Dreaming Of Quran

Unlike the other Abrahamic religious text visions in our dreams, the Quran appears in such a unique way that often confuses the dreamer.

Sometimes we teach, recite or we are actively listening to one particular verse out of the 6238 provided in our dreams. While other times the Quran may fall from our hands, kiss, receiving it as a gift, or noticing its radiant golden color. The Quran manifests differently to each person that serves a purpose in their lives.

Did you dream of the Quran?

These are not like your typical dreams because whenever the Quran emerges it displays a meaningful message that appears during a specific time in their lives. More than likely you will have this dream during the rapid eye movement (REM) or early morning dreams when your soul is attuned with the higher power.

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And for some peculiar reason the ones who are lucky enough to see the dead reading the Quran in their dreams. Due to the fact that dreams are very complex, in order to understand the Quran in your dream you will need to understand yourself at the present moment. The good news is what happens around your dream and the people that emerge becomes very symbolic clues to help piece it together.

Why would the Quran Appear in your dreams?

Depending the context of your dream you will have to decipher if this is an actually holy message from Allah, or something relating to your devotion or personal belief system.

Koran verses tend to contain a more impactful meaning that metaphorically mirrors God’s word that may be unconscious to the dreamer. The Quran may appear in your dreams during problematic or trying times in ones life; a symbol that encourages the dreamer to keep on the right path at trust what he has put for you.

While other visions of the Quran in dreams might be displayed as both a warning or prosperous future depending the theme around your dream. Good visions (Ru’yaa) – These constitute truthful or positive dreams, which stem from the word of God.

The people who chose to spend their life’s in a honest way one will likely to have accurate dreams. Furthermore, the Prophet Muhammad understood the people who experienced positive dreams should share them with only those who they like and trust.

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What are the three types of dreams in Islam?

Dreams are three kinds: good dreams (from Allah); bad dreams (from the shaytan); and from a psychological standpoint, the ones from what a person is thinking about.

Dream themes that are rooted from the dreamers past experiences or emotions (psychological); symbols often become unconscious to the dreamer. In order to properly interpret the meaning of you dream one will have to use a similar method in which Allah used parables in the Quran. But this method would be metaphoric, for example, a car would relate to your personal drive/journey, or your left hand might be considered unclean.

Dreaming of the Quran has a special meaning for the dreamer that can only be decoded by the dreamer.

Did you dream of the Quran falling from your hands?

Dreaming of hands symbolizes your expressions, the way you see the world and how you see yourself.

To dream of the Quran falling from your hands represents a sudden loss of faith; a powerful metaphor for something that grounds you has slipped away. But these dreams don’t mean anything bad but sometimes appear to help the dreamer get back on track.  The location it fell from becomes a helpful tip to find out what might have caused it to fall in the first place.

Why do you kiss the Quran in dreams?

If you kiss the Quran in your dream it represents your inner fulfillment that you get from reading the verses. Remember we spoke about how our dreams speak in metaphors? Well it turns out that kissing causes a chemical reaction in your brain, including a burst of the hormone oxytocin.

Dreaming of kissing the Quran is a positive dream that tells the dreamer they will benefit from the readings.

Receiving the Quran as a gift in dreams

Receiving the Quran in your dream is a positive symbol of wisdom that will be prosperous for you in the future. Oddly enough we are known to receive gifts from the dead which contains a very symbolic meaning, but depending on who gives it to you will alter the meaning.

If you are unable to recognize the person who gave you the Quran in your dream it becomes a symbol of something unconscious or a hidden element in your life that will randomly appear. Alternatively, the person who gives it to you will have some disguised positive attributes that you want to see in yourself.

Dreaming of gold Quran?

The closest you will get to god is when the color gold appears in your dreams. Dreaming of a GOLD QURAN represents the connection to the afterlife, spiritual enlightenment and protection from Allah.

Its close connection with symbol of the sun; radiant gold/yellow color tells you about the thing that will grow in your life. The Quran tells us that Allah the Almighty created the SUN which is a sign that indicates the Power, all knowing and the Mercy of Allah.

Receiving the Quran from the dead dream?

Receiving gifts in a dream is common, but receiving them from the dead is a different meaning all together. In fact, when we do connect with the dead in this so called “middle way” they are known to give us food, money and sometimes Biblical passages.

When the dead comes to us in our dream to bring us the Quran it becomes a symbol of peace, protection from the outside elements and wisdom.

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1 year ago

Asalalu alaikum
I keep seeing a shining white quran in my dreams , what does it mean ?