Dreams About Yelling

Why We Yell In Dreams? Analytical psychologist and dream expert Sigmund Freud said “Unfortunately, repressed emotions do not die. They are silenced. But they do continue to affect the person“. The reason why yelling occurs in our dreams is mainly due to our own inability to express our emotions in our walking life. Could you … Read more

Have You Ever Been Accused In Your Dreams?

Being accused in your dreams feels so realistic and vivid just waking up alone from this nightmare you will breathe a sigh of relief. You might just be an upstanding citizen in real life but in your dreams you are being charged with murder or stealing. You might think you dodged a bullet for now, … Read more

Reasons Why You Are Being Killed In Your Dream

Are you waking inn fear after being killed in your dream? Dreams are sometimes known to be graphic at times, in fact killing and murders are so common in dreams yet nobody ever talks about it. We know dreams are confusing enough but what happens when we are violently attacked or perhaps seeing your loved … Read more

Did Your Doppelganger Appear In Your Dream?

You might be familiar with the German term doppelg√§nger or what we might call our “body double” or “look-alike” that is known to  have a spookily resemblance of you. With 7 billion people in the world we are bound to find someone who looks similar to us right? Well according to mythology texts this isn’t just … Read more

Snake In Your House Dream Meaning

Did you know that snakes are considered one of the oldest dream symbols that dates as far back to ancient Egyptian times? If you happen to stumble upon a snake in your dream you should know they are highly symbolic, and the fact it provides a dreamer with either a warning or a coded message. … Read more