Dreams About Brother

What do brothers symbolize in dreams?

Brothers that appear in dreams represent love, sacrifice, respect and bonding in your life and family unit.

But why is it every time when we dream about brothers they often come across extremely vivid or even down right bizarre. Did you know that the majority of dreams about our siblings are about them fighting, going to jail or worse yet dying.

Well it turns out that these dreams contain a hidden message for you to figure out what is going on behind the scenes in your mind and how to find the meaning. Now depending on what happens to your Brother In Your Dream tends to alter what it may be hinting at.

Common dreams about brothers

  • Brother dying,
  • missing or getting lost
  • going to jail
  • getting shot
  • crying
  • doing drugs
  • fighting or beating brother
  • dreaming of your bother who passed away

Why is my brother dying in my dreams?

Waking up from dreaming about your brother can be quite alarming, though Death In Dreams is not really what you think it means. In fact, death or dying in dreams contains many benefits that you are unaware of. Dreaming of our brother dying it represents a major shift or transition taking place in his life – a metaphorical ending only for the new brother to emerge.

Dreams like to use metaphorical images to represent change and sometimes that emerges as death of our loved on. A symbol that can be related to shifts in one’s life such as puberty, maturity, graduating or maybe moving out of the house.

Article: Benefits Of Dying In Dreams

Alternatively, death can be seen as an unconscous fear of losing your brother or perhaps you know of others who have lost their brothers and it resonated with you.  If you dream of your brother killing himself it represents a forced change or ending of a previous relationship.

Dreaming of my brother missing or being lost

To dream of your brother missing implies repressed feelings of being disconnected from some area of his life. Missing in your dream encourages the dreamer to explore what aspects that they are unable to find their brother in – emotional support, love, family, or personality change.

Though if you notice your brother lost in your dream it alters the meaning directing you towards you being in search for something within him. Locations help provide you clues in where he might have gone missing from you. Dreams about being lost or searching generates feelings of fear and anxiety that seems to mimic some aspect of your relationship.

My brothers in jail dreams

When we dream of jails it becomes a negative symbol that reflects restrictions, setbacks, negative behaviors or being stuck in the past. If you dream of your brother going to jail it suggests you have noticed a change in his behaviour suggesting he might be apart from you for a while. Depending the crime, location and the contents of what takes place in the jail will alter the meaning.

If you are dreaming of your brother doing drugs it represents addictions, negative behaviors, and a change of attitude. This can be any sort of addiction such as eating to much, playing video games or sometimes even actual addictions.

Did your brother get shot in your dreams?

Guns in dreams are considered negative symbols that represents fear, aggression, anger, and potential danger. You are witnessing an attack on him and it has troubled by it hence why it has emerged in your dream. By identifying the shooter and the location will become clues to find out who or what this might be. These attacks tend to be more verbal or bad situations as opposed to any sort of phyical harm.

Fighting or beating brother in dream meaning

The meaning of fighting your brother in your dreams represents sibling rivalry, disagreements, repressed past emotions, conflict and confrontation. Our own inner struggles with these issues or complex emotions tend to emerge in our dreams as we are fighting or beating our brother. Fighting becomes a symbol that makes you reflect if this is something you have to prove or fighting back what is rightfully yours.

Dreaming of your bother who passed away

There is a fine line between our dead loved ones actually visiting us and dreams to do with repressed emotions or acceptance. How do you tell the difference? Usually when the dead contacts us in the “middle way” between the two worlds they often bring us gifts, or appear to look healthy, smile, talking and often hug us; a symbol that connects your energy with his.

However, negative dreams about your brother being sick, dying again, ill, ignoring you all has to do with you trying to accept his death. These repressed feelings and emotions manifest in our dreams in a negative manner so you would be able to identify with the problem.

Bonus: Spiritual meaning of brother in dreams

According to analytical psychologist Carl Jung he described the ANIMUS as the unconscious masculine side of a woman; similar to the father the brother in your dreams is a manifestation of a women’s inner masculine that is displayed as your sibling. The main goal would be to integrate this unconscious masculine energy in order to find balance in your life. See yin and yang dreams.

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10 months ago

My dream was about my younger brother but he was a child and I was caring for him, and I was protective of him.

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