago

had one of these dreams last night, a figure about 7 feet tall wearing a dark green hooded robe that pinned at the shoulder, i only said two word to it. “you came” before i excitably wrapped my arms around and gave it a hug, as soon as i woke up i had to search this up and i find out its a real entity which came into my dreams

7 months ago

Last night I had a dream of these tall shadow figures. At first then we’re hunting others and it was terrifying. Then they all had red cloaks on. It was like each of them was focused on a certain person. In it I had to watch as each person suddenly got decapitated by these shadows. I had mine cut off a few times and I realized it was repeating. The odd part is I didn’t change anything. The shadow thing did. It didn’t kill me when it usually did so I went to it and ask it to do so.… Read more »

9 months ago

A few years ago my son was still born, and it debilitated my life. In my head I begged “death” to take me, and I eventually planned to take my own life, but 5 days before the day I planned on ending it all I found out I was pregnant again. It was a girl who was born healthy but I was still severely struggling, I was angry and I started to curse death and wonder why he took my son, I desperately wanted a boy and I was honestly disappointed when I found out I was having a girl,… Read more »

1 year ago

One night I was sleeping on the couch and I was the only person downstairs this was the only time I had this dream and it was about a month ago In the dream I could see myself laying down but it was a dark figure with a black cloak on I couldn’t see his face it was pitch black, he was only like 5 feet away from me and there was this intensity and pressure and even though I wasn’t like in my body I was (it hard to explain) and I couldn’t move I felt all the negative… Read more »

Reply to  Brian
11 months ago

No response huh….

1 year ago

I have night mares of somethin I can’t see sitting on my chest or chasing me or grabbing my leg pulling me under the bed. But last night me and my boyfriend had the same nightmare his of black shaow on his chest and mine of the unseen person on my chest. What does this mean as I woke screaming and it’s not first time I’ve woke up screaming from these nightmares. Can anyone explain to me as they scare me to point my heart beats so fast feel like I’m having heart attack

Reply to  The Dreamer
1 year ago

Thank you for that answer kinda makes a little sense but there always the same thing