Reasons Your Boyfriend Cheats In Dreams

If you’re lucky, you’ll never have to know the feeling of being cheated on. That invisible punch to your gut can be one of the worst feelings one can experience in life. But what happens when you are a victim of infidelity in your dreams?

Reasons Why Your Boyfriend Is Cheating Dreams

Well don’t feel alarmed as thousands of dreamers every single month wake up from dreams of having their boyfriend cheating on them – some even go as far as ignoring them for the day, or worse yet verbally attacking them the moment they wake up.

The vivid nature and emotions expressed in these particular bizarre dreams become so realistic it actually feels as if your boyfriend is cheating on you.

Warning! Before you jump to conclusions just yet need to read this article before you make any rash judgements. Find out the real reason why your boyfriend is cheating on you and how to stop it from occurring again.

#1. Your Minds Playing Tricks On You

First and foremost you first need to understand how your dream speaks to you. Dreams have a funny way of communicating emotions and feeling that you are not aware of in your walking life – often in abstract symbols or metaphoric themes.

If all dreams came true we’d be in big trouble. Take for example snake bite dreams. Does it mean that you will be bitten by a snake or perhaps it is reflecting someone you know who is cold-blooded. Maybe you had a dream about your teeth falling out, does it suggest you will lose your teeth? Nope!

Next step you will need to gather all the contents and emotions in your dream and piece together the puzzle that mirrors your relationship. More than likely the dreams purpose is for you to recognize and identify with an unconscious problem that belongs to you and not him.

#2. Understanding Your Own Feelings

So now you understand that dreams are more about us then the person involved, you might still be confused why your boyfriend was cheating on you. Well since your dreams have the tendency to use images and themes as metaphors what better way to show your emotions than cheating.

Relationships are not easy and many feelings get buried under the rug, however its your dreams job to pull it up and show you when you sleep. Do you remember the feelings expressed in your dream?

Common feelings expressed can be anger, disgust, depressed, left out, abandoned, confused, jealous or in shock. These are feelings are key when it comes to finding out what you dream really means as they resided deep within you. But where exactly?

Your boyfriend might not be cheating with another women but perhaps neglecting aspects of your relationship. Maybe his tends to his car more than you, perhaps he frequently hangs out with his friends, or sports might be a #1 priority. If this is the case you might be cheated on an emotional level.

#3. Past Betrayal

If you have been an unfortunate victim of being cheated on in the past it is quite possible that you fear reliving this experience again. If you where unable to get over the feelings of betrayal and hurt it might be resurfacing again, but this time using your current boyfriend.

Furthermore women who experience their own fathers cheating, abandoning or betraying them as children often leads to trust issues in the future with me. These dreams might be connected with deep rooted unconscious emotions and fears of being abandoned or not loved (inner child dreams).

#4. Boyfriend Cheating With His Ex Dream?

If your boyfriend in your dream is cheating on you with your Ex it might reflect your own insecurity, confidence or trust with him. Could he still have ties with his Ex girlfriend? Maybe you are comparing yourself with her, could you feel she might be better than you in some way shape or form?

Maybe you inherit similar attributes that his ex possess that you are unaware of – this of course you hate within.

It is not uncommon for you to dream of your boyfriend cheating on you with your sister as means a new connection or bond that might be between the two.

#5. How To Stop Cheating Dreams

The only way you can stop your boyfriend from cheating on you in your dream depends entirely up to you. The emotions that are re-surfacing in your dream over and over again still remain unconscious to you. Only until you recognize it is when it goes away.

All relationships are based on commitment, a promise from the person they trust and love on a spiritual level. However if you find there is a breach of trust in some way it might come across as your boyfriend cheating on you in your dream.

Cheating is a symbol that makes you question your confidence level, shedding light on your own insecurities, to examine your past betrayal, lies, or if you have been abandoned in the past.

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1 year ago

I had a dream based at a party or a club I saw my boyfriend flirting and I asked him what he was up to, he said it was innocent. Later I realised I couldn’t see his so went looking, I was at the bottom of a staircase and the women he were flirting with earlier were at the top I shouted up to them and one admitted they had just been with him. There was no sign of my boyfriend in the dream after I initial confronted him.

Bianca Hassell
Bianca Hassell
1 year ago

What if you had a dream that your boyfriend was cheating with your roommate ? We all have known each other for years.

3 years ago

But what if your feelings also vary from dream to dream? Like mad in one, happy in the next, for example.

3 years ago

but what if you know your boyfriend from Instagram and you don’t know him that well but he cheating is the same thing.