Lucid Dreams

Lucid dreaming means dreaming while knowing that you are dreaming. The state of lucid dreaming or “lucidity” sometimes starts at the beginning of a dream. The dreamer understands that the experience is not occurring in physical reality, but in ones dream. Often this understanding is noticed once one is either floating, flying or meeting a deceased relatives.

In some instances one may lucid dream randomly during ones dream, suddenly realizing that you can control the settings. The state of lucidity can range from high and low. If the dreamer is at a high level, one might be cognizant of all the details of the dream.

You will not be in any danger as you move with free will possibly manipulating your dream settings. However the low lucid state is quite different. In the lower frequency of lucidity, one may be able to float or fly around, though will still feel one is in the dream.

Why Lucid Dream:


If you have ever experienced flying or floating in your dream you will know the experience was exhilarating. It feels as if you where on top of the world. You have the ability to feel as if you are superman, scoring through the clouds and looking down on earth. Waking up from this experience can alter your mood to being more positive throughout the day.

Many people report that their dreams are filled with adventure and fantasy, that they have become more creative in their walking life. It feels almost like a drug taking over your body as you enjoy the euphoric feeling. You would be able to control your nightmares by simply changing your settings in a blink of an eye.


You might hear only positive and rewarding benefits about lucid dreaming, though it might not be all what its cracked up to be. In order to debate weather lucid dreaming is either good or bad, one must see the importance of dreaming. For many people dreams and the symbols in them are powerful tools that connects the conscious to the unconscious. D

reams interpretation has not only been around for centuries, but is a way many cultures to be aware of our hidden shadows. Our internal issues might be causing us havoc in our walking life and a dream might be the only tool used to make us aware. Disrupting your settings in order to benefit you in the short run might have some effects in the future. Dreams and the symbols in them are a forgotten language that we should take serious.

Learn to Lucid Dream:

Learning how to lucid dream isn’t something that you can just learn over night.  This is something that takes time but when accomplished is very rewarding.  Be confident and don’t let it discourage you even when its not working.  Learning how to prefect the art of lucid dreaming can take weeks or even months of practice. Once you do have the ability to lucid dream your dreams are just not dreams anymore.  Lucid dream techniques.

Benefits of Lucid Dreaming:

  • Strengthening your problem solving skills
  • Able to confront your fears first hand
  • Becoming more creative
  • Great way to improve your confidence level
  • Become more in tuned with yourself and others around you
  • Experience a different way to dream
  • Understanding more about our unconscious mind
  • Healing aspects

Lucid Dreaming Steps:

Step 1 Repetition:

Though out the day  working or at home you must practice repetition. You will have to keep asking yourself “am i dreaming right now?”. After a couple tries an hour it might sink into your head that you are not dreaming. This repetitive thought process helps you unknowingly remember this when your dreaming.

Step 2 Record Your Dreams:

You must learn how to record your dreams when you wake up. Keeping a dream journal is vital because it improves and expands your dream capability. Once you are able to remember the events and symbols in your dream you have a better chance getting to that lucid state. Taking the time and going through your previous recorded dreams before bed helps build a sense of awareness when your in a dream state.

Step 3Control Your Sleep:

Controlling your dreams consists of being mindful of your sleep schedule. Changing your sleep behaviour will greater your chances of having a lucid dream. Scientists reveled the lucid dreaming works best when taking a quick nap after you have gotten up from a long sleep. Randomly interfering with your sleep schedule usually increases Lucid dreaming as well.

Step 4 – Believe:

Start believing in your dreams and the significance behind them. People who feel a dream is just a dream would have trouble trying to lucid dream. You must understand the symbols and the mystic power behind them. Try your best to remain positive and confident. You must have a desire to want feel lucid.

Step 5 Meditation:

For thousands of years meditation has been directly linked for human inner peace. Learning how to meditate is a great way to build your awareness on in your conscious and unconscious world. Practicing mindful meditation at least 10 minutes a day can increase states of lucid dreaming.

Step 6 – Conscious Mind Awareness:

The most important step is training your “Conscious Mind”.  You want to start by becoming more aware of your daily surroundings and the objects around them. Any items in your walking life that you would usually overlook, now has to be taken into consideration. Anything from the tiniest detail that was once overlooked like stop signs to billboards, now needs attention. You must observe everything in full detail.

This means the color, shape and feelings of objects so  when it appears in your dream it will connect.  Dreaming about an object that you analyzed in detail in your walking life you can apply it to your dream to see what is real and what is not. Once you can convince your mind that its just a dream the fun starts.

Stretching your awareness in your day will help you gain more control of your dreams. You don’t need to keep focus on every single detail in your life because it would drive you mad. Just start with a couple of small observations a day that you would normally never look at in detail.

