Epic Dreams

What Classifies As An Epic Dream?

Well these dreams are so unique and so profound that once you have had one you would remember it like it happened yesterday years down the road. Most everyone would experience an epic dream once in their lives, though very few people talk about it.

What an Epic Dream Feels Like

  •   waking up feeling charged like you can rule the world
  •   the dream feels like you are in a lucid state
  •   a dream that will stay with you for a life time
  •   euphoric state
  •   waking up will alter your consciousness.
  •   ability to pull out emotions you never experienced before


I had an epic dream a few nights ago. It was just so vivid I don’t even know if its a lucid dream, or just a really realistic one. There was a volcano eruption that was about to occur. I didn’t know when, though, I saw a volcano from a top of a building in my dream, surrounded by boiling sea water. I looked around and saw people running. And so did I start to run too.

While running, I could feel the stretching of the muscles, in my dreams! It was scary, yet fascinating. Needless to say when I woke up, my legs began to ache, as if I had really been in the dream!

Then, we ran into a tunnel, where it was decorated with marble columns and beautiful carvings. Everyone still ran straight ahead, and the next thing I knew, I dropped something in my dream. As I turned around to retrieve it, I saw that there were way too many people to get past, and I continued running.

 I found myself standing in front of this mall-like building. As I walked in, I was told by a strange person to turn to the right, and did I do it. I traveled up an escalator and ran down a slope on a second level, and I found myself in a convention hall. A lot of people that i had seen before, real or not, were all sitting around in tables.

The scene shifted and I found myself sitting in a forest, in front of an old wooden house with my friends in a circle. A statue was placed at the end of the forest.

Suddenly, the statue moved! It reached out a hand for my friend. In fear, I turned around, and saw an old hag approaching me. I woke up after that. It was just.. So real!


I had an epic dream i would never forget, i felt so liberated when i woke up and i wish it would have lasted longer, well it started off like this, i was in some medieval village with town houses and stone floors, and 4 little orphans wanted me to help rob a house lol, i don’t know what but i agreed too, so i dressed up as a guy with a beige cloak and glasses and we were looking for a house to rob

so we found one with a door slightly open and we snuck in, we were being very cautious to make sure that no one was in the house and when the signal was clear we were trying to rob everything we could, than someone came out of the shower and before he could see us we left quickly.

When we outside the orphans ran and there was a cop who saw us and wanted to cuff me, but i said to him you can’t catch me if am going to fly away so that’s what i did, so i levitated myself and wow there was this amazing beautiful sunset i was flying towards, the closer i got far away i spotted ancient Greek ruins in some field, but the sight was so beautiful i really good feeling in my chest.

So when i arrived at the ruins, i saw my friend from high school, she said she is trying to hide from her dad because he is mad at her and he might hit her or something lol. So i said to her i will help her talk to her dad so i flew away to him and i helped solve the problem so he wasn’t mad anymore, than i woke up 


I really wish I had more epic dreams… they’re awesome. I’ve only had two so far, and only one of them was organized to the point of actually being a sensible story, but the other one was awesome in it’s spontaneity and kept me guessing all the way through.

It’s definitely interesting how you say that you’ll remember them all your life, because I definitely do, and looking back I actually remember them better than actual events that happened in real life!

Strange… but awesome. I usually dream a ton every night and usually about every day things, so it’s these two dreams really made my day. In the sensible epic dream that I had I actually died in the end, and I have to say that when I woke up I thought it was the coolest thing ever!


The only dream I can truly classify as epic happened to me over a year ago. Remembering every detail, standing in my friend’s field, I saw colors you and I as humans could not possibly perceive. A great meteor storm came hurling from a great sea of black. Once the meteors hit our atmosphere, lightning would light the sky and I would see these colors.

Colors of the prettiest, most vibrant reds, greens, and purples flooded the sky. The meteors started making impact, still glowing from their journey. I look to my right and I notice a ship. A ship so massive it would not have fit inside our planet.

This “ship” appeared to be sinking, or falling for that matter, below our horizon. I remember seeing it getting progressively closer. The feeling I had upon awakening was that I will never experience again. I felt like I had just seen the last minutes of earth’s existence and was about to be carried away. Saved from my personal extinction.


I’ve had more then one of these dreams but my very 1st dream and memory is the most amazing one ever i was for n can remember it as if i just woke up from it.

I dreamt i was in a dark place a light shined down on me like a tube i was sitting Indian style on the floor with a very book old style book it was open to a page written in only black and red a deep strong manly voice spoke n told me to read the book of life i looked at it thinking i cant read i then woke up.

I didn’t know who i was or who was around me it was literally my first memory and i don’t understand how a four year old would know of the book of life