Dream Journal

Are you interested in keeping a dream journal but have no idea where to start? Trying to record and remember the details of your dream might seem like a difficult task a first, however once you get the ball rolling the true journey begins.

The theory of dreams and the symbols in them have baffled humans since the beginning of time. Throughout history we have questioned, analyzed and taken guesses of what is really going on behind the scenes when we sleep.

Many perceive dreams as cognitive junk processing what we have experienced throughout the day; while others feel its a direct connection from our unconscious mind. Many have suggested that dreams come from the higher power guiding us along life’s journey.

Dream Journal Tips

Becoming familiar with your dreams and the symbols that are contained in them you will notice a very strange pattern. You will tap into the forgotten language that has been used since the beginning of time. You will bridge the gap between the conscious to unconsciousness.

Understanding dream symbols is similar to learning a new language, or even playing a musical instrument. Often times people are discouraged because they are unable to remember their dreams, though with practice you become skilled overnight. Everybody dreams it just not everybody remembers.

Remembering Dreams:

  1. Regular sleeping patterns
  2. Recording with a dream journal
  3. If you wake up write down your dreams
  4. Reinforcement “what did i dream”
  5. The first minute upon waking try and focus on the dream
  6. Tell yourself before bed I will remember my dreams
  7. Vitamin B6 and herbs
  8. Meditate
  9. Waking up during REM sleep
  10. Just start with remembering one small detail.

Dream Journal Initial Steps:

  • avoid rushing
  • write as much as you remember and dates of dreams
  • remembering dreams
  • have no expectations, be open minded
  • use trusted dream dictionaries
  • create your own opinion on dreams
  • use our online active forum for advice
  • research Carl Jung & Sigmund Freud
  • meditate (optional)
  • pay attention to your outer world influences your inner being

Benefits Of A Dream Journal

In today’s rat race we barley have anytime for ourselves anymore. We are constantly on the go trying to pay our bills, feed the kids, go to work or school giving us no personal time for ourselves. Trying to find a deeper meaning to who you, and what is your purpose can be a difficult task.

Recording your dreams gives you the opportunity to open the door to your mind that has never been explored. In this world you will explore the heights of your abilities and the depths of your fears.

You can look back on it, reflecting on your past and how the events in your life are shaped within the symbols. The themes and patterns in your dreams help you to work out past trauma, provide proper insight as well making better decisions in the future.

  • processing emotions
  • enhancing creativity
  • over come fears and anxieties
  • magnifies strengths and weaknesses
  • personal guide to individuation
  • lucid dreaming
  • fixing inner conflict
  • future insight
  • once understood its becomes a free psychologist
  • resolving past trauma
  • becoming a better person
  • inner child work

The Inward Detective

By keeping a record of your dreams makes its unique and personal to you, as no two people have the same life experiences. You will become a detective on your own personal journey exploring the past, present and future.

Solving repressed internal problems and figuring out what’s behind your motives. Like a detective you need the right tools when it come to investigating.

Who Are You? 

  • What are your fears?
  • What is your life’s purpose?
  • Which ways do you want to improve in your life?
  • What are your interests?
  • Do you pay attention to your inner voice?

Remember you are essentially investigating yourself. “To know thyself is the beginning of wisdom”. This famous quote is often attributed to Socrates. But how does this apply to my dreams?

Inside dreams contain hidden attributes about yourself that you wouldn’t normally recognize in your waking life. Your strengths and weaknesses emerge through peculiar symbols, images and themes that are often confusing.

Dreams and the symbols inside have a funny way of sending us information. They come across as parables or metaphors suggesting one thing but meaning the totally opposite. Your task will be to get to the bottom of your idiosyncrasies, pull out the root of the weed that has harbored in your mind.

How To Remember Dreams

Common misconception are people explaining how they never their dreams. Like working out the more you do the bigger you get. This same application applies for dreaming; the more you remember, the bigger dream muscle you acquire.  We lose up to 90% of our dream recall the first minute we wake up.

This is why its vital to train yourself to remember as much as you can upon waking. Once you become an expert you will notice a story unfolding – as the journey now begins.

Understanding Your Dreams & Applying It To Reality:

Carl Jung said “until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate.” this quote speaks volumes when it comes to dream interpretation. By merging these two together you world will become more vibrant as you are guided on an adventurous journey.

By studying your dreams you slowly being to chip away the mold from our past that has once shaped us.

In your dream world you will be confronted by sharks, snakesnatural disasters or masked men chasing you. Despite how scary these dreams are portrayed they serve a higher purpose. Nightmares are disguised usually as hidden fears, rejections, weaknesses and insecurities.

The dream might even let you know that you possess these resented qualities that you inherit. Alternatively your dreams are helping you become aware of what is dragging you down in life.

On the flip side you will encounter love, flying without any worries as you embark on your new found journey. The adventure heading into the storm alone as you search for a meaning; a connection with the soul.

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