Box Dream Meaning

Boxes in our dreams are symbolic in the sense it represents our past memories, hidden emotions, or secrets that we carry around with us.

What makes boxes such an interesting symbol because it allows you to find out some of the unconscious things that are hidden inside you. The box is never an actual box, but rather something else that needs to be made conscious. Depending the type of box that appears you are just going to have to think outside the box.

In your dream boxes manifest as

  • cardboard box
  • lunch box
  • empty box
  • red box
  • jewelry box
  • trapped in a box
  • black box

What does a box symbolize in a dream?

If a box is defined as an often small space, compartment, or enclosure we know that something is hidden within the dreamer that needs to be made known. Based off of the contents that surround the box in your dream will point to a negative or positive symbol; who gives you the box, what is inside and how you feel with the box.

Boxes in dreams tend to emerge when the dreamer is finding out about something in their relationships, memories and personal feelings that are now coming out. Sometimes boxes pop up randomly in our dreams to help us with closure or finalize things in our life that needs to come up. I guess this is why so many people report receiving a box from their dead relatives; in hopes to see what has been stored away that was forgotten about. Sometimes we need to be reminded.

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Alternatively, boxes in our dream may emerge directed towards the dreamers inability to let things go what they carry around with them. Boxes in your dream becomes the main focus on what to let go of the thing in your life that do not serve you purpose; past feelings, presuppositions, resentments that linger in the box.

Prophetic meaning of box

The prophetic meaning of the box in your dream represents conformity, peacefulness, solidity, security, and equality. Due to its rectangular shape, opposite sides are parallel and of equal length is a powerful Geometric Shape that balances your energies and creates harmony. Like most house or rooms in dreams it becomes an iconic symbol of the psyche/mind or inner architecture of the dreamer.

The Biblical Meaning Of The Box symbolizes the square (earthbound) inside a CIRCLE (eternal whole) connects the relationship between the human and the divine.

Square or box objects in dreams

  • house and rooms
  • boxes
  • tables
  • dice
  • gifts
  • ice cream bar
  • tables or paintings

Box Dream Symbolism

To dream of an empty box represents a wish to organize your thoughts or your life. You may be in the process of creating closure for yourself in some area of your life. Getting some area of your life in order. Putting away the past or some area of your life. Alternatively, the black box in your dream might be indicating a  process or system a black box when you know that it produces a particular result but you do not understand how it works.

Dreaming of a wooden box

Wood in dreams connects us with the iconic image of the TREE that reflects life itself. To dream of a wooden box connects you to thing that you build in your life, inner strength and stability.

Dreaming of a black box meaning

Black is a color that connects the dreamer to the unknown (shadow) or unconscious parts of what is contained within. Dreaming of a black box represents your unconscious feelings, behaviours, urges or emotions contained within the hidden parts of your mind.

Dreaming of a red box

In our dreams red is a powerful color that brings us closer to passion, love, anger,  aggression, power, courage, impulsiveness. Dreaming of a red box suggests that these feeling and emotions are contained within you that need to be made conscious.

Dreaming of a jewelry box

Dreaming of a jewelry box symbolizes inner wealth, unconscous prize possessions, enlightenment and transformation. Depending the type of Jewelry that is seen within the box it will alter were this hidden wealth is contained within you.

Dreaming of a safe box

Safe boxes in dream represents valuable things that we metaphorically keep away with a lock and key. This is something only the dreamer may access during specific times in ones life. What is in the safe becomes a mystery of what hidden treasures one possesses within.

Boxes falling in dreams

If boxes are falling in your dream it directs you over to the stored emotions, past experiences, feelings that are coming down on you. A symbol that suggests you need time to sort out these unconscious situations or else you will  be consumed by them.

Dream of an empty box

To dream of an empty box represents things in your life that you need to complete or what needs closure. The empty box in your dream might even suggests to let go of something that no longer serves you purpose or perhaps something to fill. Depending on the location and theme of the dream you will receive clues in what the empty box is hinting at.

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7 months ago

I dreamed of a box on my head, I took it off, it was pitch black on a snowy school field, and a very tall buck started guiding me somewhere (had this dream October 29th after the Hunters moon)

Qwill Brennan
Qwill Brennan
1 year ago

I had a dream I was giving boxes to a line of people. They were Grey and not made to be opened. A Raven named Martin told me that wasn’t the way to make friends I told him I don’t know any other way.I don’t remember the exact words but we had a back and forth about what friendship really was. Shortly after I woke up. I’m pretty sure the raven is the one from sandman since I watched that last night with my brother. In the show he’s taking on the role of a raven who already died. He… Read more »

reign michael
reign michael
2 years ago

i dreamed a lot of colored boxes and its looks like wrapping a colored wrapper and looks like im keeping in first i saw is i have 3boxes no wrapper then i got box and its like filing an proper it self but it has a wrapper color green then i awake every box i received i got awake then when i turn to sleep uncomfortable i got another one and it also wrapping it self with yellow then i got a wake with i look the time its already 7:30am so raise up then went to bathroom after taking… Read more »