Should You Tell Someone Your Dreams?

There seems to be a lot of superstitions circulating online or perhaps an old wives tale that you shouldn’t tell people your dreams or else it will give you some sort of bad luck.

The question of why we dream has intrigued philosophers, psychologists and scientists for thousands of years. Despite all the research from modern day science over the years we still are unable to come up with a definite answer to the meaning of our dreams. While much remains uncertain about dreaming, should we really tell people our dreams?

If analytical psychologist Carl Jung is right about dreams being the Psyches Attempt To Communicate Important Things to the individual maybe we should tread carefully. Mind you most people you tell anyway about your dreams might leave the room, or even roll their eyes hoping you will finish quickly. Since our dreams are very personal to us, and like most people might not understand the language the unconscious speaks to us in sometimes its best to keep quiet.

It happens all the time, you tell a friend “I had a dream about my teeth falling out“, and they turn around and tell you how it means you are going to die because it once happened to a friend of theirs. But is there any right time to tell someone your dream? According to professional boxer Sugar Ray Robinson it might have Saved His Opponent’s Life if he trusted his dream premonition.

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Is It Bad Luck To Tell Someone Your Dreams?

Well you will have to prove is bad luck actually true. According to British psychologist Richard Wiseman, he has studied this phenomenon in depth and has proved that we can actually influence luck. This being said it is not nessissacly some sort of black magic but relies solely on your attitude towards life. Do you ever notice that lucky people tend to be more open-minded, happy, and easy-going; while the unlucky ones tend to dwell deep in their anxiety, negative, and feel unhappy.

This may in fact apply to Telling People About Our Dreams, we should only choose the right people in our lives who wouldn’t judge us or tell us something negative. These are the people who generally take interest in your self improvement, well being and happiness are the right people to tell your dreams too. They might have a different insight into your dream as opposed to someone who thinks a snake bite means instant death.

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Is It Weird To Tell Someone You Had A Dream About Them?

The coded enigmatic language in dreams often uses people or symbols as metaphors and usually never really relating to the person. In a realm were up means down and left means right it might be best to try to decode the dream yourself before you explain it to that person. Furthermore telling someone your dream might make the person feel awkward especially if the dream has a sexual connotation attached to it.

Some people think dreams are just cognitive junk filtering through the night – true or not – some people might think  you are down right crazy. If you think you have received a vision dream or a warning it would be up to your discretion to tell the person or not.

When Telling Other People About Your Dream Might Save Their Life

Science has many theories about dreaming, but all it takes is to have one dream that comes true the next day that throws all their theories out the window. Even Abraham Lincoln Predicted His Own Death by telling his close friends about his premonition dream about being assassinated. Unfortunately his dream did come true and he was shot 10 days later. How about Sugar Ray Robinson telling someone about his dream? Perhaps if he trusted is own intuition and didn’t listen to others is opponent would have still been alive.

When it comes to telling other people about your dream you will have to use your judgement and intuition. If you feel to your core that this is something you should share with someone you have to trust your gut feeling.

Common Superstitions

  • Knocking on Wood for good luck
  • The Evil Eye for protection
  • Walking Under A Ladder
  • Trimming Nails at Night
  • Friday the 13th
  • Whistling
  • Sitting at the Corner of a Table
  • Money on the ground

Should you tell a guy that you like about your dream?

So is it a good idea that you should tell your CRUSH you had a dream about him? In most cases dreaming of your crush tends to be related to wishful fulfillments or perhaps a desire you want to be with him manifesting in your dream. Though it might be your opportunity to put your foot in the door and see how he reacts to it. Maybe if he shows interest your dream might come true.

When a guy tells you he had a dream about you?