Triangle Symbolism

The simple three sided shape contains very powerful spiritual elements relating to manifestation, higher consciousness, revelation and enlightenment. The triangle commonly makes it’s appearance in visions, dreams, religion, deep meditative or psychedelic states, and also found in sacred geometry. The image that appears so frequently time and time again, one often ponders what could be … Read more

Pinecone Symbolism

Throughout the span of recorded human history, the iconic image of the Pinecone symbolically mirrored enlightenment, higher consciousness and the third eye. Long before the ancient Romans, Greeks, Assyrians, and Christians showed up adopting the pinecone with fertility, the ancient Egyptians however understood the pinecone to contain a much deeper meaning. Engraved on the pyramids … Read more

Yin & Yang Symbolism

I’m sure you probably seen the Yin or Yang symbol inside a martial arts class or maybe at a sushi restaurant and wonder what what is the true meaning behind this mysterious symbol.  The symbol is depicted with a black and white ball with half circles that swirl into each other, with a dot of … Read more

Ouroboros Symbolism

The name Ouroboros or the snake eating it’s own tail  originates from the Greek word meaning “tail devourer,” which dates back to one of the oldest mystical symbols in the world. A powerful yet enigmatic symbol that contains many different spiritual meanings interwoven into it. Foremost is an image of the snake biting, devouring, or … Read more

Cross Symbolic Meaning

Spiritual Significance Of The Cross Did you know before the Christian church adopted the iconic symbol of the cross, it was used as a pagan symbol for thousands of years. A symbol widely recognized around the world, and of course automatically recognizable symbol in Christianity. What we know as the Latin cross consisting of a … Read more