How To Stay In Your Lucid in Dreams:

The hardest part about lucid dreams are trying to stay in them.  Learning the proper technique provided below will turn an armature dreamer to a experienced one.  If trained properly you can last up to 30 minutes in the lucid state.

  1. Relax –Relaxing is key when you want to stay longer in your fun lucid dream.  Most of the time we tend to get over excited and wake up from sleep.  In order to achieve a long period on lucidity you must calm your mind.
  2. Hand Movement –Once relaxed state rub try and remember to rub your hands together.  This help prolong the lucid dream because its constantly stimulating the conscious brain.  Doing this technique you can last up to 10 to 30 minutes in a lucid state.
  3. Focus – Focus on your hand in your lucid dream.  Don’t lose track of them, keep them in front of you.  Also focus on wanting to be in your dream.   Keep repeating out loud “attention or focus” and you will become more in tuned with the dream for a longer period of time.
  4. Spelling Test – Think of spelling word or doing an easy math question. This will help engage the logical part of your brain when your loosing focus of the dream.
  5. Circles – Going around in circles helps you ground your awareness in your lucid dream which in turn brings  you to a new dream scene.

Types Of Lucid Dreams

Forum Member:

“I am flying since many years until a short interruption of last 7-8 months when i could fly only once. My flying started almost 10-12 years back when i was participating in a triple jump even in my dreams and and did not come down even after usual 7-8 Mtr. leap. Distance of my jump kept increasing and i was flying quite consistent after continuous improvement. I fly having my hands spread as wings of a aeroplane, thought not much higher but low to the ground level. I fly in cities i know, i see people. i know on ground, even i try to help people. If i see anybody in trouble.I must clear here that neither i am attached to Superman nor the sport of triple jump as someone might conclude. I am always in a jolly good mood during my flying session. Even i am happy the day i see this kinda dream. I wish to fly all nights but i don’t know the trigger which start this dream”.

Forum Member:

“In my most recent dream I realized I could do what I wanted and I was dreaming. So I jumped onto a fence post, looked around, and then started flying. I wanted to go straight, but kept going up, I then realized I was going in different directions without deciding which way to go and my body decided for me. Then I crashed into a fountain, and the water was frosty and there was snow. I am still confused as to how I knew I was dreaming and yet still couldn’t control my actions, but only when I was in flight.”

Forum Member:

“I am a 42 yr old disabled IRAQ vet. Over the past few years I have started to fly in my dreams. At first just kind of jumping away from the ground by also flapping my arms once and floating up then floating back down at an angle some distance away maybe 60 feet up and maybe a block away landing. I notice that the flapping motion with my arms is a shared happening with others who dream of flight.

Now I am able to achieve any height and most of the time if i go high enough upon landing the dream scenario changes and it always something very interesting yet kind of strange. It is been hard to decipher these dreams except for the fact I am aware I am dreaming and can control my ability to fly. I will continue to try and master my flying and with enough work I will continue to try and leave the earths orbit and achieve faster flight. Maybe one day flying up to the moon or further. Thank you to everyone sharing something as personal as their dreams”.

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12 years ago

its like u were inside my dream, thank u u sp much!!!!! i thought sum1 was trying to take me away… i kept going up but i hang on to trees but then the trees break nd i kept going higher nd higher it was sooooo freaking real i was like wow!!! after i was going too high then i was falling a bit again i thought i was abt to die… so i opened my eyes nd i woke up feeling like i have super powers!nd like i can fly. the experience 4 me was a bit scary cuz… Read more »

12 years ago

Ive always been in control of my dream for as long as I can remember but in the dream I seem to always see what’s coming and some how it seemed to follow me now when i’m awake i start to see what’s coming almost like a deja vu but when i focus on it it goes on and on and im able to avoid things.. and tell people what they were going to tell me even seeing movies i’ve never seen before. is this normal?

12 years ago

I had an amazingly lucid dream last night where I was running up some stairs and then I just started flying and had complete control of where I was going and how high or low I was flying. I had so much control that as I was flying past a tree I thought to myself I want to fly through the branches and was able to stop, turn around and fly back to the tree and weave in and out through the branches. It was the most incredible dream I’ve ever had. But I got so excited about the control… Read more »

12 years ago

I had a lucid dream where i had control of the environment and believe me it was wonderful experience :like your own virtual world.
So moving to lucid dream is good for confidence and problem solving skill.
Can anyone stay in the lucid dream for more then one hour or two.

12 years ago

I love the suggestion of meditating before bed and trying to stay relaxed and focused within the dream. My lucid leaping/flight dreams almost make me think that they are REAL, somewhere, somehow–and I so want to master this form of movement. The dreams are such a gift; I’d love to have them more often.