Coworker Dreams

Why Are You Dreaming Of Your Coworkers?

The last thing we want to do when we are off the clock is dream about the people we see everyday.

Since we spend close to one third of our lives at work it’s not so hard to believe that our coworkers randomly show up in our dream. The odd thing is that when these co workers appear in our dreams they often emerge in the most bizarre ways such as being fired, pregnant, marrying, former worker, dating, dead, or even sleeping with them.

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Other dream interpretation sites suggest that coworkers only emerge to represent our struggles, drives, and your competitive nature. Sure, this could be true in some cases, for example the dream might reflect starting up a new project, inner drives, future advancements or even unconscous fears of being fired. The dream will use specific symbols that will point in this direction of the meaning such as resigning or an ex employee.

But this is not always the case for everyone, in fact coworker dreams might be related to intuitive insights that will unfold in the future, or an unconscious connection manifesting between two people. This is why so many people are experiencing unusual dreams about their coworkers and still scratching their heads wondering what the meaning is behind it – dreams communicate with us by using symbols, metaphors and images to extract the true meaning.

What these others sites do not provide is the real meaning why these people randomly show up in our dream. Quite frankly  you might even be shocked to find out why!

Coworker Dream Meaning

When it comes to analyzing your coworker dream you first reflect on specific character traits this person possesses. How does this person make you feel when you are around them? What is the theme of the dream about? Is this someone who is a team member or goes by their own rules? Is your work environment toxic or enjoyable? How can this relationship reflect how you are at home? According to research being friends with your coworkers might actually be more harmful than good.

I Slept With My Coworker In My Dream!

Yep, it happens to the best of us. Did you know that sleeping with your coworkers is one of the most common themes revolving around them even though you wouldn’t even think about it in a million years. So what gives?

It seems when our unconscious sends us messages it codes them metaphorically representing some sort of unity, bonding or connection that remain hidden to you. You might even admire qualities, behaviorism, assertiveness or even style that you want to integrate within you. Intimate dreams about our coworkers represent more to do with the dreamer wanting to integrated these traits within their psyche. Depending if one might be sexually attractive or has repressed urges these dreams may seem to appear out of the blue.

Even the coworkers you might even dislike or hate seem to get attention as well from you. This might be because the qualities or behaviors they possesses might belong to the SHADOW SIDE of the dreamer. Alternatively, this bond might be a symbol of making whatever was unconscious within you conscious. As they say you can learn more from your enemies than your friends.

In essence sleeping with your co workers or employees is a positive dream symbol that shows a bond, connection and unification between two people that could be both conscious and unconscious to the dreamer.

Married My Coworker In My Dream

Marriage in dreams is a very powerful omen that represents a unification between you and the person you are marrying. Marriage is a partnership or commitment that serves the needs and supports their values and goals. Does this sound correct with the relationship you have with your coworker? Do you work well with this person in order to reach the end goal of a project. Maybe it means something else…

Since the point of marriage is procreation, in dreams this can be a symbol of a child; in dream language relating to inner growth and development as you work towards building something new. Perhaps you need to inherit the qualities of this person in order to give birth or a new part of oneself.

According to Carl Jung he believed that the psyche was androgynous meaning that it is comprised of both masculine and feminine counterparts. For men being the anima and women the animus; the unconscious traits your coworker inherits in your dream needs to, or has been integrated within the dreamer.

In essence marrying your coworker or employee in your dream represents an unconscious bond that is unfolding or relates to integrating these energies within.

Dreaming Of A Coworker Dying or Dead

Death in dreams can be considered a positive omen contrary to popular belief. Dreaming of coworker dying actually represents a rebirth or transition in their lives, and you might be the one picking up on it. Death may emerge to reflect endings of some sort in your relationship, change of characters, advancement within the company or even being fired. Perhaps they have found a new job and will no longer be working with you.

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It is not unusual to dream of the dead, in fact they are known to smile, hang out and bring us gifts from time to time. But how would you know the difference between actual contact or it just being a dream? Dreaming of the dead tends to be very vivid and meaningful; the dead are commonly known to communicate with us by hugging, smiling and offering us various items.

Alternatively, dreaming of your dead coworker might just represent missing them or perhaps relating to a repressed memory.

Dreaming Of Killing A Coworker

If you are dreaming about killing your coworker it represents repressed anger, hostility, unconscous feelings of hate, and a desire to remove or terminate aspects of the relationship with this person. Even though you might not want to “kill” the dream is uprooting these unexpressed emotions that you could be bottling up.

Work environments are known to harbor unconscious feelings of anger, competitiveness, rivalry, dislike, and even jealousy. Studies have found that people who dream of killing others tend to be hostile, introverted and often don’t get along well with others when they are awake. Could this be true?

  • what aspects don’t you like about this person and do you see these traits within you?
  • is your office competitive or toxic environment?
  • what could you be metaphorically be putting to death?

Dreaming Of Old Coworkers

Dreaming of old coworkers in your dream could related to forgotten memories, your new jobs mirrors similar patterns as your old job, or your old ways might be coming back; this can be considered both a negative or positive dream based off of your past experience at the old job.