Ankh Symbolism

One of the most recognizable symbols engraved throughout the Egyptian pyramids on tombs and hieroglyphs is the Ankh representing the “key of life” or “breath of life”. A profound symbol with unknown origins is sometimes referred to as the the key of the Nile – representative in Egyptian mythology as an image of eternal life, … Read more

Spiral Sacred Symbolism

The spiral was understood the ancients one of the most profound shapes that connects us to divinity or The Source.  In terms of spirituality, the spiral as a symbol seems to lead us to the path higher consciousness or eternal awareness of our true being. Unfortunately modern man has severed ties with his spirit, blindly … Read more

Symbolic Nature Of The Circle

The shape of the circle can be considered one of the most profound universal symbols with an lengthy connotation. A shape that can be seen everywhere in our lives, perhaps one might even like to draw a perfect circle with a pen and an empty piece of paper. So why is the circle depicted as … Read more

5 Ways A Toxic Mother Appears In Dreams

“Aren’t you beautiful? Aren’t you beautiful? You’re going to be just as pretty as mommy!”  Sound familiar? Maybe it’s time to talk ’bout yo mamma for a change! I know parenting can be a rough and a demanding job, also the fact that there isn’t any specific guidebook when it comes to raising kids properly, … Read more

Saddam Hussein Snake Dream

Diary: Saddam’s Recurring Snake Dream Its not often you come across hearing about a dream from a dictator. I randomly came across a fascinating article written by Lisa DePaulo called ‘Tuesday with Saddam‘, about the capture and detainment of Saddam Hussein. After spending 9 months evading capture, Saddam was finally caught by the United States military in … Read more