Dreaming about Dogs

Dogs in dreams are very symbolic images that often direct the dreamer towards loyalty, companionship, intuition, masculine energy, protection and our unconscious instincts. Due to its enigmatic nature the meaning of the dog changes depending the gender of the dreamer, how it behaves, or if the dog belongs to you. If dogs are known as … Read more

Cat Dreams

Cats are one of the most iconic dream symbols that connect the dreamer towards their creativity, feminine, unconscious emotions, sexuality, and independence. Depending on your own understanding of these hidden traits, the cat is known to attack the dreamer until they become aware of them. Cats are enigmatic symbols that contain both good and bad … Read more

Dreaming of Sharks

Sharks often emerge in our dreams as symbols of potential dangers, threats, fears or warnings that lurk around us in our waking life. The sharks cold blooded aggressive nature becomes a clue mirroring the people we surround ourselves with. This might mirror our relationships, work environment, friends, or perhaps repressed unconscious qualities you possess. Whenever … Read more

Dreaming of Fish

Fish in dreams are usually positive omens that have been around for thousands of years in many different cultures.  When fish appear in our dreams they contain hidden messages relating to luck, abundance, joy, rebirth, higher self, unknown and creativity. Connecting the dreamer to their emotions that might not be fully understood, the depths of … Read more

Tsunami Dream Meaning

Did you just experience a tsunami in your dream? Well it turns out that this natural disaster is considered highly symbolic yet very destructive if not understood. The fact you are emerged in water it points towards the emotional side of the dreamer, however due to its powerful and unpredictable force we are forced to … Read more