Dreaming of Your Boss

It’s bad enough being told what to do during the day, but when you are home sleeping the last thing you want to see is your boss. Believe it our not dreaming of your boss is more common then you think, though when they show up these dreams can be quite bizarre.

Bosses may appear in your dreams for many different reasons, it is important to understand what was your relationship with them. Someone who was fired by their boss might symbolize something entirely different then one who gave them a promotion.

This is why most of the searches online can range from ‘hugging my boss’, to ‘dreaming of my bosses death’. Depending the context of your dream, your current or past relationship with your boss can alter the meaning.

It is also important to understand that your boss can be a manifestation of aspects of your personality you either identify with; or which remains unconscious. Your dream might use the ‘image’ of your boss to relating to someone or something else in your life.

Boss Dream Symbolism:

  • authoritative
  • power over you
  • move forward
  • guidance
  • pleasant or angry

Eww My Boss And I…You know!

At the end of the day sometimes we spend more time with the people at the office than at home. We develop relationships with them similar to how we do with our loved ones and friends, however this might be against your will.

Dreams have a funny way of showing our unconscious feelings towards other people, often in an intimate way. It in not uncommon to hug, kiss, hold or even sleep with your boss. Does this mean you actually are attracted sexually to your boss? The answer is no.

These dreams just let you know that you might be connected on a deeper level or share a similar connection, and never anything more. You might admire or want to inherit his or her attributes that are needing to be expressed within. If they are less agreeable or funny for example, it is normal to be attracted to these qualities.

However people who often fantasize about a romantic relationship with their boss is not uncommon. Often times these feeling might be coming out in  your dreams as they are considered unconscious desires.

  • hugging
  • kissing
  • sexual interactions
  • flirting

My Boss Is Dead

Does this mean your boss is going to die? Hardly likely. Death in dreams can be considered a positive dream symbol. Dying often symbolizes an ending of some sort, followed by a rebirth or new beginnings.

Depending the relationship you had with your boss can alter the meaning of your dream. Let’s say if you had a rough past or trouble getting along, these dreams emerge to symbolize the death of the past. Sometimes when we change as a person they will no longer have an effect on you (hence being dead).

Ex Boss Dreams

Dreaming of your ex or former boss can be quite common. Just when you thought you would never see them again they appear in your dreams. They tend to appear when you might be reliving a similar situation that mimics the past, or someone you know has similar aspects of that person.

Again this will all tie into your past relationship with this person. If for example you had a terrible experience with your ex boss, if you haven’t moved on, or still the same person that was taken advantage of he or she will keep appearing.