Dreaming of Crabs

Crabs strong association with the MOON and water direct you towards the feminine energy; a powerful element that is often unconscous to the dreamer, or hidden under the SAND.

Dreaming of crabs represents our outward defenses, new found wisdom, boundaries, protective barriers and emotions. The crabs hard shell tells you that something is protecting a weak and vulnerable part of you; repressed weakness, crabby attitudes and behaviors that hides below the surface.

Remember the crab in your dream is linked with astrology, Cancer is ruled by the moon, the celestial body that represents comfort, self-care, and maternal energies.

Crab Dram Meaning

Understanding the attitude and behavior of the crab in your dream and reflect it to aspects of your life. Observing the way it was moving, location and and mood helps you pinpoint if its related to life’s movement, personality or opportunities.

Crab Dream Meaning

  • Strong
  • Protection
  • Moody
  • Aggressive
  • Non agreeable
  • Introverted

Symbolic Meaning Of Crab Dreams

By observing the crabs characteristics in your dream provides clues in metaphors to better help understand the meaning. Crabs are generally covered with a thick exoskeleton, this imply a tough or impossible shell to crack. Though the inside is weak and vulnerable.

Could this be related to someone you know or aspects about your personality that is hard? The hard shell brings your attention to protection; you might be small though you have a good defense.

Crab Dreams: Sideways Behavior

They have 10 legs and can move very quick. They know exactly where they are going and fast. The movement could reflect aspects of how you move to get to where you need to go. There sideways movement is another clue that shows them going from left to right and now forward to back.

Crab Dreams & Unconscious Emotions

They are both land and water breathing. This is an interesting symbol connected to the conscious and unconscious emotions that seem to be communicating. Being connected with the moon connects this with feminine or yin energy. The water is another association with emotions that could be unconscious to the dreamer. The ability to survive can survive in both marine and terrestrial environments, helps you understand your strengths.

These dreams can also bring attention to the attitudes and emotions of the dreamer. If you display that of crabby like behaviour, or snappy like a crab then its behaviour is quite fitting. Since it is connected to the moon might be related to the unbalance feminine energy – anima for males.

Crab Dreams: What Hidden Below?

Crabs like to burrow underground or hide in places that are hard to get to. This could be a symbol of your introverted behaviors, or that what is hidden below (unconscious emotions) . They have come to the surface to mate (instincts) to find a female. The area were the crab is hiding would be metaphoric to what is hidden below.

Crab Saying:

  • Crabs in a bucket: One will pull you down when trying to advance
  • Crabby: Moody or temperamental behaviors
  • Crab mentality: Negative attitudes of others who don’t progress

Common Crab Dreams

Catching Crabs In Dreams

These dreams bring your attention to abundance, and hidden instincts. You are catching something that will benefit you, though handle with care and proceed with caution.

Dead Crabs Dream Meaning

After the full moon the crab sheds its skin. These dreams might be connected with death and rebirth, new opportunities. It could also be related to hidden fears.

Eating Crabs In Dreams

Dreams of eating a crab bring the attention to benefiting from your hard work. You have taken down something that is hard and nourishing from it.

Bitten By Crab Dream Meaning

Dreams of being bitten are usually related to others, or hidden instincts about yourself that you are unaware of. These are the people or unconscious traits that are moody, crabby, hidden and aggressive.